Good morning, and happy first monday in March!
Over the weekend, I recorded some dialogue for the newest installment of Farkman, and it’s online and ready to go! The whole thing is really funny, and I’m in panel 3. The discussion at FARK is here.

42 thoughts on “Farkman!”

  1. wil. d00d. you. fscking. r0ck.
    that was hysterical. i’m cryin over here *laf*
    between this and the FHM the other day – it’s reminded me why I enjoy the interwebthing so much… it’s not just b00bies like my fiancee thinks. well. almost.

  2. I agree, Farkman better watch out because the evil PETA will crush him. Being evil sometimes can be fun, right Wil *GRIN*

  3. Ok ..THAT was sneaky you jumped in there WAHHHHHH
    BUT thats fine…it’s all good.

  4. ok, i get nothing. the link appears, I get the “I heart Wil Wheaton” thingy, but no animation, no sound (and I have Flash 5).
    what’s the problem?

  5. I’m with MsAllegro on the Mondays.
    Anyway-something tells me I should check this out at home, and not here at work where my monitor can be seen by all…

  6. i did click on the i heart wil wheaton and i get nothing. it’s blank. no sound no picture no nothing.

  7. Ahh, it’s amazing how someone can change once they have the Beard of Evil(tm).
    All the best villains have one. Although these days an accompanying English accent is pretty much expected. (Note English, not British. You can’t do Evil with a Glaswegian accent. And it’s not just all English accents either; anyone who’s heard Dave Prowse speak will realise exactly why they got James Earl Jones to do the voice of Darth Vader…)

  8. Hmmmmmmmmmmm My guess is your farked noworriesmon hehe Must be some computer problem on your end. Sorry can’t help you there. :)

  9. Wow, i watched the new farkman clip this morning and had no idea that that was Wil’s actual voice. LOL! That was so funny – was that the Linux penguin that hit Wil with a violin? Hehehe

  10. It’s a good thing my office has good soundproofing. Note: turn down volume on PC. And stop laughing so loud. (:
    Thanks, Wil!

  11. noworriesmon-Do you have a Flash plug-in installed in your browser? I think that might be the problem.

  12. I hearted Wil when it was uncool. Isn’t that totally sad? Maybe not. [Remembers running around the local Star Trek club when she was 15 flashing her latest WW poster with utter glee] My stupid brother used that poster for target practice. Didn’t help that Wil’s forehead looked so shiny. Anyways.
    Dude. I think I’ll be saying, “You are SO a sidekick” when I’m drunk. Just like I say, “Wow, my freakin’ heaaad, I’m so waaaasted… supahflaaah!”
    Tip for the day: Do not get drunk at D&D meetings. I went to my first last Sunday, and apart from being totally crap at it, I squished my breasts into the leader-guy’s face in hopes of him giving my character a unicorn. That is lame. (He didn’t even give me one!)

  13. That was hilarious. I haven’t laughed like that for awhile. Oh, and just to let people know, (because I know that some people were asking.) The River Phoenix Bio will be shown on Tuesday March 12th at 8:00pm on A&E. So says my satellite magazine.

  14. “I squished my breasts into the leader-guy’s face in hopes of him giving my character a unicorn. That is lame. (He didn’t even give me one!)”
    Yes but what about the unicorn?
    Oh and by the way I should be offended by the so called british bobbies but Im still pissing myself with laughter

  15. *laughing* This is fabulous! And as I’m sitting here, enjoying this little piece of fan heaven, I start to wonder: Wil, where do you record? What are you recording with (mics, software, etc.)? Do you do voiceovers and those sorts of things often?
    I don’t think I would have known that was you if I hadn’t read it here with my own eyes. Probably wouldn’t have believed it, either, if someone had simply told me. This is great! You did an awesome job! Can you say “bitch” again for us?

  16. My Mama used to tell me that if ya ain’t got nothin’ to say, you should keep your mouth shut. I never was very good at that.

  17. Damn I wish I coul get that far on my violin, I can’t even do scales yet-
    ^That was so funny! I loved it- yay Evil Wil Wheaton- I’m still laughing……….with tears streaming down my face……..

  18. I think I can’t get over the, “OW! Bitch!” thing. I showed it to my brother, (he thought it was hilarious) and I can’t wait to show it to my sister, just to hear “Ow! Bitch!” again.
    [Usually people will give me anything for titty hugs. Either sex or unicorns. It’s bizarre!]

  19. Oh evil Wil, that is wickedly funny! V. good stuff – can’t wait for the next installment. As it is, waited all day as played it without sound at work (just had a feeling, you know) and finally heard it tonight. Like the evil laugh and that squirrel is a keeper.

  20. That was your voice!?! No farking way! After I saw that panel, my only comment was that it would have been cool if Evil Wil Wheaton sounded like you. Now I find out it was! I still can’t believe it…

  21. Farkman rules… and is now better with EVil Wil…
    I noticed a couple of small touches… the e in Peta is the mathmatical e… the sign on the cliche kitty lost was 867-5309, and you got beaten up by linux… how quiant… just hope they keep Domo Kun away from your nice suit…

  22. Well, I hope you’re happy…I just peed in my office chair. Funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen. You rule!

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