Good intentions

So I had this idea, that I thought was nice and sweet.
Turns out it was a really bad idea, and I’ve really turned some people off.
I’m super sorry.
To those of you who also thought it was a good idea, and contributed, thank you. We’ll be having a nice dinner. To those of you who felt the need to attack me about it, I appreciate your honesty, even if your words stung a bit.
I’m totally at a loss for words.
I just…well…I’m sorry, everyone.

271 thoughts on “Good intentions”

  1. Sheesh. Don’t like the site? Quit reading it. Wil’s certainly nicer than I would be. I’d have firewalled the lot of you off and cast your memories to the seas for all I’d care.
    Oh, and Wil? My SO says she thought it’s a sweet idea. Bollocks to the idiots who have the nerve to flame for the contents of a private site.

  2. lol.. Rob, I have no idea who you’re talking about, but I’m certainly no femmy, princess. methinks you went to the wrong damn site. for future reference, you can find me here:
    ta ta.

  3. Hey Wil, it’s Lt. Commander Data here. Geordie and myslef were just wondering if you like to join me for a few Brewskies. I’ll comendeer a Run-about and beam you aboard at 20:00. End of Communication.

  4. Wesley…..Wesley, I need you Wesley. Mabye we could get together like old times…you were just a boy then, but i see you’ve grown into a fine looking young man. Call me on my communicator. I need you. It does be so lonely up here…’s Commmander Riker you see. He been getting rather violent reacently. I had to stun him. I stunned him good with my Phaser Rifle. I needed him fully incapacitated for the buggering. Why dont you join me. There’s enough Will Riker for 2. You and me.

  5. Ensign Crusher I am going to be fighting at the batleth tournament on Richa 7. I may not return ,but i want you to have my cold dead heart for feasting upon ,it is a old klingon ritual.

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