How cool is this?

I always joke about how I am going to use my “power of celebrity” for good, not evil.
Usually I say that to the girl who’s giving me a lapdance. I like incongruity.
I just got this Email, and I think it rules:

“Dear Wil,
I’ve always wanted to somehow tell you how much I enjoyed your work in the
movie Stand by Me and what that movie meant to me while I was growing up.
When I was a teenager, life in high school was not that fun. In many ways, I
was like Chris Chambers. One of the things Gordie says to Chris is “You can
do anything you want to man.” I always took that to heart and now I’ m
working my way through college and look forward to a career in political
science. Stand by Me taught me to look beyond where I was and look at what
could be. It gave me hope and got me through those turbulent teen years.
I just wanted to thank you for your sensitive portrayal of Gordie and how he
knew Chris could be better than everyone thought he was.
I also enjoyed your work on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wesley was a good
example of what young people could do if given the chance. “

Now, I can’t take credit for all of that, because I just said the words that were given to me…but it still makes me feel pretty good. :)