Satan is my motor

Good morning, everyone.
Boy, I’m still getting used to the new Moveable Type interface. It’s crazy. Cool, but crazy.
I just have a few announcements this morning:
1. Cake is playing a live concert on the internet, today. It starts at 11AM PST, which means I’ll miss most of it, because I’ll be on an audition.
2. I wrote another story for BBSpot a few weeks ago, and completely forgot to post about it here.
3. I saw this really cool story all about the history of video games, from 1889 to the present, at Gamespot.
4. I have some very exciting and fairly major news about some live shows that you can see me in, provided you’re in Los Angeles. I’ll make the announcement in the next few days.
5. Have you checked out the new crap^H^H^H^H cool stuff I added to the stores, just for Valentine’s day? Can you think of a better way to tell your sweetie you love her than with a WFS box of candy? Mmmm…Classy!
6. I got an email over the weekend, that I am a pre-finalist for several Bloggies

130 thoughts on “Satan is my motor”

  1. This will teach me not to read wwdn daily, won’t it? Wil, since this is your site, my first comment is to you: best of luck on your audition.
    Oh, and I couldn’t have nominated you for a bloggie if Roughy hadn’t mentioned it to me.
    Rob! Bluesman! Jsc! (I remember Amanda, give her my best…has she thrown over her bf for you? 😉 Turtles!!! (Such a polite individual!) Donna (UK)! Jennifer (TX)! Mandy! Cartoon Beagle! Fred Fowler! Dai Vernon! Jun (happy belated birthday, btw)! So nice to see old friends.
    Of Spudnuts I must not type.

  2. OK… I’m going to make a mini complaint… I HATE having to scroll all the way to the bottom to post a comment. Can’t you put a link @ the top or something?
    Now, onto the subject of tele-f***ing-marketers, I HATE when they call & won’t tell me what company they’re calling for. They ask for someone & I say “who may I ask is calling?” And they give me their name! I’m like “Who are you calling with?” And I hear, “uhh… well, I need to speak to Mr. Patalano.” And then I get pissy… “Listen bitch, you ain’t talkin’ to no one until you tell me what f***ing company you’re with. And until you’re ready to tell me, I’m not talking to you!” *click*
    OK, so that hasn’t really happened but damn, I really would LOVE to say that!
    who really is nicer than the above post would seem! :)

  3. Actually.
    It’s a playing card wrapped in tinfoil, but I’m pretending it’s a scale from the “prittiest fish in the ocean” (Copyright 2002. Spudnuts. All rights reserved)…
    Wil Wheaton, the Rainbow Fish.
    I think I’ll sell it on eBay.
    “Shiny scale: NM/M from ‘prittiest fish in the ocean'”

  4. Wil… ok i will not kiss your ass ( I will however take a handful) and repeat what has often been said before i’ll presume, by saying your site is really well done.. and actually kept my attention even to the endofthreadsville with your horde of admirers. I followed the trail from and was pleasantly surprised to find that this was some quality work.
    BUT DOES NO ONE care for CAKE?? If anyone got to see that live webcast.. please comment. I will be stabbing shadows until.
    Love from a little canadian!!

  5. Hey.
    Why am I not able to comment on the Wesley vs. Greedo thing?
    Imo go all the way over to Fark and register an account?
    I don’t fucking think so.
    They can come HERE.
    The mountain comes to Spudnuts, not the other way around.
    And who would win?
    Green Lantern.
    Because he has a lantern.

  6. Can I go off in a totally different direction? I can? Cool…
    OK… so it’s not totally different, Wil has mentioned it here before. The Troll in LotR looks very familiar!
    I saw LotR tonight… such an awesome movie! I need to read the book!
    *who wonders who thought “hey, let’s have Elijah Wood play a Hobbit!”*

  7. She can communicate with parking valets using naught but the awe-inspiring power of her mind.
    Plus, she’s read up a little on feng shui.
    Bruce Dern had a lantern.

  8. So I finally read that other thread…
    The CSS one.
    So THAT’S why no comments on the Greedo fight thing.
    Fuck it.
    No comments?
    I’m outta here.

  9. At least I got a couple of comments in and met the gang before all adolescent hell broke loose.
    It’s a shame. A damn shame.
    G’bye for now, Wil. Hope you open up the comment shop again soon. *sob*

  10. Poor Phil. Cake is awesome, and I am sad that you disagree. Oh well. To each her/his own.
    On Cake related items, they only played their first show in Vancouver last year and were apparently shocked that they had a fan base here. Silly band! So they will be returning to do more shows, yay!
    I’m pretty sure they have a lantern too. :-)

  11. i have the best damn seat in the house and not one of you innsolent fucks is ever going to take it away. House Knocker on the interstate of Negation.
    BY THE WAY: God hates all of you, Satan too!!!
    SO: good fucking luck

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