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I was talking with some friends about some recent entries, and the “Why don’t you leave the country if you don’t like it here” emails I’ve gotten. I was pretty upset, because I do like–no, I love–my country, precisely because we have a vested interest in keeping an eye on our leaders, and making sure that our checks and balances stay checked and balanced.
I’m upset lately, because I see the current administration trying desperately to unravel those checks and balances, and most people seem to be just fine with that.
So I have been trying to articulate why I think it’s important to keep an eye on government, and why it bothers me so much that there are now people who vehemently hate me because I’m exercising my responsibility as an American citizen and doing just that.
Well, each time I would try and compose my thoughts, I’d become paralyzed with frustration, because I just couldn’t find the words.
Fortunately, someone else has put them together, and she says exactly what I have been trying to say.
This comes from a friend of mine, who is a disabled veteran, and very smart person:

“It is our duty as responsible citizens to keep an eye on the government and to question them when we feel they are leading us astray. “We the people” have an investment in our country, and we must continually perform our due diligence to make sure our investment is not squandered or stolen. We’ve invested our lives, our freedom, the safety of our families in this country, and it would be foolhardy to let that go by unwatched. The founding fathers knew that governments could evolve into dictatorships, so they built safeguards against that into the Constitution. When those safeguards get whittled away, everyone should consider whether or not this is defeating the concept of a free nation that our forefathers envisioned. Everyone should consider how rights were slowly taken away in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany, until bit by bit, the nations became oppressive regimes. Everyone should consider how easy it is to justify temporary restriction of basic rights for the common good, and how this has often led to ruin in the past. I reiterate: it is not only our right under the First Amendment to question the government, but it is our solemn duty as responsible citizens of a free country to do so.”

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  1. Geez, Frankie, what’s your problem? I was merely stating my opinion, and that’s what this whole topic is about.
    I had not heard the US=Roman Empire analogy before. I am not American, perhaps that limits the comments about America that I get to hear. Regardless, *I* thought it was interesting and valid. And I never suggested that if America fell the world wouldn’t have trouble. I’m sure many other countries, including my own, wouldn’t last more than a few months. For the moment, America is a stable country – I for one would like to see it stay that way – and it will only stay stable if you Americans take responsability for the actions of their government both now and in the future. You’re the only ones who can do it.
    As for the classical historian jab, I actually do write historical fiction set it the ancient world – which is when the Roman Empire happened, in case you didn’t know. If you’d like to see my diploma, I could scan it for you =p

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  3. “Dale, stop drinking the antacid. It makes your breath smell funny, and that won’t do in the recieving line.”
    Yes, dear. I have sent our wedding registery to the star trek experience store and the sharper image. Our wedding gifts will rule.

  4. To Hops,
    Fuck you cocksucker. Jump off a building so we can gaze at your flattened, bloody corpse.

  5. Just some thoughts. Some of them might even be questions…
    Why is it that so many are assuming that anyone who is concerned about Civil Rights is trying to protect terrorists? We’re not, you know. We just want to ensure that the systems that are put in place to stop terrorism are not used to dump on those people who are not terrorists. If I follow the above posts correctly, if I were accused of being a terrorist (even if Im not one), then I could be arrested without warrant and held without trial. Just wait…sooner or later someone will try and shout “WITCH!”…and itll be Salem all over again.
    Whats this whole “love it or leave it” crap? The reason Wil continues to post anit-Bush liberal messages, is precisely because he doesnt want that Mentaly Impaired Gunbunny screwing up the country that Wil loves so much. you guys have a Constitution, Bill of Rights…the whole shebang..don’t let those rights vanish while your not looking. Jeez.
    people have scoffed about “liberals whining about a police state”. Yup. Thats right, we are. Why? There is no police state in America…yet. We’d like it to stay that way. Thats why we are up in arms NOW, rather than later. Okay?
    Some quotes.
    “Nothings changed, the Senate is still corrupt, the Emperor Remains insane” – Otep
    “Go back to bed America, your Government has worked it out. We are in control, America. Go back to bed. Heres American Gladiators and Pizza, we have worked it out. You are free, to do as we tell you. You are free, to do as we tell you.” -Bill Hicks, on Government Propoganda.

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