GC vs. PS2

I brought home a Game Cube from work this weekend, for the kids to play.
Yeah, right. For the kids to play.
A few weeks ago, I brought a PS2 home, also for the kids to play.
You’re not buying this, are you?
Well, maybe I did stay up until 4AM playing GTA3, but that was just because…ah…I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t appropriate for the kids.
Yeah, that’s it.
So this weekend, I brought home the same games that I did last time, but on the different platform: FIFA 2002, Madden 2002, Crazy Taxi and Tony Hawk 3. I also brought home Pickmin, which the kids are currently playing behind me…that music really creeps me out.
I think that the graphics and game play in all of those games is far superior to the PS2, and the load times are certainly a lot slower…and PS2 does have those anti-social, right-wing-panty-knotting games from Rockstar
Which brings me to my question for you, dear readers: PS2 or Game Cube? GC is cheaper, smaller, and the graphics seem to be better, but PS2 seems to have more “mature” (read: cooler) games.

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  1. YAY! I’m getting a PS1. Practically for free. My darling, younger brother has both a PS1 and PS2. He’s not using his PS1 anymore and is giving it to me, along with games. ALl I have to pay is the shipping (he lives in WI and me in CA). SA-WEET!!!!!!!!
    Gotta love younger brothers.

  2. I’m sure if you could hack some drivers together, you could load Mac OS on the Cube and Windows on the Xbox. I’d really like to see if anyone’s done that yet. I haven’t heard anything about it so far.

  3. I’ve got both systems and frankly, couldn’t live any other way. But then I’ve owned every major console system to be released since the Atari 2600. No, I don’t yet own an XBox. I’m sure I will some day, but that day is far off. Anyway… which would I recommend? It really depends on the games you want (duh). I love both systems very much, but if I had to pick just one… it’d be the Game Cube. Yeah, there’s more games for the PS2, but Nintendo always wins in originality and “fun”.

  4. More powerful Bret. Oh dear…..yes in some ways the Cube is definitly more powerful that the PS2, but in other the PS2 is mich more powerful that the Cube….. and PLEASE don’t start quoting me numbers and specs or I’ll be fored to give you all a crash course in computer architecture :)

  5. Had a PS2. Sold it. Enjoyed the hell out of SSX (aside from the “caught in a rock” bug), wasn’t intrigued by any other title. Realized I was basically using the console to play PS1 games, and sold off the whole shebang as a party kit on e-bay (4 controllers, multitap, memorycard, console).
    For the money that I got back from the PS2, bought a GC, a PS1 (used), a DC (new), and accessories for all of them. I loathe the XBox’s controller — I have small hands. I keep looking over the PS2’s titles to see if there’s anything that I feel I absolutely have to have. Nada. The only thing I miss when comparing the GC to the PS2 is that I think the PS2 had slightly better rumble built into the controller.
    But I like quirky games like Super Monkey Ball, DDR, Space Channel 5, Samba de Amigo…none of which are destined for XBox or PS2-ville. (And I *like* Pokemon Snap!)
    Oh, and the DVD player on the PS2 sucked bigtime. It refused to play a bunch of my favorite DVDs. I’m much, much happier with the standalone I have now.

  6. I got a GC for my birthday a few weeks ago. I was debating between it or a PS2, but went with the GC because I became insanely addicted to Zelda on my friend’s N64. I am eagearly awaiting the new Zelda for GC later this year.
    Sure, the PS2 has more games for *now*, but the 2 games I used to like on the PS1 were Spyro and Crash Bandicoot…both of which I’ve heard are coming to GC. Considering that it takes me *months* to finish a game (if I ever do), I can wait until later this year for the new titles. The DVD player function of PS2 weren’t even an issue for consideration, since we already had a DVD player, anyway.
    Pikmin rocks! Smash Bros. Melee rocks! I like the look of Rogue Leader, but I *suck* at it.

