Well, I’m still sick. I’ve broken down and made a doctor’s appointment for today.
I was reading loren’s site earlier today, and I have found a new purpose in life: Geocaching. As soon as I get some time and some scratch, I’m totally getting a cheap GPS, and taking the kids to do this. It looks awesome.
Thought for Today:

“If you sacrifice others for yourself, you will suffer the consequences.”

59 thoughts on “Cough”

  1. Hey Wil,
    I had sinus SURGERY actually…sinuses can be a real pain in the butt. I am really impressed with how you handle sickness. Too many of my friends bitch and moan at the slightest cough, and you even went out to the premiere party for your show when you were sick.
    Sure you didn’t catch “something” in Vegas? :)

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Wil! I’ve been fighting with all kinds of icky sinus stuff all winter, so I feel your pain!

  3. We’ve (my husband and I) thought about doing geocaching since we’re really into using GPS for APRS and we like to travel a lot. We actually use our HAM radio licenses to do APRS with GPS to run trackers in our cars. Running trackers can be a disadvantage though… I caught my husband going out and having sushi without me!! *laugh*
    Hope you get well, enjoy the new hobby if you decide to get into it.

  4. Had never heard of Geocaching before you mentioned it, Wil. Sounded so cool, I jacked a GPS from my Dad’s house and went out, found 6 out of 7 that I chose to seek in the Sacramento/Roseville area. Thanks for the new past-time, Wil!

  5. Spiderman,
    The comming of age. He deals with sticky fingers and palms. He’s not a sinner or a saint. He’s a force for good more advanced than the public eye can see. He has really soulful eyes and a situation that could get the one he would loose his virginity to snuffed out if she even has a peek at his dick.
    That Kirsten Dunst has legs for days(I really think she has a no BS sexyness). I guess spidey has a few years of self manipulation before he’s ready for the big P. I mean the big C as in commitment. The movie was mostly attended by teens and it’s focus was on target but I enjoyed it well enough.
    And that Kirsten Dunst ~ she real girl!

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