Turtle Boy

Seven things I am happy about today:

  1. When I woke up this morning, my wife was spooning me.
  2. I refilled my birdfeeder, which hangs just outside my window, and my backyard is filled with birds.
  3. One of the birds, a cute little finch, has been hopping from the birdfeeder to the window ledge, and looking in at me all day long.
  4. My cat, Biko, keeps hopping up on the couch, and staring at the bird, who doesn’t fly away!
  5. I installed a new microphone, and recorded some cool dialogue for the newest installment of Farkman!
  6. I’m this close to finishing up the last installment of SpongeBob Vega$ Pants.
  7. When I came home from work late Thursday night, Nolan was obviously happy to see me, and he kept climbing up onto my back, following me around the house, talking to me about all the things he did during the day, and telling me that he loves me.

And, a Thought for Today:

“Peace starts within each one of us. When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us.”

100 thoughts on “Turtle Boy”

  1. 1. talking with my best friend on the phone
    2. Going to the art store and buying cool stuff which makes me turn into an Evil Artist. *aww the smell of Colour pencils and paint* Hee hee hee hee
    3. Coffee Crisp candy bar. MMMmmmmmmmmmm 😀 Something you can’t get…Only in Canada ;P
    4. porn on TV Thank you Canada.
    5. My loving Hubby:D
    6. My silly Kitties
    7. Leafs hockey

  2. Aaaaah, you gotta love when you’re woman is sooooo close to you (and still asleep) when you wake up to the birds singing…
    Damn I miss summer holidays ! =)

  3. 1. For being me
    2. Getting accepted to collge (about farkin time)
    3. Time with family
    4. Time away from family
    5. wwdn
    6. my two adorable little dogs
    7. ebay

  4. 1. The Special AKA’s “Free Nelson Mandela”
    2. Nelson Mandela
    3. The fact that Nelson Mandela was freed.
    4. Glow-in-the-Dark Easter egg paints.
    5. My best friend is coming to visit me next weekend.
    6. Real food in my fridge for me to eat later.
    7. My school’s LAN

  5. In regards to the bird thing on the windowsill – he is not actually looking inside the house, but gazing at his own reflection. See, birds can’t see through windows from the outside, their eyes just aren’t right for it, they just see a reflection instead. Thats why the cat can sit two inches from the bird and the bird doesn’t even flinch. And thats also why birds thud into windows sometimes.

  6. My Seven:
    1. My caring, thoughtful, sweet husband. Of all the people I’ve ever known, he’s the most perfect match for me.
    2. Birthdays. Mostly mine, which was yesterday. My youngest son called me to say Happy Birthday!
    3. The Second Fifty Years are at least as interesting as the first were!
    4. My cats. All four of them. Especially Big Fat Buddy.
    5. Old friends calling to wish me Happy Birthday.
    6. http://www.worth1000.com – my new obcession, and how I spend my weekends and evenings now, thanks to Wil’s post a few weeks ago.
    7. Rain. It’s raining right now. We need the rain badly.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better, Wil. Moods are like weather sometimes. They change.
    Wil, funny stuff on FHM link! I voted for you a zillion times!
    Have you noticed that you are EVERYWHERE?! Check out the entry I did for Worth1000 called W! Online for the Mate Worth contest. You’re in there!

  7. Birds can too see into windows…just not when it is brighter on the outside than it is on the inside. Birds at my birdfeeder hanging outside my dining room are constantly flitting off because a cat leaps up onto the backs of the chairs to be closer.
    Now the Squirrels and chipmunks on the other hand…they’ll come right up to the window, shade it and put their eyes up to it, look in see the cats, knock on the window to get their attention and then flip the cats off….

  8. Bird’s on stupid, dammit! They’re “special”. Intellectually challenged. Get on with the rest of us in the 21st century and use politically corrects words, muthafuckas.

