Hey, guess what I got today? I got my very own desk, here at G4!
Normally a desk wouldn’t be something to get excited about, but having this desk means that I have more space for stuff, and that means those cool Simpsons action figures I’ve bought over the last year or so have come out of the cabinet at home, and are now proudly on display. There’s something oddly comforting being observed by Professor Frink all day, while I’m sitting here with the writing and rewriting and the emailing and the Heeeyyyyy!
Honestly, when I got this job I told my brother to come and smack me in the head if I ever cared too much about where I sat, because that would mean that I’d gone totally corporate, but I really do like the extra space. I think I’m going to get some of those little chili pepper lights, and put them around my cubicle walls tomorrow.
Jesus, what do you take me for? Come ON!
So, onto the weekend.
Friday, I took the boys to see SpiderMan.
I really liked it a lot. I was never much of a SpiderMan weenie, like I was for Batman, so I can’t really go Comic Book Guy on it, which I guess is a good thing. I wonder how many otherwise enjoyable movies are totally ruined for us because we go Comic Book Guy on them? That’s something interesting to think about…
I’m going to hold off on the big review for a few days, so I don’t lone-gunmen-are-dead it for anyone.
My favorite thing? I sat next to Nolan, and more than once he tuged at my sleeve to tell me, “Wil, I LOVE this movie! I can’t wait to get it on DVD!”
Other than that, it was a very uneventful weekend. I brought Silent Hill 2 home from work, and really enjoyed that, too. What a scary freakin’ experience that was…on the advice of a guy I work with, I played it late at night with all the lights in my house turned off…and after about 2 hours I had switched on a light, and had called Ferris to sit with me.
Yeah, I’m a sissy like that.
Speaking of video games, Anne and I took the kids to the Pakk Man Arcade in Pasadena on Sunday. It’s this arcade that I’ve been going to since I was too young to drive myself, and it’s really awesome to share that place with my boys, and see them experience the excitement that I once felt.
The thing is, the Pasadena City Council, in their infinite “wisdom”, is on the rampage to close down the arcade. They’ve been at it for years, but it looks like they may have finally found a way to do it. I’m beyond furious at this, and I’m joining the fight to keep the arcade open. If you live in or near Los Angeles, or Orange County, please consider coming to a huge rally that is being held to save the arcade, on Saturday, May 18th.
If you’re planning on attending, email me and let me know. I’ll look for you there, and we can make up some sort of WWDN battle cry to holler at the rally. It’ll be cool.
Speaking of cool, the auction ends tomorrow, and I can’t believe that it’s over 200 bucks. I think that’s really cool. I’ll be able to pay for a GPS device for geocaching with my kids, and I’ll have extra left over to pay some bills. Cool! :-)
It’s time to get back to spinning in my cool chair before my meeting.
Thought for today:

“We live in age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.”
-Oscar Wilde

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  1. Too bad the Lone Gunmen died in such a pointless way in such a useless non-plot. But great verbification of the term nonetheless.

  2. You got that “lone-gunmen-are-dead” from Slashdot, huh… I saw that too. Gotcha!
    Spider-Man was totally worth it, better (I thought) than Batman… and now that I’ve started the inevitable flame war, I think I’ll move on…
    By the way, you should adopt the Tick’s battle cry for the WWDN masses– “Spoooooooon!”

  3. Yeah, got it from /.
    I figured that there were enough cross-over readers that I didn’t need to footnote it.

  4. Saw Spiderman this weekend also. My 11 year old son when around shooting everything and anyone with his imaginary spider web. He not done that since he was really little.
    Geocaching is definitly cool. I’m asking for a low-end price GSP for my b-day. Although using a topo map and compass seems to be more of a challenge. Let us know when you locate your first cache.

  5. I see that the kids have progressed from being ‘my step- sons’ to being ‘my boys’ — now that’s cool! I told you that life really begins at thirty.
    John McGregor

  6. How about your own business card? Am I the only one who totally understood that Monster.com TV ad?

  7. Heh. I just like that reference to the Lone Gunmen. It’s too damn cool; I wish I’d thought of it.
    Ah, well.

  8. I was ridiculously pleased when I got my very own desk and cubicle last year. I felt like I could finally be part of that whole Dilbert culture. Of course the dotcom went belly-up before I got my own business cards, but I totally get that Monster.com ad. So funny!
    They are trying to shut down some internet cafes around here, so I sort of know what Wil means about the arcade kerfuffle. “The Man” says the gaming/internet cafes attract gang recruiters because they are open 24 hours. All I ever see there is a room full of people intent on their Counterstrike games. The thing is, if they succeed in shutting them down, they’ll just be complaining in a month about how teenagers have no where to hang out anymore and are getting into trouble. Dumbasses.

