Ass means donkey

I spent the evening watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, on DVD.
Kevin Smith is so awesome. He’s living the dream for all of us who want to be successful in the entertainment industry, while kicking it in the nuts for how lame it can be. I met him a Comic Con two years ago, and (surprise) geeked out at him, and he was really cool to me. I’d really like to work with him, someday.
I’m going to bet that most of the WWDN readers have already seen this, but if you haven’t seen the DVD, yet, you must get your hands on one, by hook or by crook, so you can watch all the deleted scenes (there’s something like 90 minutes, or so of deleted stuff), and see all the spiffy extras on disc 2. There’s this thing called “The Genius of Will Farrell”, that made me feel totally bush league as an improviser, and there’s many precious minutes of all the girls running around in their undies. Always a bonus.
I blame this DVD, and Day of Defeat for keeping me up until almost 2 AM, and I haven’t even watched the movie with the commentary, yet. I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do with my wife tomorrow, when I can’t keep my eyes open when we take Ferris to class!

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  1. Hey all –
    I’m calling out for help – I’m trying to get GreyMatter to work on my site. I’ve uploaded and configured, just as the instructions said to do, but it won’t appear on my page.
    Anyone who knows Greymatter, and may have some clue what I’ve done wrong please email me. I’ve posted on its website/forum, but have gotten impatient in waiting for a response.

  2. Will-
    I want to comment, but I can’t really do anything but wholeheartedly agree with you about Kevin Smith and J&SBSB. Kevin is incredible, and I’ve been a fan of his since he filmed Mallrats in my home town way back when… His witty dialogue is the best in the biz. I can appreciate his hatred toward “mad-libbing” as his scripts are so elloquent by themselves, but the outtakes of Jon Stewart and Will Farrell are hilarious. (Although my fave is still Matt Damon talking about Chewbacca’s “edited scenes” from the Star Wars SE during Dogma.)
    Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back was fantastic. I never thought they could sustain their own movie (and Kevin even comments on it in the commentary) but they did a great job. I am a little jealous, however. It has always been my dream to go down on Princess Leia. Damn that Jay!
    The J&SBSB commentary is like any Kevin Smith commentary. Jason Muse is half stoned throughout, Scott Mosier (Ex Prd) is crabby, and Kevin chooses to ramble about the things that really matter (his wife, daughter, and how annoying Ben Affleck can be.) Without a doubt, the commentary track is just as amusing as the actual film.
    One last thing – Hours of Dogma and J&SB commentaries have indoctrinated into my soul that it is my duty to remind everyone that when you find yourselves in New Jersey, dont forget to stop at Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash – 35 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ.

  3. I can definitely agree with you on the DVD! I personally loved the whole exchange between Jon Stewart and Will Ferrel (sp?) about the CLIT. The deleted scenes were great, but I haven’t gotten to watch them all. I nearly fell out of my chair over Sean Scott and the sheep! Jud Nelson nearly made me wet my pants. The best thing about it, though, was the fact that Kevin Smith and Jason Mews introduced most of the extras and deleted scenes. The fact that they provided so many extras AND did that went beyond cool. I have a special place in my heart for film makers who kee the fans in mind when releasing stuff like this.
    For the record, it was also worth paying the money I did to see it in the theaters SIX times. GOD! I LOVE Kevin Smith movies! If he is merciful, maybe he will see it in his heart to give us more than five of these.

    And in other news…

  5. Will Wheaton:
    I was wondering where you were.
    Got nothing to say about J&SB — Chasing Amy was good, but J&SB was a little too Jerky Brothers for me.
    Anyhow, just wanted to tell you that I *always* liked Wesley Crusher. I thought you did a great job with that character, esp. given your tender age.
    I didn’t like what they turned Wesley into during the last few episodes — I did like the fact that he dropped out of Star Fleet, but I think they took Wesley too far into that whole teenager/young adult 1990s grunge/angst bullshit. I expected more from young Crusher. Sure, go through the growing pains, but in a more interesting manner. He should have invented something and blown a hole in the galaxy. Something like that, something a pissed-off Stephen Hawking could do.
    So you and Rick Berman aren’t the best of friends, huh. Too bad — I’d like to see Wesley Crusher return in some future spin-off. “The Traveler” with Wesley moving from planet to planet or starship or wherever. Is that word spelled with one “e” or two? Whereever. Wherever.
    Ok, that’s all. You are probably sick to crap of people rehashing TNG, sucking up three minutes of your life you will never get back.
    Still, Wesley rocked, so thank you.

