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This notice only affects Soapbox users, but everyone else is free to read it, if you want, because I’m all about the love.
We’re having database issues, which are currently being sorted out.Basically, you can read stuff, but you can’t add any new posts in certain forums. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s time consuming, and I don’t think I’ll have time to work on it seriously until the weekend.
As long as I’m making a big deal about the site update, though, I’ll point your attention at the FAQ, which went a fairly big revision about 10 days ago. I added a buncha new questions, and all that stuff, so…I know it won’t occupy you for 4 days…but, hey, at least it’s something.
You could always go bug Russ until it’s fixed.
Oh, and I’ve seen the satirewire piece. About 15000 times. :-)

30 thoughts on “Site Update”

  1. I will try not to suffer withdrawel symtoms!
    Thanks for the soap box and look forward to having the bugs fixed.

  2. Thanks for the update, I was beginning to worry that the box didn’t like me anymore!
    I guess that means I won’t have an excuse to put off my homework for the next several days. *sigh*

  3. Thanks. At least you had posted an update. Keeps us addicts from tearing our hair out in frustration, obsessing on what we’re doing wrong when we get those error messages.
    At least we know it’s the board’s fault, not mine.

  4. Don’t worry about it, we’ll survive… most of us will anyways… I think…maybe
    We could always invade Roughy’s with off topic comments 😉

  5. YOu mean I have to do my school work now? Damn. Damn the withdrawls are going to be hard. And to think we just wrote up the best post ever and I have to wait to post it. :( LOL!!

  6. (sniffs Spudnuts’ fingers)
    (washes Spudnuts’ fingers)
    (sniffs Spudnuts’ fingers)
    Man, that shit just doesn’t come off.
    Maybe try and put gasoline on your fingers or something.

  7. ~snif~ Uncle Willy lied to us. I only saw maybe one or two new FAQ’s. ~sob!~
    No soapbox? No SOAPBOX???? Ohhh, the agony!!!!
    Um…yeah. Ahem. Almost forgot it’s just a website. Heh. Oops.
    Ohhhhhhhkay, how ’bout those Lakers? :-)

  8. I say all the WWDN regulars go over to Fark and stage a massive coup.
    Or maybe just start shaking and sweating as the withdrawal sets in.

  9. Actually, the strange thing is that I have been able to post to the board. When I push “submit” it gives me some “debug mode/can’t add word”shit,
    but when I back out of it, my post is there. The only other thing is that the individual forum doesn’t update to the “latest poster”. So Jerhanner can post one of her infamous sexual innuendo (sic) works but the thread will still show that someone else was the last poster. You know I love you Jer! 😉

  10. I noticed that just now Ahud. We can still post, but new messages don’t show up on the status things. The message shows up in the thread, but the “last message posted” indicator doesn’t change.

  11. I don’t even have HOMEWORK to do! Everyone can email me in their boredom and I’ll email you back in mine, hehe
    I’m glad to know I didn’t mess something up though. This update was a relief.

  12. Re: Soapbox Posting
    Please don’t post until the current bugs are fixed. Posting won’t make Jbay and Mr. Wheaton (SIR!)’s lives any easier, and could easily make debugging the code more difficult.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  13. I was doing such a good job, keeping away a bit (it took such professional help)…and now that I am ready to post again…I think I will survive a few more days :) If not, I’ll be at the Menniger Clinic.

  14. Well at least we know Jun didn’t break the board with his links after all. lol
    Oh well I guess I will regester on fark and play there for a few days. See you there Astra.

  15. wow… I love the warnign developed. I shouldn’t really say anythign since I’ve kinda “withdrawn” from the board but i think ppl’ll be Ok..At least I hope.
    “I think only stupid people can have good relationships” *ahem* slipped

  16. Ah so It wasn’t me causing the problem! I thought something weird had happened to my browser since I already have refresh problems related to the proxy, etc. I thought the stupid proxy may have been blocking me again.
    My forums aren’t nearly as full as Wil’s, but you are welcome to use them as a backup if you want. I can Handle the traffic as I don’t get alot and we are on the same host.

  17. Well, heck, we probably all could use a little fresh air and physical activity!
    I will say that this solves my problem of trying to divide my time between the NHL playoffs and the soapbox this week!

  18. Ok Big Pimppin Willie is the new Desktop image of the week. When is the rap video released on MTV and is the dirty version allready up on Morpheus?

  19. So THATS why I wound up with “triple” posts!
    I thought my “old” ‘puter was really dying this
    time…Yeah! It’s been given another “seven lives”
    ..I WILL have withdrawal from the personal
    message stuff tho.

  20. Nice updated on the FAQ.. glad you put in the stuff about the Weakest Link appearance. That was one of my favorite episodes.. Shatner was just the bomb and a half.
    And our sweet Uncle Willy was great too, although I didn’t appreciate his performance since I wasn’t a WWDN fan at that time. oh well, maybe I’ll catch it in reruns.
    Man, Bill is so much fun in Iron Chef USA.
    Anyways, thanks for the updates, and the update on the Soapbox. Like everyone else, somehow I’ll survive, though it won’t be pretty.

  21. Wow. I got real work done last night. I had no diversions. No soapbox to catch up on. I am not happy…! I neeeeeed my diversions!

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