  7. This is probably a re-hash, but it comes down to the games that you want to play. I have no interest in the Nintendo franchise games, but love several of the PS2 titles, so I got a PS2. I love playing GTA3 and once I finish that, I’ll probably move on to MGS2. I have to admit that the ads for some of the new Xbox games are looking good to me. There’s two that I saw recently besides Halo that made me want an Xbox. I think one is called BloodWake? Fat chance of me shelling out another $300 for a console any time soon. BTW, if I like GTA3 and MGS2, can you PS2ers suggest some other titles? Isn’t Max Payne available on PS2?

  8. As someone who made the leap from Genesis to PS2, (Yeah, I know that is a HUGE leap…) I’m extremely happy with my decision except for one thing. I WANT SONIC ON PS2!!!

  9. Sorry to all of you big N fans, but the GC is gonna go the way of the DC… Nintendo will end up having to go the Sega route and become a game developer, not a platform developer.
    For the same reason that Sega did- Sony and Microsoft are both major corporations with resources FAR outstripping videogame-ONLY companies… they have the resources and alternate sources of income to undercut a platform like the DC… or the GC. They can take a loss for an entire year if they have to, in order to remove a competitor. Whereas, if nintendo went without profits, they’d be out of business.
    And then there’s the fact that PS2 plays DVDs and is backwards compatitible. I haven’t heard about X-box in that regard yet, but I doubt it will be an edge that the PS2 holds for long.
    PS- DOC, How can you talk about the greatest DC games without mentioning Soul CALIBUR??? (Who will be getting the sequel? PS2 or X-box?)

  10. my S.O. is in love with his xbox.
    if we were both in a burning building i’m not sure which he’d rescue first.
    sad but true.

  11. bobo’s SO needs to remember that an Xbox can be insured and replaced, but that bobo is probably very hard to buy at a local electronics store.

  12. Ok,
    GM has Rogue Leader.
    PS2 has everything else (Crazy Taxi, Kinetica, Metal Gear Solid 2, etc, etc) and it’s backwards compatible.
    For what it’s worth, FF10 is CRAP. Silent Hill 2 is far superior in graphics and story. It’s also probably the creepiest game you’ll ever play on a console.
    Personally, though, I’m happy playing Bushido Blade, GTA2, and X-Men Mutant Academy on my PS1 and WWF: No Mercy on my N64 (a game so good, even if you don’t like wrestling, that I bought a used systerm JUST to play it). Hell, I still play a little Double Dragon or Legend of Zelda on the original NES when the mood strikes.
    That’s my 2 bucks.

  13. Something Dake would do well to remember is that Nintendo owns the handheld market and isn’t taking a loss. They’re selling their console for $199 and making money. Microsoft is selling it’s PCs for $299 at a significant loss per unit.
    Whether or not GC “wins”, Nintendo is in no danger of going down with the DreamCast.

  14. PS2 … no ifs ands or buts about it.
    If being the best system around isn’t enough, there’ll be a linux kit with 40GB hard drive, ethernet, keyboard and mouse out for it soon. What more can you ask for?
    Hmmm… WWDN running on a PS2 … SEXY.

  15. trinker…thanks!
    i should print out this comment list and leave it in place of his xbox.
    of course that could get me permanently banned from his place.
    personally, the last game system i owned was a sega game gear.
    sad, aren’t i?

  16. My point was that Gates&Co.(TM) can afford to take a loss… and they have the resources to do so for probably a lot longer than Nintendo does… Also, it’s a standard Gates&Co.(TM) trick to wait and see the possibilities from their competitors, and then lie/cheat/steal the features they like so they can place them on their product(see NETSCAPE). I agree that Nintendo will continue to own the handheld market, but I just don’t see them moving on in the race for the next “Next-Generation” platform.

  17. My husband and I got a Playstation2 and an Xbox for our kids.
    Oh wait. That’s right. We don’t have any kids.

  18. dake…you’re forgetting that Nintendo’s main target market is full of really enthusiastic parents. Parents who don’t really like the offerings that MS has for Xbox. And the Xbox already has a growing history of need-for-repair that many people predicted, based on the architecture. And it’s not portable. Not a big deal for a lot of 18-26ers, maybe, but a huuuuuge deal for the Nintendo set. My kid brother carts his around to various friends’ houses all the time.
    We’ll see what happens. Remember, not everything Der Bill does goes well. Anyone remember Microsoft Bob?

