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Morning everyone.
Over at ThinkGeek, they have this option for you to see their products “in action”. Basically, what people do is send in creative pictures of themselves wearing a T-shirt, or drinking from a glass, or something showing a mousepad, or something.
I’m wondering, when I get the gallery fixed, would anyone be interested in, and willing to send in jpegs of some of the WWDN schwag “in action”?
I think we could have some fun with it.

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  1. Damn, I just spent a good wad of cash on the aforementioned ThinkGeek.com on some baby tees (the tag one and “no I will not fix your computer” one, hee).
    But I’ll find a way to get WWDN schwag. Payday is next week. 😉

  2. It could be like the models of the fuckedcompany.com tshirts. You know, t-shirt and nothing else on, with the camera placing the girl just so you can’t see it but YOU KNOW it.
    (luckily, they give you the option of not having to look at it, if you’re not into seeing porn stars at work.)

  3. Sorry, I actually forget my old name here since before the comments sections left and came back.
    Glad to see the gang back.
    Please though, I can decide what size I want the windows on _my_ screen to be. I cannot size this here window at all!! ARGGH!!! You sunk my battleship!
    I read darn fast, and cannot imagine idling away much of my time peering into this little window doing scroll-bar calisthenics. It’s worse than riding in the back seat on a hot day with a window that only rolls halfway down.
    I have tons of respect for how hard you work on this site and what you have accomplished. If possible, please fix this one “feature”.
    Thanks very much!!!
    Hmmm…. I think I’m sounding trite today. Sorry.

  4. Topic- well I would love to show my love and wear a shirt for you on the internet,Do they have to be just silly or can we do the whole wet t-shirt type contest????-I still look good- or how bout some stratigicly placed mouse pads/sex sells baby! -Off the subject good to know I didn’t marry the last of the real gentlemen.My husbend stayed home from work while i was getting over a bad 24 flu to watch the kids so could rest. that’s what happens when one kid gets sick then get better he passes it on to someone else,me :)

  5. Teehee! My WWDN t-shirt just came in the mail today! I was so excited! I would love it if you had an area for peeps who support your site in a pre-shrunk-cotton sort of way.

  6. OK, so I was just checking out the store in response to this entry, and I have a question about those posse shirts. Does that mean that Wil is 5′ 4”, and weighs 125 lbs?

  7. I’ve set-up a PayPal account for donations to the boxers for SpudNuts.
    Please feel free to donate to the “Boxers for SpudNuts” portrait.
    The more you donate, the bigger the picture and the nicer the framing for the wall!
    Plus, if you act now…you and others have the distinct right to bitch about another idea with good intentions gone bad!

  8. Ok,
    Now I am going to really start something :)
    How about new T’Shirts that have like a monkey on them and they say WWDN, or even four monkeys dressed differently, with Wil Wheaton has a posse on them.
    Then we could send in pictures with the site Mascot on them. Do you think this is a good idea?
    Sorry Wil just couldn’t pass it up.. hehe

  9. Is this your not-so-subtle way of getting hot chicks to wear your T-shirt like they do over at F**kedCompany.com? 😉

  10. Is this your not-so-subtle way of getting hot chicks to wear your T-shirt like they do over at F**kedCompany.com? 😉

  11. Hey Wil how about a ‘Spudnuts for President” t-shirt in the store. Heck he couldn’t do worse than Bush and at least it would be entertaining!

  12. Spudnuts and Roughy Show!
    Spudnuts and Roughy Show!
    Sometimes you have to go
    You see you can’t say no!
    Spudnuts and Roughy Show!
    Spudnuts and Roughy Show!
    Are they friend or foe?
    Will they just say whoa?
    wil who?

  13. If you could send me a WFS t-shirt, I can either…
    a) Snap a pic of myself wearing it while on the radio, or
    b) Get someone to snap a pic of me wearing it while being arrested.
    The choice is yours, sir.

  14. This has got to be the funniest site on the web! WWDN rocks.
    I like the wet t-shirt idea. I will try and convince my wife to do one. She just started watching STNG reruns and I am trying to explain who Uncle Willy is. She is new to the internet and needless to say she does not get what this is all about.