  9. As a youngster I was both a Batman and a Spider-man fan, so I was somewhat disappointed that the movie remade Peter Parker in Bruce Wayne’s image: responsibility-obsessed tortured soul. Batman = brooding loner, Spidey = wisecracking teen and never, I’d hoped, the twain would meet. But as evidenced by “Simple Plan” director Sam Raimi likes to get to psychological core of his characters and I guess that’s what he was doing here. (I don’t want to Lone-Gunmen-are-dead the specific scene which bothered me here, but I mention it on my blog.)

  10. that is cool about getting the GPS unit. I am learning how to use it in school and it is a blast. I hope that you have fun with it. :)

  11. (1) Prof. Frink rules. I dressed up as him (kinda)
    one halloween. I wish I could immitate his voice
    (2) Spider-Man was great. The CG wasn’t as
    intrusive as the trailers and Cingular commercials
    made it out to be. :^) Favorite line:
    “I had to beat an old woman with a stick to get
    these cranberries.” I couldn’t help but see
    Osborn as the vampire from “Shadow of the Vampire.”
    Man, Willem DuFoe is creepier than Steve Buccimi!
    (3) Sucks about the arcade. I used to go to the
    “Space Station” almost every weekend as a kid in
    Novato (north of SF), and often went to Chuck E. Cheese’s
    (thanks, Nolan Bushnell!), too. Here in Davis, there
    was an arcade that unfortunately closed recently.
    It was called “The Library.” >:^)
    (4) So are you coming to Davis, or WHAT!? :)

  12. All very cool.
    My favorite line from the movie was from Harry Osbourn. “Sorry I’m late, work was murder.”

  13. spinning in chairs is fun. :)
    I love the quote for today. Totally fitting the whole GPS thing. And now I want one. Problem is that I just last week went to a loan guy on how to fix my credit card debt problem. Too bad I don’t have any cool stuff to sell on ebay.
    oh, and has anyone seen that teaser trailer for spiderman with the twin towers. It was a great trailer, but i can see why it was banned.
    glad you’re feeling better, Wil.

  14. A desk, huh? What’s next? Walls? A Door? Key to the executive washroom?
    Seriously. I know how cool the desk thing is. When I was younger, I went from working in shipping to a desk job (same company) and I was rather proud of that desk. (Even though I shared a tiny office with three other people!)
    The day I got a real office with a door? I was euphorious! I brought in my radio from home and cranked some Floyd!
    Course, I lost the office shortly thereafter…
    Congrats and enjoy it, dude! No shame in that!
    One other thing… THE FREAKING LONE GUNMEN ARE DEAD?!?!?!?! When did this happen?

  15. I too, thought Spiderman was kewl. When I lived in St. Louis ages ago, I’d read it in the comic section of the Post.
    The Lone Gunmen are what?! 😉 No one ever dies on the X-Files.
    Alone at midnight is definitely the best way to play SH2. All that fog, it can get creepy during the day.

  16. I’m thrilled that Spiderman is so good. I’m one of those folks who is a long-time (well, as long-a-time as a 23 year old can be) fan of Bruce Campbell and [once I discovered his connection to Sam Raimi (as well as figuring out Sam directed the ED trilogy)], of Sam, too. So, I was thrilled to see Sam getting SUCH a big-name kind of movie. It’s great to know he’s doing good (maybe he’ll be given more choices in projects). Now, if we could just get a movie directed by Sam with both Wil and Bruce in starring roles I’d be in fan heaven. If it became a big hit I’d be even more thrilled.
    Okay, someone needs to make that happen. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  17. Pmacca01: Slashdot cannot be fully explained. You must experience it for yourself.
    Slashdot is just like here, except with lots more geeks.
    I like it.
    Just, whatever you do, do NOT set your threshold to -1 ! Some of the trolls are capable of posting things that will cause you to go blind by gnawing your own eyes out. I will not go into specifics.
    Anyhow, the url is:

  18. Re: I think I’m the last person alive who has no clue what /. is.
    Posted by Pmacca01 at May 6, 2002 03:41 PM
    /. is http:www/slashdot.com a popular geek ‘news and community’ site.