  19. Hmm…. sorry Wil, but I have to say that you should try out XBOX titles. Inspired by your work opposite Mr. Stewart, I wrote a couple of trek games myself… sadly I am about as old as you but I missed my TV chance… But seriously developers on XBOX have time and money to spend on AI that others do not… because of the the simple fact that DirectX allows XBOX and Wintel compatibility… as a developer that is good all around.
    Hey take it easy man. Boston traffic is just as bad but we have “commuter rail” (read: old Amtrak reject trains that scare the hell out of you) and the oldest subway in the world, which closes before 2am when the bars get out.
    And to think I ride Segways because of Levar Burton.

  20. Everyone: Go to Virgin/Bestbuy/Sears/Walmart and try out the XBOX controllers. The GC and the PS2 controllers are sized to fit guassian distribution for small-ass hands (Japanese are statistically smaller than Americans of African or Slavic descent: the fatal error of Sony and Nintendo). XBOX controllers are sized to fit American/European hands (read this however you want, Japenese are smaller people). The REAL killer that XBOX has is that they can have EXTENSIONS on the cables… so that stupid consol doesn’t have to be in the middle of the living room floor… and you can sit on the couch… and you don’t get carpel-tunnel if you’re over the age of 8.
    Ask any Industrial Designer.

  21. Definately Gamecube. PS2 is a good system and all, and it does have GTA3 (Please Rockstar, port this game), but besides GTA3 most of the games I want will be on Gamecube. Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness, Animal Planet(which is gonna include several NES games on it including Punch Out), and that is just the exclusive games. And its cheap, and dont complain about no DVD, because you can get those for under $100 dollars now anyway. And by the way, Gamecube has better specs than the PS2, but in reality pretty much all 3 systems can do about the same things. So basically, Gamecube rules, PS2 is cool too, and XBox sucks. (Die Microsoft, Die) It has Halo…and Halo..thats about it. Oddworld for XBox sucks too!

  22. Yep, GC has controllers that fit into smaller hands, not just the hands of 6’0″ white or black boys. Nice to be recognized. I think the Xbox design has basically told me “hey, chica, TFB if you don’t have big hands!” Way back in the early days of videogaming, they made joysticks that fit into my hands, too. And then some time in the late 80’s or early 90’s, they decided that I didn’t count, and made all the controllers for large hands. I love the idea of MS forcefeedback joysticks — guess what? I can’t use one!
    It’s not that the only market is 18-26 y.o. men, it’s that the market only caters to them. Kudos to companies like Nintendo and Saitek (who make an *excellent* adaptable-size joystick) that recognize that gamers come in different sizes.
    (And the GC doesn’t have extension cables? Says who?)

  23. I’m way too late at commenting on a four-day-old story, but I’ll add my $0.02 (that’s 1.73 minutes worth of mortgage) and reaffirm the all-around asskicking that is Super Smash Brothers Melee. Nothing like using Mr. Game and Watch to beat all those newfangled characters into the ground! Yeah!
    Oh, and I’m a dork, but I still like Dance Dance Revolution (PS1) and Para Para Paradise (PS2). Go figure. No, better yet, go play them, even if you’re afraid you’ll look like an idiot. Because you will. But it’s still a heck of a lot of fun, and it’ll keep you in shape too!

  24. Game Cube sucks. The games are for younger kids and mo-rons. PS2 is geared for the mature (read: older) gamer, which I am.
    I love my PS2 and I wouldn’t buy a GC if it was sold for 3 bucks.
    I’m going to go play GTA3 now and mow down some padestrians with a tank… What? So I cheat sometimes, like you don’t? Don’t look at -ME- like that, Mr. man!