  9. I can’t believe it took so many posts before someone brought up the spoon! Wil if your life is truly like your last post, you officialy cannot bitch about life for one month. I mean come on, spoon, birds, a kid hanging on your every word, I want what you got for just one day.
    Feel free to take stock again in a month. If it turns into a knife in the back from Anne, the birds are shitin all over the side of the house and the kid cuts your hair while your sleeping, then you may be sad for a day.
    My 7:
    1: Thomas the cat let me cut out some of the
    matted hairballs on his chest.
    2: For having the strength not to put any
    money in the video poker machine, even thou
    that electronic bitch was calling me all
    3: For the George Forman Grillin Machine that
    cooked the hamburger I had for lunch. Even
    though it was a bitch to clean.
    4: I walked down to a new park about a half mile
    from the house. It has a couple ballfields
    a place for skateboarders and rollerbladers.
    I watched these fearless kids with amazement
    as kids from 5 to 15 threw caution to the wind
    and roll with Tony Hawk like enthusiasm while
    risking life and limb. Anyway this kid walks
    by me, must have been about 13, he say’s “How
    you doing sir?” Nuff said about the state of
    5: WWDN
    6: The Olympics are over with and my good NBC
    shows are back on. (Sorry, not a winter
    7: That I have a bed, a shower, a computer,
    stolen cable and my freedom.
    Thanks for reading
    “Now I don’t want to get off on a rant here..”
    Dennis Miller

  10. Seven for today
    1. It was a beautiful, sunny spring-like day with tons of snow still abound.
    2. Spending the day beneath an old spruce
    3. Having the chickadees come to me and eat out of my hand for an hour or so
    4. In the realm of that hour, realizing the virtue of patience and the ability to appreciate all the beauty around.
    5. Putting new shocks on Dads car *trust me.. you’ve never felt frost heaves until your car has no shocks… it was making us seasick haha*
    6. Going to the town about twenty five minutes from here, getting the magazines I wanted
    7. Realizing how much I care for my Dad and my brother and how proud I am that my bro got accepted into Teachers College… woohoo!

  11. Way to go, gringa! That’s awesome!! (: I can only hope I’ll be in your shoes a year from now.
    My 7 of the Day:
    1. Two of my friends just got engaged (to each other!)
    2. Another friend just won a $3,000 scholarship
    3. In less than a week I’ll be in England
    4. It might snow again
    5. I’m getting a new bag for my kendo armor (no more tournaquet-like drawstrings!)
    6. My boss bragged about me to some Very Important People *blush*
    7. I’m pretty sure I’ve decided on a topic for my thesis (What Makes an Effective Adventure/Challenge Program: A Survey of Field Practitioners)

  12. 1. I talked to my friend, who I haven’t seen for six months, today.
    2. I got a really good lead on a new job (thank you dad!)
    3. I finally got around to sorting out my clothes and donated my old ones to the Salvation Army
    4. I fed the squirrels some of my rat’s food!
    5. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, the trees were budding, I love spring!
    6. It’s my birthday in exactly two weeks, 19 woo! Finally legal!
    7. Helping my new neighbours move in

  13. Aww! Nolan is so cute! (What am I talking about, I don’t even know him?) Anyway, here are my 7…
    1. I got to spend the day with my best friend, Heidi, and my older sister, Becky.
    2. I bought the entire 16-volume series of Fushigi Yuugi (my favourite animation series) and I don’t feel guilty!
    3. Wil had two new posts for me after I got home from a boring Leadership Training.
    4. My friend Lynsey who lives in New Hampshire is coming to visit me.
    5. I finally sorted out all my problems. I think.
    6. My mom told me that my friend Beth called me, from who I haven’t heard in a really long time.
    7. I don’t have a lot of homework.

  14. 1- star trek re-runs on tnn
    2- eggplant parmesian
    3- ibuprofen
    4- adult swim on cartoon net
    5- phone sex with b/f
    6- bbq smoke from the neighbors house, smell of cooking meat- yes choking smoke- no
    7- trade winds

  15. Aren’t spoons the best? For those uninformed, it’s when your significant other cradles you with his/her entire body, like spoons on their sides in a drawer. How did the auditions go, a while back?

  16. And you can add this to your happy list: Tom Tomorrow gave you his compliments in his blog today for turning him on to the whole blog/site thing. That’s pretty cool.

  17. My happy 7:
    1) My boyfriend, Tim, saying “I love you” with that special *twinkle* in his eyes.
    2) Thoughts of my siblings and how much I love them.
    3) The weekend.
    4) Seeing that my “lucky bamboo” is growing quickly.
    5) The rain.
    6) Bonus Trek Fridays.
    7) AIM.

  18. Hey Wil,
    I was just wondering if you got the e-mail I sent you? I need to delete the image from my site, it’s kind of big.

