Love Day My cool Simpson’s

Love Day

My cool Simpson’s desk calendar says that today is “love day”. What the hell is that? Anybody know?

New Site Is Up! (sort of) is finally up, but there’s just a boring place holder page there. Hopefully, I’ll have some time tonight to move stuff over there, but don’t hold your breath.

Dad Is Home And Doing Great!

My dad came home yesterday. It turns out that he had blood poisoning. What happened was, when he was in Indonesia, he banged his toe on a boat anchor, and the resulting wound became infected, and the infection spread into his blood stream. We’re really lucky that dad was home when it happened. If he had been in Indonesia, he most certainly would have died. That’s a horrible thought, you know? To think that your dad came this close to dying.
But I saw him last night at my mom and dad’s house, and he was himself again, making lots of lame jokes, and stuff.


A HUGE “Thank you, Mask Man” to all my friends who came on Saturday night. Did anyone see us on the webcam? Some of my friends got pretty crazy with it…I’m glad I don’t archive any images!
I did take some pictures with my brother’s digital camera, and I’ll be uploading them RSN.
Well, tomorrow is my step-son’s birthday, so I’m off to get him some birthday schwag.

Email Lag

Lots of you have emailed me, and I haven’t responding, but the responses are on the way, I promise. I’ve just been busy with birthday stuff and my dad. I’m sure you all understand, because each and every one of you is such a wonderful, caring, understanding person. *gag*