  25. Tough call but I will go with PS2. If your thirty, the games are cooler and it loads a little faster than the cube. To me, there are more games available from Sony. There is my two cents…

  26. Y’know, I’m getting kinda sick of this “mature/older means you like games with more violence/gore” meme.
    I’m 31, and my life has had quite enough violence and gore that I don’t want to subject myself to it for *fun*, thank you very much.

  27. I don’t own a console system and never have, but I do work at a fairly large Wizards of the Coast store. What I’ve seen from sales, PS2 is the way the market is going, regardless of platform capabilities.
    We have about 120 PS2 titles for sale at my store. We have about 12 for the GC. Even when you factor in that large difference, we still sell far more PS2 games than GC games.
    Xbox? We don’t *carry* the Xbox. Here it is, March 1st, months after the release, and we aren’t carrying it. No consoles, no games, no controllers. If the bean-counters at the home office thought Xbox was going to be a cash cow, we’d have had it in stock back in December. March 1st, nothing. Sounds to me like the bean-counters expect it to be a dud.
    One major problem with all the systems is the lack of a breakout game, something that’s must-have. GTA3 is the closest I’ve seen. Super Monkey Ball is a decent contender for the GC, but again, sales don’t seem to support that. Halo for the Xbox? We all oohed and ahhed about it two years ago, when it was a future *computer* game, but technology has passed it by and its just another runner in the pack.
    That’s my rant. We now return you to your regularly schedule topic.

  28. We have a GC at work (we did the nintendo.com website so they give us stuff free!! heehee!) and although I just bought a PS2 for myself for many of the reasons explained here, I have to say how extremely impressed I am with the GC. I finished Pikmin last week, and without a doubt it was the most fun, playable, polished game I’ve played in a long time. Seems to me that GC’s only problem right now is a shortage of games, but I’m sure in 6 months they’ll have it turned around.

  29. I love them both. I do think for playing games with your kids though gamecube is the way to go.. and you can always pick them up a dreamcast amazing system and right now very cheap..

  30. Il go for the PS2 on this 1. This is why. GAMES.There are so many kwality games(That arent about super monkeys balls)aimed at an above 7 and a alf yr old audience. GTA3, GT3, Dark alliance r all great. Im sure that sh1tty cube with a tacky handle will have some games of merit, but cmon their all cartoonish n for kiddies that r jus out of nappies- and my frend ferg but thats another story

  31. i am ferg the friend of mark and he is an ass cos gamecube is miles better than the ps2. nintendo have always made the best and most succesful games eg. mario, zelda and donkey kong. also 2 of the best shoot em ups have been on nintendo consoles: goldeneye and perfect dark. with a pd game surely to come out on the cube with other bloody games like resi evil and die hard the cube is not just for kids. cube graphics are also better and what does it matter if games are about monkeys and balls its the gameplay and the enjoyment that count.

  32. well ferg.where to start..gameplay.if u think the ps2 lacks in this department then u really need to play it first instead of makin uneducated guesses. cube graphics rnt better actually and if u like games with good playability and enjoyment, there are plenty for the ps2 like jak n daxter – kiddy but fun and u could even go better – dark alliance (playability, fun , gr8 plot in 1).oh yes and the most successful ames made by nintendo.uh hum.final fantasy.also the best shooters r infact for the ps2 – moh frontline and deux ex.face it ferg u don hav a clu.infact uv never touched a cube so wot do u no?

  33. well ferg.where to start..gameplay.if u think the ps2 lacks in this department then u really need to play it first instead of makin uneducated guesses. cube graphics rnt better actually and if u like games with good playability and enjoyment, there are plenty for the ps2 like jak n daxter – kiddy but fun and u could even go better – dark alliance (playability, fun , gr8 plot in 1).oh yes and the most successful ames made by nintendo.uh hum.final fantasy.also the best shooters r infact for the ps2 – moh frontline and deux ex.face it ferg u don hav a clu.infact uv never touched a cube so wot do u no?

