This is one of those updates where I say, “I don’t have time to update!”
I’ve got ten billion things to do this week, so I don’t think I’ll have time to say much of anything here.
However, if you live in Sacramento, you may want to come out to Boomer and The Dave Day tomorrow. I’m coming up from Los Angeles to hang with them, and play dodgeball against Tiffany.
Yes, that Tiffany.
It should be hellafun.
Ah, incidentally, I have heard this Ashley Judd rumor, and it’s news to me.

90 thoughts on “Hella”

  1. Hey Wil,
    Have fun at the dodgeball contest tomorrow.
    Dont you think its kinda ironic that the charity you will support is called Chicks in Crisis, and yet you will be pelting Tiffany with dodgeballs?
    I just thought that was kinda humorous.
    Do you think you can do something in Oklahoma sometime?

  2. Ok, for the edification of all:
    “Hella” is NOT a South Park word. It is Northern California all the way. Everywhere we NorCal lameasses go, people laugh at us for the “hella” phrase.
    Much as I love the little boys from Colorado, they will never own “hella”. We had it loooong before they did.
    Whoa, regional patriotism. There’s something new for me.
    Knock yourself out, Wil old bean. Or rather, knock someone else out.

  3. Hella! I was saying Hella back in 1987 in Orange County. We would have Hella rad partys and a guy wasn’t just a babe, he was a hella babe. Hella—old stuff. Hella funny…but old.
    BTW, Wil, try not to slam poor Tiffany in the boobies…that hurts hella bad when that happens.

  4. I could kiss you, Spudnuts.
    Getting nailed by a ball in the boobies does hurt. Pretty much anything that does that hurts. Yipe.

  5. The *pictures* being referred too are Tiffany’s Playboy layout… Drrol! Wish I had a copy.
    Man Wish I were gonna be in Sacramento to see that. I miss out on all the cool stuff being in Alabama and all. Saving grace: Born in Long Beach,CA!

  6. Has anyone considered the idea that maybe Ms. Judd (isn’t it Mrs SomethingItalianSoundingRaceCarDriver now?) was perhaps making a joke? You know, being on LETTERMAN and all?

  7. Major Bummer!
    I live in Sacramento, and can’t go tomorrow. Good luck Wil, hope you enjoy your visit.

  8. I have the opportunity to meet Wil tomorrow in Sacramento for his Dodgeball competition with Tiffany. I have a feeling this will be quite an event…(Warning to Wil… watch out, man, Tiff has a KILLER throwing arm!). At any rate… I thought I’d stop by and do some reading of the website so I didn’t come off as a complete lame-ass by talking about something stupid tomorrow. Imagine my surprise to find Wil’s writing to be wickedly funny, informed, intelligent, and most of all entertaining. Thank you for restoring at least a bit of my faith in the world of entertainment… and for proving to me that I haven’t been admiring a clueless “never-accomplish-anything-more-than-being-a-child-actor” artist.

  9. I used to live in sacramento and went to Sac state. Boring ass town. The only thing fun to do there was to drive to lake tahoe or reno and ski.
    Dodge ball was the most fun game in elementary school. Anyone play 4 square? (with a ball and u have a lead square)

  10. Damnit! i live in Sac and would soooo be down for this but I will be selling copies of “stupid White Men” and shuffling books around work untill nine thirty. :(
    *shakes fist at her place of employ*
    “Damn yooooooooou Tower!!!!!!!”

  11. I have this sinking feeling that it’s not gonna be Wil who’s doing the asskicking at dodgeball…
    I played some chicks as a kid…and hell hath no fury like a woman with a dodge ball in hand, being scorned.

  12. I have a theory, Wil. Mebe Ms. Judd started that rumor, herself… Mebe Ms. Judd likey Sweet Uncle Willy and have fantasies about… *giggles* Oh well… I’m going to shut the hell up before I start getting flamed, or worse.

  13. Just think, after tomorrow you can tell all your friends, ‘I nailed Tiffany’.
    Maybe you should add that to your wishlist before you head up to Sacto.
    Enjoy the site and look forward to the show tomorrow.

