Fark Strikes Back

Well, I just found out that FHM named me one of their sexiest cover girls.
Not too bad, considering that I haven’t worked out in over a year, wouldn’t you say?
FARK is totally responsible for making this happen. You can read about it here.
Seriously, I love it that I can be part of something so silly and fun, without having to wear a bear suit and sing patriotic songs.
The family and I successfully found our first geocache yesterday, which I will write about at length later today.

68 thoughts on “Fark Strikes Back”

  1. Yay!!! You’re back!!! Well, I knew you were back the other day, but I’ve missed ya. Those FHM pics are priceless… I wonder how much an autographed copy of *those* would go for on Ebay? ;P :)
    Welcome back, Head Monkey!

  2. You know, I honestly never understood why so many people thought I was gay.
    Then I saw these pictures, and it suddenly makes sense.
    FWIW, those pictures are all from when I was about 15. I think one of them may be from Toy Soldiers, when I was about 18.
    Sad thing is, I still have the hairless, hollow chest…not so much the mostly-flat stomach. Damn you, Guiness!
    FHM fucking ROCKS that they did this. I mean, this never would have happened without FARK and the FARKers.
    Behold, the power of FARK.

  3. Honey, men always peg young guys that women dig as gay. They just do. There is this weird and deeply contradictory notion that a guy must be gay if he appeals to women and doesn’t want to spend time with his male buddies. The depths of irony in this belief are beyond the ability of modern science to plumb …

  4. Damn, I wet myself looking at some of those! And I’m at work. I blamed the stain on the water fountain. I don’t know if the boss believes me. Now, I need to find stitches for my gut.

  5. *Giggles* I was waiting for this to turn up (I followed the link from Fark hours ago ;0)
    Did anyone else click the ‘larger picture’ thingy every time, just in case :0D
    Hmm, might steal Toy Soldiers back from my brother and watch it tonight, see if I can track down any of those. I can think of at least one occasion when Wil isnt’ wearing his ‘Burgler Bill’ t-shirt or that funky blue one (I want that t-shirt :0)

  6. Holy Hard-On Batman. That was awesome. Tell the truth Wil; you played that whole people thinking you were gay thing to your full trim-getting advantage eh? You know when your in your late teens and early twenties chicks trust guys that they think are gay. I’d love to know how many notches you’ve got on your bedpost after ‘full disclosure of the sexual truth was made’. *LOL*

  7. That is scary.
    It’s great that you’re amused and flattered by it. It could boost your popularity. :)
    Fark is fun. FHM/FHMUS- both the website and the magazine- isn’t terribly torturous to look at either.
    (looking at that site from work makes me feel like I’m doing something baaaad. Yummy chicks + Wil = an unproductive me.)

  8. ‘”Burglar Bill”
    It’s true!!! Especially when spelt right!! *Trouts self* That t-shirt you wear fairly near the start (when you go down to share out the ‘mouthwash’ iirc – it’s a while since I’ve seen it) is SO Burglar Bill.
    That’s a nice picture of Wil Wheaton, I think I’ll ‘ave that!

  9. I discovered this yesterday when I went searching after checking our FARK’s Jennifer Love Hewitt pics on FHM… I was gonna write, but I thought you knew about this already…
    I recognized the quotes they listed from WWDN… I thought it was from a while ago, not new!
    It is great that you are cool about this. Most guys I know would have gone postal about this. Ehh, simple neanderthals… You treat it as what it is, a joke. Very cool on your part.

  10. hee hee, that’s funny.
    wil, i was reading your “wish list” … time to scratch a couple things off: talk soup is being cancelled and so is PI. wasn’t sure if you knew.

  11. Heh that so rocks!
    Then again, it is kind of unsettling to read the list of ‘sexiest cover girls’ and all of a sudden ‘wil wheaton’ .. for one second I had this real weird brainwarp that I won’t go into (but it’s obvious for those with halfway sick minds :P).
    (first post here too – yay.. now hand over all your Guinness so I may get pleasantly buzzed and make more sense)

  12. I noticed an earing in Wil’s left ear on one of these… Never knew Wil was pierced.
    Also, any chance these pictures would be up for grabs on ebay (with a dedication “Dear Bubba, I loved being your bitch.”) …?