  6. Hey Wil..
    There is a cool game that you might like to try out for the pc. I was looking at it today. You can build your own theme park. Roller coasters and such! Its called Roller Coaster Tycoon! If you check out this website it will tell you more about the game. :)

  7. You weren’t the only on staying up watching that last night. I finally got to bed around 2:30 AM. Smith is really hysterical, and worth every moment spent on him.
    Did everyone see the ‘short’ he did on Leno the other night? If not, you can check it out at — it’s just a quick film with Dante and Randal from Clerks stuck in traffic.
    I’m just rambling now. Later!

  8. Clay-
    Bra sizes are in even numbers. I think Jodilyn was right with the 37 dicks reference. That’s one of Smith’s trademarks – carrying forward references (i.e., the girl drowning referenced in at least the 1st 3 movies). Good call Jodilyn!

  9. Being a big Kevin Smith fan myself I suggest you check out “Clerks: Uncensored”, the ill fated Clerks animated series that was on ABC. It has six episodes on two DVD’s, each episode with a commentary track where they talk about what they were doing, what they wanted to do and how ABC freaked out all the time on just about everything they did. They are also working on a feature length animated movie called “Clerks: Sell Out” in which Dante and Randall decide to make a black and white movie about their lives as clerks. I personally can’t wait. He also wrote some comic books about the characters, check out and browse through the stuff there, it’s a pretty cool site.
    “Applesauce, Bitch!” LOL

  10. Being a big Kevin Smith fan myself I suggest you check out “Clerks: Uncensored”, the ill fated Clerks animated series that was on ABC. It has six episodes on two DVD’s, each episode with a commentary track where they talk about what they were doing, what they wanted to do and how ABC freaked out all the time on just about everything they did. They are also working on a feature length animated movie called “Clerks: Sell Out” in which Dante and Randall decide to make a black and white movie about their lives as clerks. I personally can’t wait. He also wrote some comic books about the characters, check out and browse through the stuff there, it’s a pretty cool site.
    “Applesauce, Bitch!” LOL

  11. ah yes, the genius of the kevinator..he did a short movie on leno the other night with randall and dante called “the flying car” one of the funniest things i have seen on tv in ages..i believe they have a mov of it on

  12. When Jay and Silent Bob strike back came out at the cinemas I missed it! Thank god a friend has it on dvd (seems like I’m getting more from seeing the dvd anyhow).
    The game is truly the king when it comes to sleep depravation is Planescape : Torment. I closed my door to start playing it on a Friday night… didn’t stop till sat afternoon… scary.
    Practically the only game in recent memory that actually made me THINK.
    Have ridicules amounts of fun

  13. Wil,
    If you like Day of Defeat, you *must* check out World War 2 Online. the website is They have modeled Europe in 1/2 scale and you fight over towns in Belguim and France. It is simply awesome! I believe you can still get a 2 week free trial. You have to play with a group to get the most of out if, so if you check it out, email me and I can help you find a good group to fight with.

  14. Wil, playing DoD is so wrong…
    Halflife is what 4 years old?
    C’mon get going on Return to Castle Wolfenstein!

  15. Another long-time KS fanboy here. I’ve picked up the DVD and watched the movie and most of the special features, but haven’t gotten to the deleted scenes or the commentary yet. The improv interview about the CLIT, though…lmao…that had me rolling.

  16. Wil,
    Oh yeah. I just recently picked up that movie to add to my collection. I laughed my proverbial ass off at that movie. And the 90 minutes of extra scenes were awesome. I kept wondering if it would ever end.

  17. I saw the movie when it was released in the theater, and the DVD will be purchased when I have the cash.
    Oh, and I have a music recommendation for you:
    VNV Nation – Futureperfect
    synthpop/techno from Europe. These guys put together live shows that I enjoy immensely (seen them twice now) and you can check out their site at
    Well, I would recommend all of their albums, actually, but this is the newest one and will be in stores on Tuesday, and is available for order from
    Check it out, and let me know what you think!