  34. well, I have all 3 systems, I like Gamecube the best. Xbox has the best graphic out of all, and PS2 has worst graphic out of all 3. Gamecube has many fun games, a lot of them are extremely addictive, PS2 and Xbox looks like it has fun games but once you play it, it is not really that fun. One of the best graphic on any system has to be RESIDENT EVIL on GAMECUBE.. if you ever seen it it is the best graphic ever. I got it last weekend and can’t put it down, who said Gamecube is not mature? go ahead and eat those words after playing Resident evil on Gamecube. I mainly play NBA street on gamecube (PS2 version totally sucks), and 007 agent under fire on gamecube (PS2 version dont have bot option, which I really need when I am not playing 4 player)..I also enjoy Halo and DOA3 on Xbox and FF on PS2

  35. Look @ the reviews in magazines. PS2
    On T.V. PS2
    @ stores PS2
    And the amount sold weekly PS2
    How had themost tales ? Ps2
    personally I have a ps2 and love it Id rather have Dream cast than Came Cube..Hehehe
    All so Look at this and why do you think that game Cube prices have fallen so quickly?
    PS2 kicks…… X-Box time will come.

  36. The gamecube is much better than the playstation poo….i mean 2!!sorry!because nintendo is the founder of everything we have today and everyone else is just copying e.g l+r buttons invented by the snes,stolen by everyone! the rumble funtion invented by ninttendo stolen by sony! carn’t they think of anything? nintendo also make there own games unlike sony! you might say you have the final fantasy series but do you remember when the 7th one came out 4 the psone in 98 or sumfin? do you remember where the first 6 came from……? thats right nintendo!!!! and ninten have the rights back off squaresoft and final fantasy is cuming to the gamecube!!!shigru miyatimo is the greatest man ever he’s the man behind mario and zelda the two best games series known to man!!!wait till mario kart and zelda cum out on the gamecubes you will all feel the wrath of nintendo once again!!….long story short nintendo gamecube is better than the playstation2.nintendo is dedicated to soley making games and cinsoles so will always e better! you might say ps2 plays dvds? so if u wana watch dvds buy a dvd player.wana cook toast buy a toaster!wats your point? where talking about gameplay here!plus the gamecube’s processer is nearly twice as fast of that of the ps2’s.settled gamecube is better than the ps2 thanx 4 reading.

  37. i just want to know if pso is coming out for ps2 it is on gamecube and dreamcast i think it should be on ps2. So I think the people that make the games should put pso on ps2


  39. The playstation 2 rocks. It has the best graphics and the best games plus the fact that you can play DVD’s and Cd’s on it. You can’t do that on the wimpy GameCube.

  40. PS2: Worst graphics, most games, supports DVD and CD, needs memory card, loads slow
    Xbox: Best graphics, loads fast, no memory card, plays CD and DVD
    GC: 2nd Best graphics, loads fast, nees memory card(get a good one and can hold like 20-30 games)
    Id go with the GC overall, its cheapest, has a lot of great games, portable
    no CD or DVD but who cares about that? Gte the real thing instead of having your game system do it.

  41. Nintendo GameCube is the best. Sure the Playstation2 has more games because of their 3rd party game designers (Konami, Square, etc.) they have but take that away and what do they have… Absolutley nothing. If Nintendo had exactly the same 3rd party game designers then the playstation2 would be a load of nothing.

  42. think about nintendo “mario, mario sunshine,mario bros,mario baracus…….MARIO,MMMMAAARRRIIIOOO….this kind of games are for kids and every body knows that “games are for kids and battles are for warriors” just think about playstation2 like “SOLID SNAKE, LEGEND OF DRAGOON, GTA3, DEVIL MAY CRY, AND SO FORTH…..THOSE GAMES MAKE THE DIFERENCE BETWEEN NINTENDO GAME CUBE AND PLAYSTATON2 IF PEOPLE CONTINUE PLAYING GAMES LIKE MARIO AND LUIGI WILL CREATE A GERM OF INGNORANCE IN THEIR MINDS…….THINK ABOUT IT.

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