This is a public service announcement…with guitar!
Tomorrow is our primary election in California. This is just a reminder to all registered California voters to get out there, and make your voice heard!
Personally, I think the only thing worse than not voting at all, is voting without being well-informed, and if you’d like to get some non-partisan info on the various candidates and ballot measures, I’d suggest looking here, and here.

57 thoughts on “VOTE!”

  1. To all California voters, please make sure that they don’t vote the pedophile judge into office tomorrow. Read the diaries this judge kept on his computer. What a sicko. The site that has the story on him and the journals that a hacker was able to access on his computer is:
    And yes, he’s still on the ballot… and no, despite charges of lots of child molestation charges being brought against him, he’s decided not to save us taxpayers money and remove himself from the bench.

  2. I’m so angry I could sh*t bricks. I hadn’t heard a damn thing about that judge in OC who was an indicted child molester. Only guy on the ballot, buh bye chad!
    Fark. I want to go back to my polling place and demand a re-vote. Grrrrrrr.
    I can’t beleive I was suckered into voting for a child molester. This only goes to show, kids! Do your homework before voting!

  3. You have primary’s already?
    We, in Washington State, don’t have them until September. Makes for a shorter mud slinging session.

  4. By voting you’re agreeing to the system, win or lose. You agree to the outcome of the vote. You don’t have room to bitch because you knew the risk that your side might lose the election.
    According to Locke the non-voters are the only ones with a right to bitch. They didn’t consent to the vote and therefore the outcome.
    Not that I’m against voting. Just that we shouldn’t be down on the non-voters so much. Quite a few non-voters are still politically active, and not as dangerous to the system as the incompetent voters who automatically vote for the incumbent.

  5. your fucking vote does not count remeber prop 187 all those specal intrest groups for the poor fucking wetbacks these 3 world fucks they never had it so good back when are fore fathers came here they learn english jump off the boat all their was drit make it or die assholes mexico has every naturel resores california does they cant make that work so they come over here jam their culture down are throats cost tax payers billions

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