Fark Strikes Back

Well, I just found out that FHM named me one of their sexiest cover girls.
Not too bad, considering that I haven’t worked out in over a year, wouldn’t you say?
FARK is totally responsible for making this happen. You can read about it here.
Seriously, I love it that I can be part of something so silly and fun, without having to wear a bear suit and sing patriotic songs.
The family and I successfully found our first geocache yesterday, which I will write about at length later today.

68 thoughts on “Fark Strikes Back”

  1. Believe it or not, Spudnuts raises a valid point. In a recent class on Policy and the Internet that I had the fortune of attending, laws were being discussed concerning censorship issues and internet porn in which a certain program sensitive to page content would slow packet exchange to such an incredibly sluggish pace that perusal of porn would be practically impossible (whoah consonance!) Such a program would technically sidestep censorship (since viewing the material would be POSSIBLE, albeit frustratingly difficult). Ok, not sure where that ramble was going, but there it is. Hmmm… Would Uncle Willie in his tighty whities constitute internet porn? Did I take this job for a quick buck? Our bullshit team of investigators….

  2. Wil Wheaton Cover Girl!? Wow… I guess my little sticker was a little more prophetic than I thought.
    Well, it’s not like I’m the first person to think of Wil dressed in the Princess Leia gold bikini.

  3. God those pictures are one way to wake up in the morning! I told all my friends about it, the guys were abit unsure but the girls loved it. Still, Wil Wheaton:Cover girl? Doesn’t seem to have that definative edge to it! But whatever floats your boat man!

  4. Has anyone else noticed the inordinate amount of right-wing story links that get thru the Fark filter. I’ve tried numerous times to get more articles on from progressive or liberal publications which never seem to get posted…Hmmm? It doesn’t take much scrutiny to see the bias. I’m thankful for the occasional Democratic message that gets thru, but there’s far more Rah Rah Bush action goin on [obvious].

  5. Well I think it sucks. Funny doesn’t mean making fun of people. That’s good Wil is an adult now who can hack it.

  6. That our children will not be able to see the trees due to deforestation (for jobs) is all of our downfall. Peace Out

  7. Tighty whities? Well, I can honestly say, that’s the best I’ve ever seen them presented. 😉 I love a man who can pull off underoos.

  8. That’s it, Wil. We, of SA, must find our OWN washed up celebrety and declare war with you!
    Duston Diamond, you will join us! then, we shall send you to FHM!

  9. I know i just sent a message, but what the hell, wil wheaton is bloddy fantastic! and so is the site! great stuff, truly GREAT STUFF!

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