The World Is New

I am under a brutal deadline at work, and I’m working on The Next Big Thing(tm) right now, so updates are going to be a little thin for a few days.
However, I would like to share a couple of spiffy mentions I’ve gotten this week:
First, I was mentioned in McPaper as one of the Top Ten Celebrities We’d Like To See Back On Television.
I’m guessing that G4 doesn’t count just yet, since we’re in a relatively small number of homes :-)
Speaking of G4, when I was at E3 last week, I did an interview for HomeLan Fed, which came out pretty well.
Finally, tonight on the JKvS Show our guest is Save Ferris! If you’re in LA, it’s really worth it to come and see the show. They’re a great band, and we’re going to have lots of fun tonight.
Hope everyone has a good weekend. I should have some good stuff next week.

73 thoughts on “The World Is New”

  1. Hey Wil,
    I have a wesley Crusher and a Cadet Crusher mint in the box at my parents. I will give em to ya to sell on eBay if you want em. I figure that can be my lil contribution to this site. let me know. 😉
    Love ya Uncle Willie da Man!
    Artisticspirit the…uummmm…artistic :)

  2. I always liked the Traveler storyline. Maybe Wesley could go back in time and visit Enterprise and really freak them all out. Or… he could be responsible for the whole Klingon forehead thing! Just my 2 cents!

  3. I just noticed that they said that both Randy Quaid and Judge Reinhold will have TV shows.
    I am SO there. Judge Reinhold could make egg salad sandwiches all day and I’d watch, in rapture and contentment.
    Well, so long as he smiles that sweet little-boy smile.
    How old is Bea Arthur, anyway? It’d kinda suck to have the main character of a show die in the first couple episodes.

  4. hey wil!!
    amanda here. just wanted to say thank you again for the AMAZING show tonight!!! and thank anne for getting us in after!! =) that totally rocked!!! you really made all of our days and i thank you for being the amazing person you are and talking with all my geeky friends. thanks again!

  5. G4 plays in Philly on cable?? Is it Comcast? I live just over the bridge too and need to check those upper numbers…ya know, beside the bass fishing channel and Style.

  6. Hey Wil..”POLITICALLY INCORRECT” need’s a host..
    NOW you would be PERFECT for THAT show!!!
    Spudnuts..”Bea Arthur has a posse” was brillant
    as per ususal!
    But Wil and Bea in together in ANY combination
    …WHY is G4 so limited Wil? How do we get it?
    My cable company never heard of it!!! Augh!!!!

  7. I saw you on G4 yesterday. I was flipping channels and said, “Oh my god, that’s Wil effin’ Wheaton!” and then I told everyone I knew.. haha.. you rock.

  8. hops said:
    >> spud how bout a pick of you naked?
    Yeah, how about it. We could sell it on eBay and buy a pepsi.
    bluecat-redblanket said:
    >> Spudnuts..”Bea Arthur has a posse” was brillant as per ususal!
    Too bad I didn’t create it.

  9. Perhaps your return to television is being prodded by the Folks at TNN. All day Sunday, TNN is playing ST:TNG episodes that featured Wesley as the central character. A “Wesley Crusher Marathon” as it were.
    The writing is on the wall.

  10. Wow… Wes day on TNN. Stumbled into it and had to see your take on it, Wil. Wes is still one of my favourite characters on TNG… well-acted and well-developed. You did a lot with Wes. I just wish I would have taped these episodes today.
    I’m sure you LOVE the viewer voice comments between episodes… too much old TNN still around, I think!
    BTW, watching “The Game” now, it seems to be nothing more than a reference to Ecstasy. Hmmmm… a rave on the Enterprise? Except for that flashing light Data uses to break the game’s effect….

  11. Wil,
    who do we flood withletters and email to get you
    back on t.v. ??
    we have got to somehow get the new “Enterprise”
    to somehow get Wesly Crusher to time travel into
    the series!
    possibly so he can get even with No.1
    way before he ever comes along..

  12. redcat-blueblanket sed:
    “Hey Wil..”POLITICALLY INCORRECT” need’s a host..”
    Actually, the A(wful )B(roadcasting )C(ompany) already hired Jimmy Kimmel from the (I’m not a)”Man Show”
    Not really a surprise, coming as it is from the network that canceled “Sports Night,” probably one of the best shows ever.

  13. 15 minutes trying to waste time at work –
    “Hmm. What to type in? Grape Soda. Whay not?”
    type hit enter.
    “look there. A link to Odd.”
    click link.
    “Ok, a site about some sort of D.J. What’s that on the right side of the page. A link to other sites. Geez, I can’t seem to get away. Read everything on his site last week. Found cool links. Ok, I’ll click it and go there again.”
    click link.
    “Homepage. Scroll down. Read all the comments from Wil. See link about Top Ten Celebrities, and… ”
    click link.
    read article.
    “Agree with a lot of it. Yeah, still wouldn’t mind seeing Wil in a few more things. Less star trek. More just the friendly geek or sensitive friend in shows and movies. He’s cool.”
    And, that’s my 15 minutes.
    cya (oh, sorry, no aol-kiddie-speak). I’ll see you later.” Better, Wil?

  14. First of all, the term “McPaper” is the funniest thing I’ve heard in years.
    Second, Wil needs to be in more MOVIES. He is entirely too cool for more
    television programs, unless it is that documentary version of Howard Zinn’s
    “A People’s History of the United States” that Ben Afflek and Matt Damon are
    supposedly making. More progressives on the Silver Screen! Blow up
    your TV! Burn your McPaper. Boycott McDollar’s. Don’t rent from Bigbrother
    video! Megabucks coffee sucks! Boy, my head hurts.

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