Shut that bloody bazouki player up!

Roughy, if ever there was a website for you, this is it.
I have been reading this book, The Four Agreements, in my spare time (when I’m not reading computer books, to help make WWDN not suck), and I have really fallen in love with it.
Has anyone else read this book? I really love it, because, while I actively eschew organized religion, I am drawn towards spirituality and philosophies for bettering yourself.
(yes, I cribbed this from my post in the soapbox, but I thought we needed something nice to talk about, after the flame-fest earlier today [grin] Read “more” for a great comment from that post)
Okay, I know this is totally lame, but I didn’t watch “The Practice” last night, and I wonder what happened…would someone post it in the comments?
Time for bed. There’s some SpongeBob on the way. I promise.

This is from JSc, who is one of the WWDN OG’s. It’s a comment from the last post, and I would like to file this under “Wish I’d said it”.

I see people hiding behind a cloak of false patriotism to avoid having to think for themselves.
Patriotism is not blindly supporting your government. It is not rendering yourself insolvent in the interest of trying to prop up the economy even while the government commits itself to renewed deficit spending. It is not jumping on whatever bandwagon happens to be passing by. Patriotism is sitting, and thinking, and considering, and choosing to stand up for those things for which your nation was originally supposed to stand. Not McDonalds and Exxon and *.com and Microsoft and Starbucks. Patriotism does not include supporting the military when it invades some podunk third-world nation and starts killing civilians. Patriotism *DOES*, however, include supporting the troops who are attempting to do right by fighting for their country, however misguided a strategy may be.
Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness. Equality. Freedom of speech/religion/assembly/press. Freedom of THOUGHT. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
Vanna White’s hook. (or not?)
Patriotism most of all includes fulfilling your responsibility as a citizen to let the government know when it’s gone astray, either by voting or writing letters, or running for office (as futile as that may often seem), or just talking to people and attempting to spread knowledge and open people’s eyes.

59 thoughts on “Shut that bloody bazouki player up!”

  1. Uh, Wil, it’s not “bazookie” it’s “bazouki” and what in the world is wrong with a bazouki? My favorite band has a kick-ass bazouki player in it, and he’s damn good!
    Sorry, I get kind of defensive when someone says anything halfway negative that can be directly or indirectly related to Irish/Celtic music….

  2. Hey wil,
    The practice was good I watch it every Sunday including the reruns at 11p @ 12a. Jimmy nearly got disbared for breaking client confidentiallity, and Eugene was the one who reported him

  3. I’ve never read the Four Agreements, but an excellent book on derived morality is the Moral Animal by Robert Wright. A good jumping off point for anything spiritual/psychological.
    BTW, I just have to say that it’s taken 3 days for me to become chemically dependent on this site. Resistance must be futile. How sad.

  4. I got all concerned there for a minute, reading Wil’s post. I didn’t Tivo The Practice because I thought it was a rerun.
    Sigh of relief.
    This Sunday’s Alias is new, right?

  5. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
    I was on the Isle of Skye in Scotland this summer for two weeks. One day, some friends and I took a ferry over to a small island right across a strait. Getting a lift from the ferry landing, I saw a sign for a cafe which advertised a particular brand of coffee, when I realized…
    I hadn’t seen a Starbucks in two weeks!
    That felt sooooo good. :)
    By the way, it’s BOUZOUKI.
    Not to be a pedantic prick. What am I saying?
    Of course I am!

  6. I’ve read another book by Don Miguel Ruiz, called The Mastery of Love….also very cool. I’m impressed with anyone who reads this kind of stuff and gets something out of it!
    -Lady of the Wood

  7. JC: It’s not much of a cheese shop, is it?
    MP: Finest in the district, sir.
    JC: Explain the logic underlying that conclusion, pray?
    MP: Well, it’s so clean, sir.
    JC: It’s certainly uncontaminated by cheese.
    MP: You haven’t asked me about Limberger, sir.
    JC: Is it worth it?
    MP: Could be.
    JC: Do you have any… [insert title quote here]

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