Wil and FARK, sitting in a tree…

It has just come to my attention that I haven’t given up the love for FARK recently.
I really need to take a second out of my day, stop cleaning the house, and give up the farkin’ love for FARK!
FARK voted for me to be entertainer of the year, before lowtax and I were squeezed out by The Man!
FARK provides the world with boobies, weeners, and beer!
FARK may even have a Los Angeles FARKFest this year!
Fb- is the father, France surrenders, and Wil Wheaton sucks. Long live FARK!

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  1. only problem with the sense of accomplishment you get from taking an Impressive dump is that it is hard to share it with others.
    but heres the rub: as much as you want to holler out to your wife, Honey come here, look at this, You know you cant do that.
    even if it is sticking up out of the water and clogs the toilet all by itself, it has to be just a personal sense of accomplishment and pride that nobody esle will ever really appreciate

  2. Ok, I take back what I said earlier. Spudnuts made me laugh out loud, thus crushing my pessimistic facade, AND someone provided Christopher Walken’s weblog. I now humbly apologize for dissing Fark.

  3. >> only problem with the sense of accomplishment you get from taking an impressive dump is that it is hard to share it with others.
    You apparently haven’t spent much time on the World Wide Web.

  4. Umm… sidetrip…
    Mr. Wheaton, sir, my computer doesn’t seem to like the page where I have to go to vote on the Bloggies. It freezes up & acts stupid until I hit the back button & come back to your wonderful site. ((Hmm… maybe it just loves your site so much it doesn’t want to leave)) So, I won’t be voting for you, but I really, really, really want to.
    *frowns* You can ban me from the site now.. :(
    **I changed my name… I’m a froggy now. ;)**

    ‘scuse me fer shoutin’ an’ all… but freaking WHAT?
    will someone post it here or send it to me?
    i beseech you. humbly. and with promises of sweet pudding and a magical exoskeleton.

  6. now i’m really confussed about Wills possie?!?! My head hurts.
    Twin peeks never really made it over here in Britian although channel five did try it for a while but unless it was sex, sex, sex, sex, sex it wouldnt take off cos most channel five viewers watch channel five for the porn. DOH!
    I would love to watch twin peeks, cos david Duchovney was in it for a while as a transvestite.
    Its official my spellings gotten worse.
    Fark is good, Fark Rocks.

  7. Well, I’m not sure but here’s my take on “Wil Wheaton Has a Posse”. There’s this really interesting website called obeygiant.com. Basically, they are promoting the fact that Andre (the giant) has a posse. They sell posters and stickers, encourage people to plaster them around.
    They’re creating a phenomenon.
    (pah tee-pe-tee-pe)
    See, the next thing you know, there are posters plastering the sides of abandoned buildings proclaiming that andre has a posse. People get confused, people get curious, people decide to look into it.
    So, wil wheaton has a posse (much smaller dimensions than andre the giant, but he still has a posse) is just a silly fun offshoot of that. (I think)

  8. Hey, thanks T! Now I can buy the shirt! Yatta! I think I’ll spend all my babysitting money I got last night (for watching “Flubber” with this angel girl that says “It’s time for me to get ready for bed now!” >D) on all the Wil’s Posse stuff. I wanted the William Farking Shatner shirt but I don’t think my parents would approve.. Wil Wheaton is in Flubber. That was exciting. Getting money for watching Wil. What am I talking about again? Oh yeah, I went to FARK.com. Fark rocks.

  9. wil,
    i think you are so fuckin hot you should pose for playboy i wouldnt mind seeing you in ……..well….thats in my own imagination.

  10. Holy Fark! Twin Peaks is out on DVD? I’m doomed. I remember when that show was the big thing, and I wanted to make a t-shirt that said “Saddam Hussein Killed Laura Palmer.”
    Man, that sort of topical humor really makes you wonder, sometimes.

  11. i don’t know about everyone else…but i’m dying to know who won the FARK vs SA photoshoppery business…
    please enlighten us wil! or at least keep us posted on your judging progress…

  12. Me again…
    Since this is a FARKLove thread, don’t forget that FARK is up for “Best Weblog about Politics” in the 2002 Bloggies! (Oh, and, uh, Wil’s up for some awards too).
    This has been a public service announcement bought to you by the other white will.

  13. Wow, I’m honoured I get to have our name all to myself, Mandy! You took my hysterical whining seriously, so now I’m like “wow, what a nice Mandy!”
    Although I was kinda enjoying the possibilities of a pack of Mandies (a bunch of Mandies? a murder of Mandies?) taking over the site and raining identity confusion over all and sundry. Bow before the all-powerful Mandy conglomerate! We are Mandy, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile.
    Phew, that was fun!

  14. Just another FARKette chiming in to agree with Wil. Long live Fark!
    Best. Site. Ever.
    BTW, check out the Forums and Webcam Portals :)
    /the Farkette known as “toonie”

  15. Phwoooaaarrr @ Wil posing for Playgirl!
    “Bad thoughts, bad thoughts, Get out of ma heed!!”
    you know……just had a funny turn, and has become all unnecessary now?
    Thats meeeeeeee, that is!

  16. Corey Feldman was on the Weakest Link, when they were doing the infamous people. He was up against Rick Rockwell, Gary Coleman and Ron Jeremy. He went out with a wimper. What a doof.

  17. I have a Christopher Walken Soundboard.
    It’s amusing.
    It didn’t get Farked, but Drew hates me.
    I’m building my own Fark for the Cheese so the little people can play along at home.
    Share your dump: http://www.ratemypoo.com
    So, there.
    Or something.

  18. I’ll start a massive campaign across the internet to assemble the Mandies of the world onto the Wil Wheaton Dot Net blog comment pop-up! We shall rule these boxes.
    And nothing can stop us.
    We are to be feared.
    Um. Even if we are predominately named after an old Barry Manilow song.

  19. At Least Fark had a democratic vote on the top 10 photoshop phinalist. SomethingaAwful’s were chosen by elpinto and Lowtax.
    It hurt my inside to know that Dexter’s Abortion clinic did not make the cut..
    And the Babies gone bad.. Oh well, atleast SA will win.
    check out the entires that did not make the cut.

  20. Hey dude. Am excited to hear about the latest with the ‘manger’. Aren’t those kinda uncomfortable to sleep in? I mean, cows eat out of them.

  21. >> Corey Feldman was on the Weakest Link, when they were doing the infamous people. He was up against Rick Rockwell, Gary Coleman and Ron Jeremy.
    Ron Jeremy is infamous?!! Jeez, if I had his thingie, then I would gladly look like the ol’ hedgehog.

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