  18. RTCW is teh suck.. CS, DOD, Firearms is good HL mods.. HL has been through 2 quake versions and HL is still the Server leader with ooo 20,000 servers going and about 50k of people playing at any time.. yea.. half life is old, but it was WELL worth the money my wife spent on it 4 years ago when it came out.. and everyone likes Staying power..
    Oh yea Wil.. Tribes 2 kicks ass too…

  19. This is embarrassing to admit here, but I have yet to see any of Kevin Smith’s movies. I want to see them bad because based on what I know of the guy, I’m pretty sure I’d really like them. But these days, I’m lucky to watch anything on the VCR or DVD that doesn’t star one of Mickey Mouse’s employees or Big Bird!
    I have heard that Kevin Smith wants to do a take on the Fletch series by adapting the book “Fletch Won,” which was the prequel book (sorta like Batman-Year One). Obviously Chevy Chase would not be Fletch in the movie, but it would be cast with a younger, smart ass type actor.
    Hmmm, I wonder if a certain younger smart ass actor who has the initials W.W. and runs his own web site could fit this role…

  20. Vickie-
    You are SO correct. That’s what I get for trying to post on too little sleep. :)
    And I really need to start paying more attention to bras, apparently. :)

  21. Hey Wil what name do you use when playing day of defeat? Curious if I have ever fragged err, seen you.

  22. Although it was not as good as Dogma, Silent Bob does have its qualities…Shannon Elizabeth does compliment the movie very well, though.

  23. What do you mean no trilogy? There were 5 movies in the series…..what is that? A quintology?

  24. I was totally weirded out by Kevin Smith’s wife in the dvd. I mean, she is like scary skinny.
    And while introducing a deleted scene, she comments that she wanted to LOSE MORE WEIGHT before being in the movie.
    Methinks a poor self body image could turn into an eating disorder there.


  25. I know i’m just a philestine, but i didn’t really like Jay & Silent Bob Strikes back. I thought it lacked the insite of the earlier movies. That brand of humor is funny for about 30 minutes, tops. Then i start looking for depth.
    You may all hate me now.

  26. Wow, and to think I finally got to see that movie just a couple of days before! Really excellent movie, and the deleted scenes (and related commentary) were a lot of fun to watch, even if it did keep my friends and I up beyond 2 a.m.!
    Too bad they took out the joke that your title is in reference to… no one gets it unless they’ve seen the DVD… :(


  28. You totally aren’t a philistine PumpkinKing… the Jay & Silent Bob movie WASN’T up to par with the previous offerings. But I doubt Kevin Smith was trying to do the same kind of comedy.
    In the earlier movies, the Jay and Silent Bob characters were there for brief flashes of crude “pot and boobies” humour. So obviously a movie based entirely on those characters would degrade to that level.
    I definitely agree with you that the sarcastic and dialogue-driven humour of the earlier movies is far superior to this one. But for fans of Kevin Smith and his universe, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is still a must-see.

  29. have you ever seen one of those exponentially decreasing graphs? label the x axis as follows: “Clerks,” “Mallrats,” “Chasing Amy,” “Dogma,” “Jay & Silent Bob.” We all know what the y axis is. The quality and quantity of Brian Ohalloran. Oh, and the sweet, juicy nectarines of comedy that Clerks so easily dispensed, and yet the following movies refuse to dish out like so many Cadbury Creme Eggs. Hopefully, Jersey Girl and the new Clerks movie wont put me in a sex swing and do me upside down like the latest Kevin Smith movies have.

  30. I bought it the day it came out and have yet to stop being enthralled with it…
    Though I do find Mewes to be starting to become lsightly scary in his “old age”
    Although Gods this was funny “Pimp Daddy’s merchandise. Say ‘buy Jay stuff'”

  31. kevin smith should do more J&SB movies.
    they are funny as 2 virgins fucking.
    jason mewes. sorry, lose the peach fuzz.
    it dont fit you lick Smith said.
    yours truly X-tweak junky with a monky.

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