While I look for my funny, I’m going to heed the advice of many people, and do a list of Seven Things…to keep perspective, and stuff.

  1. I spoke with my manager, and he made some calls about Trek X. The word is that it’s too early to know if I’m out or not, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to cut my scene, so this may turn out to be a Stupid Internet Rumor(tm). I am grateful that I have good people working for/with me, who care about my career as much as I do.
  2. I got to come home early from work today, because I finished and turned in two episodes a day earlier than I thought I would. So instead of sitting in traffic, I’m sitting at home waiting for Anne and the boys to get back.
  3. The episodes that I turned in are being described as “really really funny” by the head writer, my producer, and my executive producer.
  4. My mom sent me a really awesome “This totally sucks, what you’re going through, but look for the lesson and respect The Balance” email.
  5. I get to go away for the weekend with my best friend Darin, for his bachelor party. It’s just sinking in right now, I mean, at this very moment, how happy I am that I’m going to get to spend 4 days with just The Guys(tm).
  6. I have two desk calendars. One is The Far Side, and the other is quotes from the Dalai Lama (“Hey Lama! What about the tip? How’s about a little something for the effort?”). Between the two of them, I bet I can find a great deal of wisdom and happiness…if I’m just willing to look.
  7. Finally, I am extremely grateful to know that, for the few “fuckin’ internet fucks,” there are the TONS of people who seem to “get” me, and send me good wishes. Having said that, I got some great Wisdom from a comment earlier today: I have been putting WAY too much of my happiness and sadness in the hands of other people. I never would have seen that, if someone hadn’t pointed it out to me. I learned today that my current struggle is to just be comfortable and happy within myself.
    I wonder if that’s The Lesson that I need to learn right now? As I approach 30, and as I look around me for my funny, and I deal with all the external frustrations that I can’t control, even beyond my career…I wonder if The Lesson is that, in order to succeed, I need to rely upon myself, trust myself, love myself, and not put my happiness and sadness into the hands of others.
  8. I am grateful that I just had that moment of clarity. That’s cool. I totally wasn’t planning that when I sat down here.

Okay, that’s 8. But I’m giving myself permission to break my own rules.
The Thought for Today is going to bounce around in my head for awhile.

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  1. Wil writes: “I wonder if that’s The Lesson that I need to learn right now? As I approach 30, and as I look around me for my funny, and I deal with all the external frustrations that I can’t control, even beyond my career…I wonder if The Lesson is that, in order to succeed, I need to rely upon myself, trust myself, love myself, and not put my happiness and sadness into the hands of others.”
    Bingo! And I hope you don’t think I’m being condescending when I say that this is a hard one to figure out — I mean REALLY figure out for yourself. Some people never get to that realization. Keep after it Wil.
    I was thinking about your “has-been” concerns as I was having some dental work done today (yes, Unca Willie, ya were there with me as they tightened my braces). And, I was thinking, “I’d call him up and say that you aren’t washed up until YOU think you’re washed up. Nobody can screw with your mind like that without your permission Wil — so don’t let ’em.”
    Yeah, I know… easier said than done. But whaddaya want from an “Older Woman” — I got wisdom, and gotta give it to somebody. Might as well be you.
    Take care and good job on the G4 stuff!

  2. You can’t base your life on “feelings”. Feelings are fickle, they change with the wind and the situation.
    But you can base your life of Jesus Christ, He never changes – no matter what the situation is.
    This problem your having with happiness is due to that internal vacuum you have, that all of us have, and we try to cram everything in it to make us “happy”. That void is ment to be filled with Christ.
    In most cases, a human being must be taken to the end of themselves before they start looking for answers outside of themselves. Suffering serves that purpose. In most cases you won’t look to Christ unless “self” is being crushed and all is hopeless.
    Suffering in the life of a Christian is for the same thing, refinement, to build character, to teach the Christian to depend more on Jesus than themselves.
    Until then, you’re being ground to powder to force you to look outside of yourself for Jesus.
    And ofcourse, there are the times that we bring suffering, and dispare on ourselves.
    In Christ Jesus, our Lord
    Ron Dean