  19. Why are they attempting to shut down the arcade? Is it because of the “attracts gangs” thing that the other dude mentioned? Anyway, I know how that goes. I live in a lovely little town called Meridian, MS (the place where Rogue was from in the X-Men movie and we were in an X-Files ep). It doesn’t look like that, btw. There’s absolutely NOTHING to do in this town unless you want to play pool. Every night. All night. And it’s because people are afraid to open up places that will be open at night time. So those of us (like myself) who stay awake all night have nowhere to go and nothing to do. Yay. I think I just ranted. Sorry.

  20. WHAT?!?!?! they can’t close down the pakk man!! who do i have to call, dammit?? i’m really gonna try to make it out the 18tg

  21. I have GOT to say one thing: I totally agree with Nolan on this one! Matter of fact, that is exactly what I was thinking myself, “Damn, but this movie would go kick-ass on my DVD player!”
    I doubt I’ll ruin it for anyone by saying that this movie is a new take on the origin story for Spidey… there are some changes in plot, but longtime fans won’t really be too tweaked over them. In some ways, some of the changes compliment the storyline far better. Hey, it’s been nearly forty years, it’s about damn time Spidey got a kick in the rear to reflect the 21st century. I had this arguement with a fellow Spidey fan earlier today, and I put it like this: “Look at the time that Spidey was written in. In the early sixties, everyone was so worried about nuclear power, what with the Cuban missle crisis. So why isn’t it that far of a stretch for the old imagination to presume that here and now, in the 21st century that if Peter was bit by a spider, it would be a genetically-altered one instead of a radioactive one? Doesn’t change the fact that the kid was bit by not your average house spider.” Keep in mind, the CURRENT issues today, about cloning.
    Really, when you think about it, that wasn’t a really major change. Like the radioactive issue of the sixties, cloning is the issue of today. So it kept true to form, on Spidey being created by a current-events issue.
    Overall, the movie simply is the best adaptation of a comic, since Christopher Reeves the first time he played Superman. It really carried that same human, realistic, and honest feel to it that you get from Superman. As a matter of fact, the movie itself even acknowledges it when Aunt May says to Peter, “You’re not Superman”. And as to the characters… wow. Tobey Maguire. Now mind you, I never was too sure about him as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, since I heard he got the role. I could have named several talented guys (nudges Wil) who could do the lanky, geeky teen. But all my doubts were completely washed away, Tobey got Peter down 110%.
    William DeFoe made for an excellent Green Goblin, his Goblin voice was exactly as I always imagined in my head, when I read the comics. Just the right mix of complete madness, and eerie charisma. And that’s damn hard to pull off, in a full-body supersuit that reminded me of that old TV show, “M.A.N.T.I.S.”.
    The scenes at the Daily Bugle, were priceless. J.Jonah Jameson was perfectly cast, as well. I almost spit out my soft drink, the actor looked as if he was the model the comic character was drawn on! And while I thought they could have found a better Joe Robertson (I somehow had Sidney Poitier in mind), I was also pleasantly surprised to see Betty Brant have a cameo, giving Pete his first free-lance check. Long-time Spidey-fans will remember Betty, she married reporter Ned Leeds, who later finds out Norman was the Green Goblin, and Ned goes psycho as well, poor man.)
    The other thing I feel worth mentioning without giving away TOO much of the plot or the rest of the movie, is the issue of Harry Osbourne. You almost don’t know what to feel for Harry, by the end of the movie. He starts out as Peter’s friend, but enter pretty girl in the picture, and Harry begins showing signs that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, compared to his old man. In some ways, the rift between Peter and Harry sorta reminds me of Clark and Lex from “Smallville”. Starts out with little things… but the friendship fades away, as personal secrets and the shadow of a father’s legacy, tear each away from the other. Really is quite sad, and you leave the movie knowing that Harry’s hatred for Spider-Man, is going to destroy one, or both of them one day. And the saddest part is, Harry hates Spidey, because of Norman himself. You’ll have to watch the movie, to find out why. Can’t wait to see some of the cut stuff on the DVD….!