  14. DAMMIT!! Now I find out about the concert, and I’m freaking going to be in class!! This is *HELLA* uncool!
    Wonder if I can convince my instructor to let us conviene class at the hella cool concert. Its honors, we’re allowed leeway, right? :) Its a class on modern drama… and Wil has performed in some modern dramas!!! It works, right?!

  15. hops: please read “before you comment read this” and pay particular attention to the third sentence.
    thank you.

  16. Wil in my town!! Yes!! 6am is a little early, but we’ll see what we can do. Hope I get a chance to chat with ya, if not, have fun tomorrow!

  17. Is it just my imagination, or are there a disproportionate number of Wil Wheaton fans in the Sacramento area?
    I wish I could make it. Unfortunatly, I must be a responsible adult and work. That’s ok. I’m sure he could stand having one less crazy stalker fan around :)

  18. Of all the rotten luck. The one week this year im going be working in the morning and Wil comes to Sacramento. *bangs head on keyboard*

  19. JesterNCal:”…(Warning to Wil… watch out, man, Tiff has a KILLER throwing arm!)”
    And if you’re gonna get hit, feign with a part of the anatomy that’ll take it. I broke my arm (between wrist and elbow) while blocking a point-blank toss at my face and ended up in the hospital. (Then again, in the kids’ ward, there were all these back issues of MAD Magazine, which started me on a long addiction for The Usual Gang of Idiots.)

  20. How can it not be true?! She came out and said as much on Dave Letterman….didn’t she….?

  21. Ok ok so i live in Roseville, just out side of sacramento. I GET TO MEET MY CHILD HOOD HEART THROB!! Im so excited!! I dont get star struck…met tons of Celebs…Big and Small, but my stomach is fluttering getting to meet Wil. Im over the whole “crush thing” but its still really neat to get to meet your childhood hearth throb. Shoot hes the reason i got into star trek!!! Toy Soldiers was the greatest…Wil with no shirt on. Eat your heart out Tom Cruise! ;o)
    Here is my biggest dissapointment though. Ok so when i was 9 or so (im almost 23 now) i ordered these 8X10 glossy pictures from like teen beat or something. One of River Phoenix and one of Wil Wheaton…had all the facts etc on them. Well…i thought i kept them. Went through all my boxes today and i dont ahve them!!! :( So im bummed out. Get to meet him but i really wanted him to sign it. That would have been bad ass. I have been a Wil Wheaton fan since…god….Stand By Me! Anyway….WIL, MY MAN….HERES A QUESTION FOR YOU?!?? Is there any where in the world to get a copy of one of those oooooooold pictures of you from way back when?? For nostalgic reason. If anyone knows….please let me know. Id make it worth your while.
    Sorry so long….i can talk and talk and talk.
    Lisa Marie

  22. I was listening to an advert while listening to Sacramento station ZRock when I heard something about Wil Wheaton being an honorary member of a men’s dance group (yeah, that kind) called Nine Inch Males that was playing in a club tonight (oh yeah, that Tiffany person is supposed to be there too). Nine Inch Males, huh? 😉
    I want to know what this is about! Actually, what I want to know is if they convinced you to take it all off…

  23. Amending my statement – I guess Nine Inch Males is really a band, darn my dirty mind 😉 Well, what do you expect with a name like that playing of off NIN?

  24. Yes….Nine Inch Males is a real band. PRetty bad ass…..AND WIL CAN PLAY A MEAN ASS HARMONICHA. He only played one song but was awesome. Super nice guy. Thank you will. Tiffany believe it or not did a pretty damn good job. The whole night just freaking “Rawked” hahah i stole wils word. :)
    Lisa Marie

  25. Agreed Lisa Marie. I Had a great time at the show and enjoyed chatting with you Wil. Of course you did look a little winded up there towards the end of the set )
    Tiffany’s performance was rather suprising and the funniest part was looking around the crowd watching EVERYONE singing along.

  26. Hella is a killer post punk math spaz core duo out of Sacramento’s undergroud music scene…their drummer was given the Sammie two years running by the critics or whatever…their guitarest was born with seven fingers on each hard…together they explode…all instermental full out wacky.

  27. hi will, long time no hear or see! come see us some time. take care i ps.. we have a kickball game sunday, should be a blast ;0 )

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