  13. Ok, your first comment made me laugh more than the original post! There is nothing wrong with a hairless chest, honestly hairy guys are OUT!
    Oh, and don’t blame the flat tommy all on guiness, it happens with age. 😉 :p
    I’m a brat I know.

  14. But dude, you ARE sexy…. Holy crap, I can’t believe I said that. Worse, it’s actually true…oy vey. 😀

  15. Wil Wil Wil.
    The sad thing is that I saw it this morning and didn’t even think anything was out of place.
    I need more sleep. Of course you shouldn’t be with a group of super models. Wait that’s not what I meant. I mean you shouldn’t be with half naked women. No No No!!! What I mean is…Oh hell what do I mean? You are too cool Wil. I’m glad that stuff amuses you.
    “Why are you looking at a picture of me without my shirt on?”

  16. Since a pint of Guinness has less calories (198) than a pint of skim milk, I suspect that Mrs.Wheaton and / or Mrs.Wheaton sr. have more to do with the onset of middle age spread than anything else. And I know you claim to do most of the cooking on your George Foreman Grill ™, but if that were true,I’d expect to be at least the size of the inventor by now!
    John McGregor

  17. geocaching! I really thought this was hunting for rocks, you know geo’s, the roung rocks that you crack in half and they are cool inside. I never knew that people cached nice things for others to find and trade. How surprising!
    P.S. Nice pictures, fark is funny.

  18. Those are some sexy shots of you, Uncle Willy.
    You may be the butt of everyone’s jokes but goddammit, it’s so much fun. Rawk.

  19. What’s that about catching rocks? Now that’s just dumb. Someone could get hurt.

  20. Welcome to Geocaching, Wil! It is great to know that one of my favorite ST:TNG stars is into a hobby that I find totally absorbing.
    Be careful, though. It is addictive. Pretty soon you’ll be digging through your junk drawers for cache-trinkets and shopping at the Dollar Store!
    I hope that in your travels you decide to do some geocaching in the REAL Northen California. Hunt for treasure in the Redwoods!
    You should have bought a Magellan, though…
    Cache On Wil!

  21. I agree with Dani…
    Rubber duckies? Where do I get one? Holy cripes Unca Willy you’re holding out on us!!

  22. Glad you had a sense of humor about this, I was afraid you might start to cry again.
    Why WAS LeVar Burton always wearing that red scarf in reading rainbow?

  23. Dude- i always thought you were hot, now that your married and off limits (of course so am I) the gut comes with age for men as sagging bottoms are for women.and other things-

  24. Wil,
    remember the big hulky guy “#1″ turned wesley into? when Riker became “Q”….what happened?!
    now that guy was gay…(just kidding)
    I think it was the first episode with #1 having a beard…
    I’m looking into the gps megelan gold or platnium.. with computer program and map…

  25. Well, the opportunity came my way. I was off work, I have a GPS the cache was 5 mins away… So off I went.
    Took the duckee and gave it to a friend.. she was soooo chuffed. Finding the box is exciting. Left some other stuff too.
    I’m actually new to the site (duck owner introduced me). Always been a fan of yours Wil.
    Thanks for the Ducky. Nearly crowned myself coming down the hill.. but it was all great fun!!! Highly Recommended

  26. I’m disappointed in it. You’d think that FHM could come up with some of you with pink hair and Hawaiian shirts from “Python”. Now THAT is the definition of sexy.

    From Webster’s.
    gay: 1)joyous and lively; merry
    2)bright; brilliant
    3)[slang] homosexual
    Wil fits 66.7% of the above definition. Therefore, Wil is gay!
    Go Wil Go!

  28. HAHAHA! The link following that fourth picture almost made me wet myself. And the answer to the question Uncle Willy, is to peruse the sunken chest! Call it cyber-geeko-caching!

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