  19. Okay. I’m new here, but I’ll try this too:
    Things I Am Thankful For, Today…
    1) Brendan Fraser
    2) Gripe water
    3) The snow from that last storm, the one that blew in on the day the snow had finally melted… is now almost completely gone.
    4) We found out we had a broken thermostat, got it replaced, and now we have heat in the house.
    5) Photoshop
    6) Virtual Cocktails at the Mmmartini Lounge
    7) Sunshine
    Hey, this is fun.
    xo ~M.

  20. Wow! Amazing how one little e-mail made some ripples.
    Here is my list for today, 03/02/02
    1 – my wife, Annette
    2 – my beautiful son, Calvin, who turned 4 on Thursday…we opened a box from the Oriental Trading Co. today and he was just as excited about the *catalogs* they sent (with all those pictures) as he was about any of the merchandise
    3 – my family and friends who helped celebrate Calvin’s birthday today
    4 – that the Universe suggest I vist WWDN (I have just come off a marathon 2-weeks of overtime @ work, first foray into cyber in a while
    5 – swimming pools
    6 – Andrew’s pork barbecue
    7 – that fine elixir of caffeine and sugar – Mountain Dew
    Impressive. Most impressive.

  21. Thankful for…
    1) A certain someone
    2) Being able to laugh
    3) TNG (since it undoubtedly as close as I will get to exploring space)
    4) English Humor (HHGTTG, and Red Dwarf in particular)
    5) Self Employment

  22. My seven for the day, although it’s a bit late…
    1) Discovering that some of my pictures *did* come out on the roll of film that snapped while still in the camera.
    2)Watching two squirrels play tag in my back yard. At least, I hope that’s what they were doing.
    3)Seeing the neighbor’s cat, Mino, chase after fairies in the yard.
    4)Giving my hubby a hickey on his neck that has lasted for 5 days now, and it’s high enough on his neck so that his coworkers have surely seen it. *grin*
    5)Watching part of “Grumpy Old Men,” and being reminded of my Grampy.
    6)Getting to sleep in a little later than usual today.
    7)Finding my hubby every fifteen minutes or so to give him muchas smoochas!

  23. I just realised something Wil. That bird has your number. It’s gonna get it’s finch-sized pistol and pop a cap in your ass. I’d get Biko onto it, pronto.
    (Cats your only defense against thost bastard finches. Word.)

  24. Man but you have a great life Wil!
    My 7..
    1) My daughter got through to the second round of auditions for her No.1 choice of drama school.
    2) I spoke to my twin boys (away at school) – it was sooo good to hear their voices.
    3) My son has changed his mind about wanting to become an actor and has decided to major in environmental science instead.
    4) There is nothing as peaceful as a sleeping bulldog. We bought him a new bed and he is totally content.
    5) My sister called to tell me she is pregnant again.
    6) Reading “Down Under” by Bill Bryson and literally laughing out loud all the way through.
    7) February is over!!

  25. My current seven things:
    1. I’m going to New Orleans next weekend.
    2. My husband is finally getting the promotion he deserves at work.
    3. I’m going to New Orleans next weekend!
    4. My godson.
    5. I’m going to New Orleans next weekend!!!
    6. That it’s Sunday and I can do whatever I want today.
    7. I’M GOING TO NEW ORLEANS! (sorry did I already mention that?)
    Not that I am excited about my trip or anything. : )

  26. okay, the first thing that you said wil almost ruined my image of you, but the last thing pretty much balanced it out…
    along with added to the rumored theory that Nolan actually is your son. and no, i wasn’t the one that started it.
    things i’m happy for:
    1. WWDN
    2. Jun
    3. my girlz
    4. livin in a dorm
    5. my roommate’s brother… (and wouldn’t y’all like to know why)
    6. my future boyfriend… (not the roommates bro)
    7. my imagination… (i currently have an idea for a sequel for “toy soldiers”)
    ‘kay, that’s it for now.
    peace, love, and bubble-gum,
    Ronda LOU

  27. 7 things i’m happy for (although i’m a day late):
    1) living in a (mostly) free country where I can have weird ideas :)
    2) alanis morissette
    3) food catered to vegetarians
    4) liberals
    5) WWDN
    6) family cool enough to know when not to intrude
    7) family uncool enough to not know when not to intrude.
    hee hee.

