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I’m checking my email, while the kid’s sausage sizzles on the Foreman Grill, and I was sent a link to this story on Trek Galaxy. It’s an interview with Rick Berman, about Nemesis. It’s a good article, and I call attention to this section:

STM. We know now that Kate Mulgrew and Wil Wheaton will appear in Star Trek: Nemesis as Admiral Janeway and Wesley Crusher, respectively. How did their appearances come about? ”
Berman: “John Logan, who wrote the script, very much wanted Kate to portray an admiral that we had and Kate was delighted to do it. We have a wedding in the movie and guests at the wedding include Wil Wheaton and Whoopi Goldberg.”
STM: Did anyone have to twist your arm to get Wheaton back in there? He’s been under the impression that you didn’t like him.
Berman: “You know, that’s so funny because somebody else told me that. I can’t imagine why anybody would think that way. I’m very fond of Wil. Somebody else, not someone from the press, said to me, “Wil is very interested in being in the movie, but we hear you don’t like him.” I can’t imagine where that came from.”
STM: Actually, it came from Wil. He’s said that he lost favour with you because of the way he left Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Berman: “That could not be farther from the truth.”
STM: The wedding, as we all know, is between Deanna (Marina Sirtis) and Riker (Jonathan Frakes), so it seems like an ideal opportunity for Majel Barrett Roddenberry to reprise her role as Lwaxana. Will she be back? ”
Berman: “Nope. There’s a plot point I don’t want to give away, but there’s a reason.”

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  1. Well, I’d donate and all, but I can’t input my f’in address the way it shows on my credit card bills because they don’t give an extra line for “apartment”.
    Just give Your wife a couple extra hugs and kisses for me, Mr. Wheaton (SIR!)

  2. Wil may have become disheartened by all the shitty comments and pulled the entry and the PayPal buttons… shame!

  3. Rob,
    Hell, I thought it was pronounced Mat-SOOOSH-Ta, like Ta-KESH-ta (Takeshita)… Gee, just think of the fun the kiddies could have had with that one! :)

  4. I’m SO glad I’m not the only one confused by the complete lack of today’s entry and the donation button…..

  5. “Why the hell do Americans (and Canadians, and other English speaking people) seem to have such a hard time pronouncing Japanese names? Take it one syllable at a time”
    Check out this site:

  6. New bi-lingual course now being offered by the University of Texas at El Paso (AKA armpit U): “Engrish as a Second Ranguage.” No plelequisites.

  7. there are a few things which I simply will not tolerate:
    *Name calling

  8. Sorry, no bigotry intended… just playing off the engrish.com site post. Frankly, I should do so well in Japanese (or any other language).

  9. colin,
    Im sure you are not a bigot
    I should have put quote marks or something anyway or pointed out that it was a quote from wil on soapbox

  10. Also, guys–engrish.com is one of my favorite sites, ever. I used to buy Japanese toys–just for the bad English on the box.
    “I dat a prick-up or derivery?”
    “No prick-up?”
    “No, no prick-up.”
    “Well. Maybe you try oyster!”
    “Okay, just for that I’m not ordering your damn pizza!”

  11. Hi Will–
    I am Oleg. I am a boy from L’America. (Hahaha.) I lik Star Trekk.My frend CB and I woch the reruns of it after we come home frum school. CB is my nice frend. He has a bad heart. He mioght … JW is my mean frned. He thinks Star Treck is for geeks. He has browne hair shaped like a box. He hates Star Trek TNG, eckspeshiaally and thinks everywo is ugly. Mothersays iti because he is trubled. ANywy, I wil show him the ropes. I wil teach him to like StarTreck espeshialy TNG because thats my favrit. Foter says abowt Patrick Stewert, now thares a man hoo cold act. He ses abowt the womin hoo played yor muther, now why cant yur muther look like her, Og?? Then he laffs.
    Keep up the good werk E?
    Yours truley
    Oleg Gene Krupa

  12. Mr. Wheaton,
    This is my first post on WWDN. I have been lurking for awhile and I really appreciate what you do here. It’s great to see you are one of the few people that talks to their fans on the web like real people and you show what your life is really like, not a Hollywood version of it. You also don’t have someone, like a publicist/manager, filtering out the bad posts. You see both the good and the bad.
    Sorry to hear you had such a hard time with some of people here over this issue. I saw both sides of the issue but I also realize how hard it must be for you. Those of us out here that aren’t in the celebrity spotlight have a hard enough time figuring out if something new we are going to do for our significant other is going to be appreciated or hated. You not only risk that but risk a whole lot of people that view your site hating something you do.
    I have a feeling that your supporters on the board and your silent supporters way outnumber the noisy flamers.
    Keep it real.

  13. I know exactly what is going to happen in the new “Star Trek: Nemesis” movie…
    Lwaxana comes to the Enterprise and catches Picard in a bad mood so he smacks her head with his sausage (coincedently cooked on a William Fucking Shatner Wil Wheaton Scott Bacula sucking Vanna White letter turning kick as tag team of Alex Trebek & Pat Sajac & Donny Osmond dirt licking $100,000 Pyrmaid hating murderer Grill which was replicated in Riker’s personal… quarters) and she flies across the ship until she has a head on collision with Mr. Worf’s rear. If he is still in his puberty thing as in “Insurrection”, he’ll probably fart her out and shoot her to the far reaches of the Dominion planet of Hell.
    Poor ol’ Wesley will see what happened and have a breakdown cuz he really wanted to see Lwaxana @ the funeral… oops… wedding so he locks himself in his quarters, goes on the internet and buys a Lwaxana mask from amazon.com and wears women’s clothing to the wedding. Everyone will think that it’s Lwaxana including Picard and Worf…
    After the wedding they will follow her to her Pontiac Sunfire and brutally murder her/him/Wesley.
    As for everyone else…
    “Voyager” Crew:
    “Admiral” Janeway are supposed to go to the wedding but, they get lost once again in the Delta Quadrant where they must start their journey all over again. “Star Trek: Voyager II” coming to UPN in about 8 weeks when they finally take that dumb ass “Enterprise” off the air and put that Bakula bastard in his place… I’m sure he’ll take a quantum leap for man kind.
    “Deep Space Nine” Crew:
    Kira – she gets raped and murdered by Quark.
    Bashir – hunts down O’Brian and proclaims his love for him.
    Dax – has her period locked in a Vic Fontane program.
    Vic Fontane – raped and killed by Dax.
    Garak – gets drunk and makes passes at every Jem Hadar he sees.
    Jake Sisko – becomes commander of DS9 and accidently crashes the station into the new World Trade Center Towers.
    Other People:
    Data – grows a beard, quits Starfleet, and hangs out with that tall drunk that always used to hang with Lwaxana.
    Guinan – discovers that she is actually an Earth woman of the 21st century who is doomed to a center square in some low rated game show surrounded by 8 drunk hasbeens.
    Q – makes guest appearences on Sesame Street every time the letter of the day is “Q”.
    Doctor Crusher – discovers that she and Wesley are siblings… think about it….
    Mr. Spcok – enters into Pon farr and mates with willing Klingon women.
    and last but not least…
    Captain James T. Kirk – is brought back to life where he spends most of his time on the Weakest Link making passes as Anne Robinson. He also sneakes up at the Riker and Troi wedding, snatches the wedding cake and pigs out on it in a nearby swamp

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