If you’re a FARKer or Something Awful reader, you probably know about The Photoshop Contest, which I was asked to judge.
Over the weekend, I finally found time to judge and comment on the entries, and Something Awful has posted the results.
If you’re not a regular SA reader, you should just be prepared: it’s not intended for kids, or the easily offended. I, however, think it is hilarious.
However, if you are a kid, or easily offended, dispair not! For while I was at FARK this morning, I stole for you, and now present to you, The Best. Picture. EVER!
Have a great day! My kids have the day off from school, so we’re hanging out together.

82 thoughts on “SA v. FARK”

  1. Fetus: Go read again, with appropriate amount of sarcasm and “I wish I were Jack Black”-ness.
    It’s all good. :)
    BTW- your posts at FARK make me smile.

  2. Great pic Wil!!! That brought back so much memories for me. I being the tender age of 28 had a huge crush on David Hasselhoff back in the 80’s. I know call it lame, or as you see it, but hey I would take back my childhood memories for anything. Thanks for posting that pic, and making my long night at work worth a smile. Your the MAN Uncle Willy!!!

  3. due to some recent legislation in my state (pl 221 I think) we are required to do “continous school improvement plans” and the like which means at least one inservice day a month plus we hqve a bunch of half days for it too. *whine* I am sick of this garbage I just want to teach kids! all better from my whine now :)

  4. I don’t share your love for SA Wil. But, my two cents on the Photoshop contest is: Truth:As long as we all laughed at something, the world is a better place. Reality:Some people work too hard on Photoshops and take it personally if certain pics were not placed high enough in the standings. I love to laugh but if you’re going to take it personally, don’t exert yourself.

  5. Location: North Central (rural) Massachusetts, almost to the New Hampshire (“Live Free or Die”) border!
    Was reading your comments from a few days back about visiting the “old sound stages” at Paramount and the pangs of nostalgia.
    About five years ago I came out to the East Coast after several years as an astronomer and researcher at a university in the “Great Rocky Mountain West.”
    It took me a long time to get over the feelings of nostalgia and homesickness that I’d experience every time we went back for visits.
    Finally, some few months ago, I finally made peace with the following thoughts: that what I really missed was the old times, the old crowd, and — surprisingly — the old me. Time has passed now, and the team I worked with has dispersed, the circumstances under which we worked are no longer operative, and *I’m* not the same old me who worked there. I’ve grown and moved on.
    That may sound pretty simple, but I was so busy missing the old times, etc., that it took me a while to see it.
    Now, I’ve had the opportunity to tour the Trek sets with a friend who works with the shows — and I can see why you’d miss it. It’s a creative place, lots of mojo flowing, and dang, it was probably a barrel of fun most of the time. Same with my previous position.
    So, those memories stay with me, and can’t be taken away. And, sure, when I fly back to the old digs, I smile fondly and think of the great times, the work we did, the laughs we had, and the marvelous, witty people with whom I worked. And, while it’s true that you can’t go home and “nothing will ever be the same” — the memories are still to be treasured.
    So, treasure the nostalgia Wil — it’s normal, natural, and boy sometimes does it sneak up when you least expect it!

  6. Long live Kit!!! (Ya, thats the car’s name)
    As you can see, Kit is smiling. Kit is about to have lunch. Poor kid.
    But I am sure that he will do a better job “driving” than the just eaten Michael. (Ya aka David Hasselhoff)

  7. Robbie: Whuh?! Ever make a weird noise at your dog, and he gives you that LOOK? You just made that noise, and I’m givin’ you that look.

  8. Wil — I still think you’re a moron and a loser. Nothing’s going to change that until you start buying those who pay ten dollars to go see crappy Trek movies beer. Lots and lots of beer. No god damn Zimas, either.
    HOWEVER…that having been said, I, too, think you could’ve done just a bit better in the Photoshop judging. Remember, some of these were worked on for awhile, and also the average FARK reader has the Photoshop skills and creative abilities of an orangatang in heat, so maybe you shouldn’t have been so hard on them. Always remember, Wesley Crusher sucks, Wil Wheaton…also sucks (just not as much).
    Keep the peace.
    (you know…from FARK? Yea, yea…)

  9. wil wheaton sucks? that he does the camp get!…come on…think about it…the man is gay!!! anyone who denies it must be gay themselves!

  10. Airwolf…now there is a program….aaaaahhhh the memories….reminising of the days when all major fans of the program wanted to do was fly a bell222b chopper. Long may it live on Bravo….

  11. Ya know, being the last to post a comment says something about the poster….
    He’s content with the knowledge that no one will read his posts because the topic has long since been dead, so he need not say anything of worth.
    Except of course…..
    THE END.

  12. I saw the pic and about fell out of my chair I laughed so hard! Gees! I knew David H. was tall but Gary makes him look that much taller! And how the heck did David fit into such a small car?

  13. just watching Conan o’BRian and the funny dude from Stealing Harvard (not Tom Green) had made a t-shirt of your pic and was wearing it on the show….great pic btw…later!

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