Today was a ridculously long day. Anne and I are working on our friend’s movie (she’s the hair dresser and I’m one of the actors), and we’re shooting it really, really far away from where we live…so we drove something like 160 miles total today. We also had to juggle where the kids were going to go before and after school, and what we’d do with Ferris for the day. We are going to have to repeat this for the next 8 days, and I have a very strong, and new-found respect for families with 2 working parents, who have to deal with this sort of thing every single day.
The shoot went really well, today. All the actors are wonderful! They’re all from the theatre, so they know what the hell they’re doing, which is not something that usually happens on low budget movies. The whole crew is really wonderful, too, and we’re all having fun, and getting good work done, too.
Tomorrow afternoon, I have my second callback for the producers for this MOW. If you’ve got some mojo to spare at 4:30 PST tomorrow, send it my way, and I’ll be forever grateful.


Guess what?! I just checked the results of the 2002 Bloggies(TM) , and I swept my nominations!!!
I am so proud, and so humbled, and so excited!! I share awards with websites like Slashdot, FARK, MeFi, and Little, Yellow, Different!
I have worked really hard to make this website not totally suck, and I love it that so many people enjoy coming here (90,000 of you a month, eating up close to 25 gigs a month), and I am so giddy that you cast your votes for me, and WWDN. There is so much more that I want to do with this site, and, not ever being content to rest on my laurels for too long, I will be building some really cool stuff over the next couple of months.
I want to thank some people, since I don’t know when I’ll ever get to give and “acceptance” speech again…but first, I’d like to call attention to the plight of the…haha. Just kidding.
I would like to thank my wife, for enduring the website-as-other-woman, and my step-kids for hearing, “Not now, I’m working on my website”, but still asking me to play with them the next day.
Loren, Josh, Ben, Ashley, and Logjamming Hosting, for helping me get this thing going in the first place, and extra-special thanks to Loren and Roughy for really helping out with some techincal issues.
Jim and .drow for some bigtime behind the scenes help.
A huge debt of gratitude is owed to Noah Grey, who wrote Greymatter, the weblog program that I originally used, and Amy, who helped me fix Greymatter and get all my old entries exported into MoveableType, which I am currently using. I also have to give recognition to Ev, and Blogger, which was so easy to use, and so reliable, I was able to continue this weblog, even while I was having hellaproblems with GM and then MT.
Finally, I want to thank the entire community of people who read and contribute to WWDN. Whether you’ve been here from the beginning, or if you’ve just found us recently, you guys have added a great deal to this lame little website. I consistently get emails praising the thoughtful discourse we have here, and the fact that most of the people who read and post to WWDN are smart, thoughtful people, who will argue issues, not personalities, and I am proud to say that we’ve had some great arguments here over the last 6 months or so, without a single stupid flamewar.
For those of you keeping score at home, here’s the categories that WWDN won:

  • Best Merchandise of a Weblog
  • Best Tagline of a Weblog
  • Most Humorous Weblog
  • Best American Weblog
  • Best New Weblog
  • and…

  • Weblog of the Year, 2002

I am humbled, shocked, awed, excited, and extremely grateful.
Thank you.
/me does the happy dance

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  1. Hey,
    Well done Wil.. I have found myself drawn to your site over the past few months and I feel that you deserved to win some Bloggies :)
    Well done.. I look forward to seeing what the site will become in the coming months.

  2. I’m just going to say that I think there were more deserving candidates. I don’t get the big deal with this blog. *shrugs*

  3. Would just like to say congratulations on your weblog awards….. you DO deserve them, no matter what anyone says.
    Your site is excellent and funny….. and it’s obvious from how many people visit and post on here everyday that you, not just your site, are a very popular guy!
    Love Donna

  4. wow, just found your site a couple of days ago. it’s amazing. i’ve always admired your work. congrats on your awards for the site, i can see why you won. take care.

  5. Dude..
    You think you would have won if your were just sone normal blog? Get over yourself. You should have just stepped down and let other people shine.. There are better writers then you out there. Im sorry but its true. You only won because of WHO you are.. If your blog did not have your name and if you did not expose yourself like you did you would not have won.. Maybe you should think of others

  6. I can’t see why you got the “best american”, “most humorous”, and never mind “weblog of the year”.
    Your so full of Bull Wil.

  7. Wil,
    Haven’t posted in mos. mosly because there are so many posts I figure no one would get to mine. This time I will. I am so glad your site is getting this kind of response. Keep up the good work and good luck on future endevores.

  8. I would like to thank my wife, for enduring the website-as-other-woman, and my step-kids for hearing, “Not now, I’m working on my website”, but still asking me to play with them the next day.
    That is the cutest thing I have ever heard ANY dad, step or otherwise, say. Go, Wil, and I’ll buy tickets to see any movei you’re in.

  9. Congrats on all your hard work. Just rewards, I say. Will, I have to really thank you for what you have created here. I would say that I don’t think I’ve enjoyed anything more than reading your blog. And I’ve been inspired. So much so, that I started my own. Check it out, . It’s not much yet, but it gives me a place to express myself. And bring my madness to the masses. Well, noone has seen it yet or been interested in it enough to comment. But who knows, maybe someday I’ll have a tenth of the community you’ve built here. And that’s something to be proud of. It’s only been 2 days. We’ll see what happens.
    Thanks again. WWDN really breaks up the monotony of the day.

  10. Seriously….. What kind of people are buying these Tickets? I mean, $5000.00 to see Neverland! The average american usually can’t pop out that cash for that, let alone someone like me (disablied) who actually loves Michael’s gift in music and dance along with my children! Shoot… I’ve never been able to see him in concert! It would only be a dream to go see what Michael has done to Neverland and maybe meet the guy that changed music and dance!!
    Kimberly Biron

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