  22. You want a kick-ass survival horror game on your PS2, Wil? I suggest you get Fatal Frame. Scarred the shit out of me..and I don’t even own a PS2! +)

  23. The sad thing about depending on corporate America for your livelihood is that very often, you don’t have much to hang your hat on except the size of your cubicle.
    I was going to finish that off with a punchline, but it’s to damn early. Insert your own.
    Spider-man was really good. I mentioned this in the soapbox, but since we’re talking about it here, I’ll just say that the reason I thought it was so good was because visually, it really seemed like it was ripped straight from the pages of a comic book, from Spidey swinging from web to web to the little skirmish outside Jonah’s window. I really enjoyed it.

  24. 1) Spiderman was way cool. It was one of my favorite books but I haven’t read it for a few years. I’m inspired to start again.
    2) Are the Lone Gunmen really dead? Yes, I did see the episode but it is X-Files. Logic flies out the window -in a movie or something maybe they could be back. But, much as I like those guys, I hope they really are dead. X-Files is supposed to be this daring show. But if they are afraid to kill of permanently some popular characters then that isn’t too daring.
    3) Hmm. Simpsons action figures for the desk? I’ve got a Luke Skywalker pez dispenser & a Boba Fet pez dispenser and the “I was a teen-age Sith Lord” and some other photos in my cubicle. But maybe some Simpsons action figures would be nice. Enjoy the desk. At the publishing company I work for there are 3 assistant editors -I am one of them. We are the only full-time regulars who don’t have an office w/ a window. It bothers me a bit b/c I’ve been here longer than 3/4 of the rest of the people here & another assistant editor has been here longer than 1/2 the others. And one of the people w/ a window office is an assistant to an assistant (nice, smart girl but her position is totally unessecary b/c the assistant she is assistant to is incompetent). There is a recently vacated office, here -it is huge, we 3 assistant editors could fit in there easily. I mentioned it to some higher ups only to learn some one from the marketing department is going to put her temps in there for the summer. Temps! Temporary employees get a window office instead of 3 full-time permanent employees! This is one of the more minor things that go on around here but it is a prime example of why my department always seems so depressed. Sorry, had to get that out -the negativity building up inside was driving me insane!
    4) Oh, so I see, let’s blame the arcade for the wrong-doing of teenagers. Convenient. We have no true arcades that I can think of near where I live (some movie theaters & pizza shops have a few arcade games but its not the same thing). In the shore area there are some along the boardwalks. Most of those kids I see when I’m there seem to be staying out of trouble by playing video games. It would be nice if some of them saw some natural sunlight instead of being in front of a video screen all day & night -but there are worse things. So, whats the plan. Close the arcade then what? Where are the kids going to go? W/out the arcade to occupy their time they’ll be even more susceptible to “dangerous elements.”

  25. – Spiderman was very cool. The special effects were good, & it actually tried to have a plot. And didn’t try too hard.
    – The X-Files, being in their final season (the finale is 3 episodes away now), is attempting to bring the series to a close. After they lost track, & their point after the 5th season. They are bringing everyone back, I swear. They’re not daring anymore, they’re recycling plotlines. Duchovny directed the episode 2 eps back, & brought Jeffrey Spender (Weasel Boy) back from the dead. And killed the Lone Gunman. Mulder’s going to be on the last episode, couldn’t have been that hard to lure him back. Great as Mulder, anything else…um. ^_^;;; Oy. *growl* I think it’s safe to say that anyone who died on the show has a possibility of coming back. I guess this means they’ll have an answer (I doubt it) to the alien conspiracy/colonization question. I personally think they should’ve ended the show a few seasons ago, around season 7. Long enough for a show to run, leave the fans wanting more, yet not too long to drive the quality downhill. If Chris Carter can honestly wrap the show up, more power to him, but I seriously don’t think that’s going to happen.
    – I work in 2 different buildings, & I’ve got anime decorating both. Nobody around here really minds. People always stare at my desktop wallpaper ’cause they’re just not to sure what to think of it. Or I meet people who are into anime, & actually recognize what series it’s from. I think that’s just shibby.