  28. Actually Nancy mine has increased, I can’t get it off my mind, which is really bad because I’m single and it’s all I can think about.
    7.50pm GMT
    3rd March

  29. I’m late as well, but it’s always good to remember the good.
    – to spending most of the weekend with my boyfriend, who has only one weekend off a month.
    – to waking up next to him in my tiny twin dorm room bed.
    – to running late to class on Friday morning, in a not so happy mood, and hearing then seeing a bright red cardinal in a tree, in the middle of Minnesota, and sharing it with some random, smiling guy passing by.
    – to telling your family you love them and hearing they love you, with all the hugs (too bad it takes a death in the family to make it happen. I’m still grateful, though)
    – to having a dog who misses me so much while I’m at school that she won’t leave my side when I’m home
    – to finding really great friends, finally, who are just as sarastic, goofy and passionate as me
    – to Wil, WWDN, and getting to know how great a guy Wil is, which I suspected as a child watching Stand By Me, Toy Soldiers and everything else he has done, but now know for sure.
    Happy Sunday!! Off to do more homework.

  30. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a clear definition of “spooning” yet, so here goes: When you are laying in bed on your side, and your significant other is lying in the same direction, pressed up against you from behind. Usually if you’ve been sleeping, you both end up in a slightly curled position, so you look like a couple of spoons!
    Did that work for you? I’d draw a diagram in here if I could… :)

  31. 1. That the impossible happened and the world did not end. My sister and I shared our first Kegger.
    2. That my sister can not drive my new car- hence it’s safeness from crashing garabage trucks.
    3. That the band Blindsyde finally got their shit together and the promotions package is comming in the mail.
    4. That I will have a bass amp in less than a month.
    5. That right now I’m winning the argument of Swayze VS. Mango with Ramsey- the guitarist from soulcracker.
    6. I’m grateful to have laughed soo hard at this: http://www.scripting.com/hyakugojyuuichi/
    7. That I’m about 378.5322221% happier than I was at the very same time last year.

  32. My Magnificent 7 for today:-
    1. Making up with my Mam, (I sooooo hate arguing with her)
    2. Wales beating Italy at rugby yesterday! (C’mon the dragons!)
    3. Hot Choccy Fudge Cake, with half a tin of custard on it! (screw the diet, wheres the ladle!)
    4. My 1 year old niece Holly (cos she’s the image of ‘Boo’ in Monsters Inc, and she’s just started to walk!)
    5. My mam’s excellent Roast Pork Sunday lunch. (OMG…….it is soooooo good!)
    6. WWDN. (Do I NEED an explanation?)
    7. Last nights girls night out! (Kath, ur a riot, girl. Dont you ever give up!)

  33. A couple more to add:-
    NOT waking up with the mother of all hangovers!
    Dancing my butt off to the entire back catalogue of Sting and The Police!
    Enrique Iglesias (aka Sex on a stick!!!!!!)
    Laughing my arse off to “Monty Pythons The Life Of Brian” on Channel 4 this evening. I quote “He’s NOT the messiah………He’s a very naughty boy!!!” (that line STILL cracks me up!)

  34. Wow.. First time I ever posted at your site Wil!
    Seven things most happy about:
    1)That I am alive and well :)
    2)No snow or snow storms here lately
    3)Wil’s site – Being able to come here
    and read update to date info on one of
    my favorite stars.
    4) being able to spend time with my sister
    and went shopping
    5) my 5 year old nephew who always like to show me his computer games and toys
    6)talking to my friends online
    7)As wil mentioned he has a birdfeeder in his yard. we do too. Its great looking outside and seing the birds. I can stare out there for hours :)

  35. Hey Wil. Your page is great and all that jazz but I think the best part is how into being a parent you are. I love the stories about Nolan and Ryan and how you guys interact. GO DADDY WIL!

  36. Hi There.
    URGH! sorry about my errors in typing. Sometimes I have bad typing skills! EEP! Dont mind me!

  37. 1. My wife, daughter and dog
    2. Enjoying the weekend with some old friends, one of whom got engaged recently
    3. Rewatching the video of our wedding day
    4. Learning how to burn some home movies to a video CD which I can watch on my DVD player
    5. Watching my wife discovering new details about her grandmother’s life by going through some newly discovered photographs from the 40’s and 50’s.
    6. The Red Wings’ current winning streak
    7. A big tax refund

  38. *boggle*
    I did a search on the internet for “Turtle Boy” and this is what I find. Wow. Go Wil. :)
    This is what I was really looking for.
    It’s a bronze statue on the Worcester Common, a public park in downtown Worcester, MA. I telling a friend of mine about a t-shirt I saw with a pciture of this statue… subtitled “Worcester Association of Boy Turtle Love”.

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