Good news and bad news, and good news

Good news and bad news:
Good news: G4 did the official switch from Pong to real programming at 12AM EDT this morning. My show, Arena, even has it’s own page on the website now. I just checked it out, and they’ve added TONS of stuff to that page. You can click the little 8-bit picture of me, and see all sorts of spiffy stuff.
Bad news: I am officially sick. I have some sort of sinus infection thingy. My head is so stuffy and my throat hurts so badly, I may have to go see a real doctor (I much prefer those guys who dance around you and chant, while shaking a stick that has a complete set of A-Team dolls tied to the top of it.)
Even though I was feeling like hell last night, I went out to our official launch party, where everyone from Comcast down to the janitor in our building watched the programming switch from Pong to Blister. It was a strange feeling. I felt like we’ve been pushing this rock up a hill for months, and we’ve totally been able to control where the rock is going, and how fast it’s rolling…and now it’s over the top of the hill, and on it’s way down, and we just have to keep up with it, and hope that it doesn’t roll too far away from us.
It’s still a bit surreal to me, because Arena evolves heavily from our first episode to our fourth, and we’re just now hitting our stride…so it won’t be until the third or fourth show is on the air that I’ll feel that sense of accomplishment and excitement that I always feel when a something I’ve worked on is put in front of an audience.
The thing that’s totally new and different for me is that I’ll be constantly producing new material, so I won’t get to sit back and think, “Man, Episode 107 was GREAT!” Because Episode 108 is right around the corner.
It’s good though, one thing I’ve never liked to do is sit back and rest on my laurels.
Oh! One last thing before I go back to bed: I drove over a screw a few days ago, and my tire was going flat yesterday, so I took it back to the tire shop, and got a free replacement, because I’d bought that stupid road hazzard insurance for like 8 bucks. Hmm… 8 bucks or 200 bucks? I was happy to save the 200 bucks.
So I bought myself a cool new shirt for 25 bucks (Or should I say, Vega$ bought me a shirt?! Oh YEAH BABY!), and called it even.
Thought For Today comes from the Tao:

“The sky is everlasting
And the earth is very old.
Why so? Because the world
Exists not for itself;
It can and will live on.
The Wise Man chooses to be last
And so becomes the first of all;
Denying self, he too is saved.
For does he not fulfillment find
In being an unselfish man?

65 thoughts on “Good news and bad news, and good news”

  1. **Note to self: call local cable operator and ask for G4.
    {{{{{{{Major Healing Mojo}}}}}}}
    Straight to the zookeeper.
    Yeah, being sick really sicks. How do I know this? I don’t believe I’ve ever been fully healthy. Get well soon Unca Willy.
    …I wanna play pong…

  2. Hey Wil,
    I’m really sorry your ill. I often get sinus problems. I really sympathise. Get plenty of Vit C, so oranges are great. I usually crave oranges and pure orange juice. The whole thing with oranges is so funny because I hate oranges, and I sit there eatting them by the truck load, knowing I hate them usually.
    Well done with your show and all I get the impression it’s a really big deal, not being an american I don’t really understand, but you seam happy sp I’ll congradulate you. Being happy is good for you, and it’ll help you feel better sooner.
    Doctors have actually done a study and said that smiling does indeed inprove your health as well as your mood. Keep that in mind.
    14.19 GMT

  3. Get well soon.
    ps your raves about the George Foreman grill stuck in my head … I finally bought an indoor/outdoor grill. It’s bigger and better than your puny Foreman grill, though. :)

  4. Hey Wil,
    Well, look at it this way. When you didn’t post, I thought you have died!!! O.k. no I didn’t haha. but I was pretty worried!
    Totally sucks that you have a sinus infection, please please don’t be one of those people who denies their health and pushes themself past their limits! Get some rest, stay home, take a day off, whatever!!! Cause we’re all looking forward to seeing you on tv… and possibly in Star Trek Ten. You still on for that?

  5. I just got over being sick. I tell you that Tylenol alergy sinus is the best! works fast and won’t make you too drowsy..As for the G4’s not just Mac unfriendly it’s Opera unfriendly too. I can’t get the site to load at all.:-( But I’m sure your section must be pretty sweet!

  6. Congrats on the actual programming launch of G4!
    It was a cool little write-up w/UW in EW, but for bob’s sake, couldn’t they have picked a picture where you don’t look like a bewildered transvestite? (Not that there’s anything wrong w/transvestites, per se, it’s just that UW isn’t one.)

  7. Our revered ancestors had a little known remedy for this type of illness:
    Doesn’t cure you, but it does make you feel better about the whole thing.

  8. Outstanding quote at the end. I think the quotes are my favorite part of each blog.
    Claritan dude…………Claritan

  9. Doctors evil.
    Herbs good.
    RUN to the Health Food Store and buy ALL
    the ECHINACEA that you can carry!!
    Doctors bad.
    HERBS good.

  10. About the thought for the day… it raises a question I have been struggling with a lot lately. Is there really such a thing as an unselfish act? Even if someone puts others first, is that not in an effort to feel better about oneself, and thus inherently selfish? OK, I’ll shut up now.

  11. :)
    I am versed enough to recognize the thought of the day as chapter 7 of the Tao, but this is a particularly beautiful poetic translation and interpretation (despite it’s obvious MAN-biases).
    Might a mere monkey minion dare to ask Uncle Elitist for a second appearance in one journal entry, and, to whom this interpretation is credited?
    ps. bmc123: well, that’s the whole point. it is _only_ an unselfish act, if, consciously & unconsciously, self-gain plays no part of the act (and thus, makes them so rare). but that’s just my 2

  12. Much as I hate to admit it, I find that Socrates had something going when he said (paraphrasing here) that he knew nothing, nobody knew anything, and that as he knew that he knew nothing, he was the smartest man on earth.
    While that kind of thinking makes my head hurt, I’m gonna go with it.
    For more on Eastern philosophy, try The Cartoon History of the Universe Vols. 8-13. Larry Gonick did it and it fucking RAWKS.

  13. Wil,
    Ya gotta do me a favor. Get the guys a G4 to allow the screen to be resized. I’m at work and can’t watch the darn thing with it on fullscreen. I need to be able to shrink it down to about 1/2 size. Thanks. I’ll spend some more time on the site tonight, at home, when there’s no danger of the boss walking by.

  14. Our cable company just notified us: G4 will join the digital lineup (to which I subscribe) in a couple of weeks. Yay!

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