  3. What the hell, here’s my 7…
    1. I got accepted to the college I applied to (now if I can get the fundage)
    2. I have a really cool neighbor who’s been shuttling me to work since my car bit the big one on Good Friday
    3. I found the key to my apartment that I’d lost (thank goodness for the spare!)
    4. Sheryl Crow’s new album is out (I know it’s not Cake or the D, but it gets me by)
    5. My little brother graduates high school next month
    6. My older brother – the one I thought would never settle down – is now engaged
    7. I’m getting 3 days a week of overnight work on the radio!
    Oh, and Wil, I think I may have stumbled upon your funny. I’ve recently became unusually witty and have no explanation for it.

  4. I think that’s exactly what you have to come to terms with. But, that’s just me. And one more thing, Mom’s are always right. It’s weird, but true.

  5. Dear Wil,
    it’s about time somebody had a sense of humor around here. I’ve lived far to many lifetimes (and intend to live far too many more) to not be able to tell someone to kiss my nicely-rounded, mahoghaney behind (actually, I find myself having to hold back the urge to NOT say that to a few of my 10th and 11th grade students). I’m 33 and still buggering on with life, inspired by the words of free spirits, like you, and finding solace in Neale Donald Walsh’s “Conversations With God,” wich has something to say for humor and dirty jokes (What!? You didn’t know that GOD was the one that made up all of those dirty sex jokes?!).
    Your Happiness will always be yours to have and to hold, to own and to disown. The same goes for any idea of Misery.
    Do what I did, when all else fails:
    Run across the parking lot of your apartment (or the driveway of your home) butt-naked, on a Sunday morning, in the hopes that at 7 in the morning, someone is looking!
    Be Well and Go Carefully
    Love, Glennie Walking Cedar
    Asheville, North Carolina
    April 25, 2002

  6. Even the funniest of people aren’t funny all the time. I’m continually reminded by my friends that I’m funny, but I still get long streaks of unfunny. Anyway, I think that you’re a gas. A friend of mine turned me on to your site the other day, and you cracked me up. Advice: Go for the geek humor. You seem to be really good at that. I realize that it may be difficult to pull that off in a comedy club arena, but you have a lot of strength there. Perhaps think of a way to bridge the gap and get non-geeks to understand us geeks in a humorous way. Who knows. But you seem very talented and seem to have a voice. That part about you and your son in the car was great. I expect you’ll try many avenues of “show-business” in your life. Okay, I digress.

  7. I wish I would have seen this earlier. We could have had a nice glass of perspective and soda.
    Once the big day is over, you sorta realize that 30 isnt that bad. I’m one to talk, though, I turn 35 in December and have already been thinking about it…

  8. Wil very glad you have found yourself again.
    Was it outside lurking in the bushes?
    Oh no that was SPUDNUTS!
    HEY..idea..if you loose the “funny” again you
    could ALWAYS hire SPUDS as a WRITER for ya!!!
    Or I’m sure that ALL of the posse would probably
    volunteer for the job! Hang in there…
    Remember you have a POSSE! Does the COREY’S?
    I THINK NOT!!!!

  9. Well, considering that Startrek.com is announcing your cameo, as well as Kate and Whoopie’s, I doubt very much you’re going to get cut at this point…
    I find it ironic that they gave away such a major subplot on their site. I’m disappointed that I know about it…

  10. Hello, newcomer to the site – but hey, it’s good to know that you have the strength to keep going despite the rough bits; I work with kids who are often _really_ in tough spots and when someone is willing to give good examples (the seven things) on ways to deal with it, it inspires me to keep helping them find new ways to deal with the *rappy times. Keep kicking against the 9ricks and rock on!

  11. Hi Wil,
    Feels kinda funny to give out advice, but if I could give one it’s this: try not too worry to much about the things you cannot change, it’ll only gets you stressed out.
    And since obviousy you cannot change it anyways, seems kinda silly to worry about it doesn’t it :-)
    Don’t forget to have fun… very important.. wax in, wax off …
    Rotterdam, The netherlands

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