  15. HEY WIL!
    I am an illustrator and I would be willing to do a drawing for your stuff for FREE Check out my webpage by clicking on my name or go to http://www.angelfire.com/art2/artisticspirit I have done cartoon caricatures for 6 years and I have a BFA in Commerical art and design 1999. I am just starting out as a pro but I have been busy getting married and moving to a foreign country but I have been doing freelance work. Did I mention I will do artwork for YOU (Wil) for FREE?
    Anyways I think your cool and your wife is prolly pretty great herself. I don’t mean to sound like a dork but I tend to get silly when I get cool ideas. :)

  16. If I buy the frickin’ t-shirt, do I get it on par for Canadian dollars? Hey we’re talking a 150% mark up here. If it fits, I promise to wear it, and nothing else. It may, however, prove difficult to find someone willing to photograph me…

  17. Hey,
    There you go Wil Artisticspirit will be happy to make the new T’s for you. I wonder how long it will take you to answer his/her e-mails about the design. (hehe) Am I mean or what? (sniker,sniker).
    We will be known by the tracks we leave behind…

  18. What lobos is refering to is the cool design he’s done for me, that I’m currently deciding what to do with. :)
    Sorry for the lag in email, Lobos…I’ve been putting out some fires. :)

  19. I think you should make a shirt out of the picture of Spudnuts doing pushups in the rain in only the WWDN boxers. Then you could have a real “wet” t-shirt contest with that!

  20. Well Lobos34
    You are being mean. I hope that your design is worth being mean to people. Maybe I will for go purchasing anything after that stupid comment. Though I might buy something because Wil at least was mature. I respect his way of telling me that he has already has designs.

  21. Gaea said:
    >> Hey Wil how about a ‘Spudnuts for President” t-shirt in the store.
    I’m already president of the Spudnuts Attention Whore Fan Club (SAWFC).
    I’m also the treasurer, doppleganger, gardener, caterer, gym teacher, and drug czar in charge of homeland security.
    I’m very busy.
    And very important.

    I got nowhere else to go!

  22. I wanna wear stuff!! I just have to wait to beable to afford stuff. with the shipping to canada and the exchange rate…*sigh* 20 bucks become 75.
    Oh well.
    I want to get the boxers. I always wondered what it was like to have 50 000 monkeys down my pants…

  23. One good thing I learned from this thread is that if you go to the schwag page and click back and forth on the View Front/Back icons, you can get the shirts to do little dances. I like the ash-gray one best. Put some BeeGees on Winamp and give it a try.

  24. Spudnuts in boxers and Roughy can pose with a strategically placed mousepad or hat.
    Actually, the idea of seeing what people do with their posse gear is a little scary. Not quite clown-scary, but scary enough to make you think it’s a brilliant idea. Go for it!

  25. So Wil, is this a quid pro quo type deal? Pictures of us in posse gear get uploaded at the rate that pictures of you in Jane White paraphernalia get uploaded?
    Hey, who’da thunk that Latin major would ever come in handy?
    BTW, are you in cahoots with Bill Gates? The only browser that will allow me to post is IE. Damn you, Bill Gates, and your insidious technology….

  26. Any time I get the chance to mess around — and take PICTURES, mind you — with anything considered ‘schwag,’ I jump at the chance.
    I’m in!

  27. I spend a fair amount of time at race tracks where there is a fair amount of racing schwag; But schwag at the track isn’t really schwag unless it is obtained for free (or quid-pro-quo, dependant on double coincidence of wants).
    I could prolly take a ww.net item to the summit of a high mountain for a picture. Say, Mt. Shasta this spring? It wouldn’t be the same as going to the summit of a high mountain yourself (see your wish list) but it ought to count for something.

  28. Heh. I’ll send ya pics of me in the WFS t-shirt at the Star Trek Experience in Vegas from October. A fun time was had by all during that trip.
    The Captain Kirk cardboard cut-out didn’t mind having his picture taken with the shirt. The Ferengi guy, however, would only take his pic with the back of the t-shirt (and hence the url, happily), so he would not appear to be taking sides. 😉

  29. Awww…I don’t think that Lobos was being mean. He *did* snicker, after all.
    Anyone who would like to do some design, and send it in, is 100% welcome, as far as I am concerned :) I would be honored, ArtisticSpirit, to see what you have in mind :)

  30. I got your e-mail. 😉 Everythings cool. Sent you e-mail. I have my ideas but really need to see what you have in mind as far as ideas. But I will be doodling down some brain storm ideas in the mean while. Tell Lobos I have put away my comfy chair and fluffy pillow (

  31. You know Artisticspirit,
    A started to type out a long letter about how I was only joking with Wil, about the amount of time it was taking to write back. You know though I do not need to explain myself to you.

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