  26. Silent Hill 2 is just a freaky-ass game. It gets more and more scary the further you go. Fatal Frame is another creepy game, that way. It’s not as bad as SH though.
    Good luck with the arcade. That’s awful they’re closing it! We’re lucky enough to have a very small one nearby in the mall. Nothing like the one that used to be by my house as a kid though.

  27. Well, Wil, you could make up T-shirts for the rally that say PAKK PROTECTORS. On the other hand, only Larry Niven fans would get the reference…

  28. Hey Wil!
    Long time lurker, first time poster.
    Found out about geocaching through your mention last week and found a cache right in my backyard!
    My gps had trouble tracking (it’s an old model) but I’ll find it eventually.

  29. I got my boyfriend the Homer simpson with the donut and the bart with the spray paint for his desk. We went on vacation last week and while he was gone – his boss loaded up his computer startup with .wav files of homer.
    Make sure you get a rear view mirror on your monitor – not that getting caught playing video games is frowned upon at your work. Still it’s nice to see who’s trying to sneak up on you to play pranks.

  30. geocaching is cool… i picked up an eTrex Legend…
    the joys of working for radio shack, heh heh, hey, if you spring for the software that goes with these things, send me an ISO of the disc 😉

  31. Ooh! You’re a Batman fan too? I LOVE Batman. Well, I’m mostly a Robin fan. Robin and Nightwing.
    Hey, that reminds me. Something funny for superhero fans is at http://rudniks.com/Aquaman.htm
    Don’t know if you ever read the comics under Chuck Dixon’s run, but I think you might like http://www.dixonverse.com
    Chuck is no longer working for DC, he’s moved to Crossgen. Scott Beatty is now writing for a bat-title. http://www.scottbeatty.com
    I know my website sucks. I need to update it badly. I have over 1000 emails to get to because I’ve been playing EverQuest. (btw, Everquest 2 is coming out next year!!)
    There are no movie theatres where I live so I’ll have to wait for Spiderman to come out on DVD.
    The Lonegunment are dead??? WTF?? I can’t get TV where I live either.. Please explain this to me.
    I got the old Batman movie from the 60s on DVD and in the interview with Burt Ward I realized that I have that exact same Robin statue (the one that is behind him in the interview) in my room!

  32. Oh! the ninny that I am, I forgot to post my thoughts on a desk. I need one very badly. I have my computer perched on a card table. it’s caving in the middle under my monitor. I need to unpack my boxes and start drawing up a schematic diagram to build my desk. I need to figure out how to have a spot over my monitor for my cat. Something that will be comfortable yet let the heat from the monitor waft up and warm the kitty cat– which will keep her furry ass off of my lap when I’m trying to type. She keeps sitting on my mousepad as it is. and she bites me when I reach over to type. And I definetly need space to house my printer, scanner, video capture device, both computers, monitor, multi-system VCR.. Gonna be alot of work. Need to make sure everything works well with my swivel glider chair. I didn’t go with a computer chair. I have a reclining chair that rocks and swivels. It’s cool. :) You should get one.
    Ok, now I will shut up.

  33. I wrote the following to another friend of mine regarding the Pakk Mann. I hate to paste and run, but I want to see if anyone’s down there right now.
    Oddly enough, I’m almost of the opinion that it, in its current incarnation, can go screw. Yes, it would suck for arcade-goers. Yes, it would also suck for people who use the PCs there. But in my opinion, and the opinions of several people I know, the old fogey owner seriously needs to go.
    The Western Arcade, a few blocks west, directly across from PCC, shut down some time ago, and I would equally blame its owners (for lesser negligence) and the Pakk-Mann (for competition). But Pakk’s grown way too big for its britches, broken several health codes in its past, and its management has serious attitude problems.
    If the Pakk DOES shut down, who’s to say that another won’t try to fill its shoes? The closing of one coin-op arcade, even one so famous (now) as the Pakk, isn’t like a spotted owl – it’s not doomed to extinction. If anything, I see it as an opportunity for someone else to open a smaller, cleaner, FRIENDLIER establishment somewhere that isn’t right next to a huge pissy residential area. Old Town, perhaps, would provide a perfect spot for all-ages walk-in traffic.
    I’m not looking for a SEVENTH Starbucks, mind you. Just some management that actually gives a rat’s ass.

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