Conventions Okay, some of


Okay, some of you aren’t Star Trek fans, and you guys must think Star Trek Cons are uber-geek-fests. Well, you’re right.
But they’re cool, too, believe it or not. I think it’s super cool that there’s a place for any subculture, be it hackers, soap opera nuts, gamers, drama geeks, or whatever to hang out. Not that I’m in a huge rush to run out and buy a space suit, you understand…
Well, I do some conventions from time to time. It’s really fun to have an audience to entertain, and most of the audience is really cool. Of course, some people just aren’t going to be happy with me, no matter what, but what are you gonna do?
Well, I recently did this convention in Waturbury, CT. It was the first convention I’d done in close to 7 years, and I was REALLY nervous about not sucking. I even did something I never do: I did it sober.
Just kidding. I just wanted to see if you were still with me. Anyway, I did something that I never do: I prepared a little list of “stuff I want to talk about”, so if I lost the audience I knew that I had a place to pick them back up…but it turned out that I didn’t need it, because they liked me! They really liked me!
Okay, enough of this stupid preamble…here is the point of this post: I found a review of my appearence on USENet, and it made me feel really good about myself. So I wanted to share it with all of you:

From: Shammie ([email protected])
Subject: The best part of the Con
Date: 2001-03-04 08:24:54 PST
By far the most stand-out, entertaining, enjoyable section of the entire event
that I attended yesterday at
I am not makiing this up, I am not trolling, I am not kidding:
Wil Wheaton!!! OMG, he RULES as a speaker/guest!
Before he even got on stage, the director of the event introduced him and
actually warned us, as if we were little children, now please be polite and
remember that this is Wil’s first con appearance in 8 years because of bad
experiences of people not separating him from the Wesley Crusher character.
(Later on we found out that 8 years ago, he was not only booed on stage, but he
actually had death threats!!)
Well, there was no need for this warning whatsoever, because from the moment
this vivacious, hilarious, charismatic, 28-year-old cutie bounded on stage, he
had us in the palm of his hand!! I cannot begin to describe how absolutely
captured every single one of us was, we were laughing every other minute and he
was so engaging even when he wasn’t being funny!! I am now a huge Wil Wheaton
fan and so are 300 other Trekkers that were there. We gave him a loud standing
OK, just a few things that he talked about, but I can’t possibly begin to
capture the wonderful energy that exuded from him. Well, after he left TNG, he
left acting and moved to Kansas. “Not a good idea” he says. He said going from
LA, a 24-hour-a-day city to Topeka was like moving to a 78-minute city. He was
in the computer industry. “I am a geek. I’m extremely proud of that fact.”
Well, then he left the computer business and went to drama school. He is
married about a year now with 2 step-kids (children of his wife), back in
entertainment, performing “sketch comedy” with a group. He is HiLARious.
He left Star Trek on what he thought were good terms, but he found out later
that apparently that wasn’t the case. When he mentioned Rick Berman’s name, he
stuck his finger down his throat in a gag-me gesture. He said it is very
unlikely that he’ll be involved in any Star Trek ever again. He was not
satisfied with how they wrote him out, though. Said he wished he had gone out
in some shuttlecraft explosion. [pause] “Because it would have ensured my
return.” LOL!
He talked about an Outer Limits ep that he did where he plays a bad guy and
drops a doomsday bomb on the world and destroys all of humanity. He said that
he thought that really balanced out all the times that Wesley saved the ship.
“So get off my back, huh?” We all cracked up big time.
He said he would have LOVED to have had a cameo in Galaxy Quest as a crazed fan
being right in the face of the kid telling him how much he hated him on the
show! ROFL! Man we laughed for several minutes.
Then he said, ooh, they should have had me back as the Traveler so I could go
to DS9 and make it interesting. hahaha we laughed, but some fan in a wheelchair
said hey for some of us who can’t get out, DS9 was very comforting, or some
mumbo jumbo like that. Wil mumbles (so we can all hear him). “Note to self – no
more jokes about DS9, could get ugly.”
When asked about all the negative letters etc against Wesley, he told us quite
frankly that it hurt a lot and he took it personally. He said he made the
mistake of trying to reason with people and get them to understand. He said
people would blame him, a 14-year-old, for some of his lines and actions,
instead of going to the writers. One time, he had some really pompous-sounding,
major technobabble stuff he had to say, and he actually called up TPTB asking
them please, PLEASE don’t make me say that. I can only imagine the torment the
poor kid must have had to endure. :-((((( It just really struck me.
He talked about River Phoenix and what a junkie he was and got on a small soap
box about how any one of the people surrounding him could have saved him by
getting him go into rehab, but that they are all such ass-kissers in Hollywood
and *everything* but everything is about money.
Then he felt bad that he brought us all down, so he closed by telling us of his
fondest memory on TNG. They were all on the bridge shooting a scene where they
are getting bonked by the Borg. They were preparing to do the biggest “shake”
they had ever done, they were calling it an “eleven.” Picard was supposed to
fall down. Wil was like No he’s the captain, he can’t fall down! And Stewart
didn’t like it either. Anyway, the director yelled action and everyone started
shaking, Frakes falls out of his seat, Wil crashes into his console, Spiner is
jerking around, etc. Stewart apparently decides to have some fun and totally
spazzes out, crashing into everything, falling down, getting back up, crashing
into something else, spinning around, crashing into yet something else, falling
again, getting back up, etc etc, until finally he crashes into a wall that
falls down! Suddenly everyone is hushed because they all know it’s gonna be at
least a four thousand dollar delay. So Wil quickly improvises with “Captain, we
have a hull breach!”
“AND I SAVED THE DAY,” announces Wil with his arms up in a victory post.
ROFLMAO. That was the end of his talk and we all jumped up to give him a
standing O.