Be careful what you wish for

You know that adage, “Be careful what you wish for?” I should have heeded it. For months I was complaining about how bored I was and how I had nothing to do…there are few things in the world that I hate more than being idle…and, while I wasn’t looking, I got busy.
Really, really busy.
I crammed months and months of work into about 8 or 9 weeks: Writing for Arena, two different sketch shows, preparing for the show we did on the cruise, trying to keep this website interesting and relevant…oh, and being a husband and step-father, too.
Actually, it was pretty cool, and I’m really grateful that I was so busy, but I’m glad it’s over.
I have never been so creatively exhausted in my life as I am right now.
And get this: to end it all, in the last 36 hours I’ve been in 4 different states, and seen two major oceans with my own eyes. (More about that later, when I actually have the time to tell a long and interesting story)
So this morning, as I sit here, drinking my coffee, listening to Exodus, getting ready to go to the beach with my wife and kids for the first time this summer, I take a deep breath, look at my dog, and enjoy this moment.
I don’t believe that we’re ever given more than we can really handle, even if we don’t think we can handle it.
Life is good.

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  1. Just surfing along, checking your site every day like I do, and noticed no comments! So, have a great day, Wil! I plan on having one too!

  2. Same for me Eva. Wil, Glad to hear you’ve been busy. It is very rewarding, even though it may be exhausting.
    Of course, in a completely selfish way I am glad to hear it has slowed down cause hopefully that means we will be hearing more from you.

  3. Wow, I don’t think I was ever this early in posting a comment. But hey, its all good. And I know where you are coming from. Just two weeks ago I was complaining I was bored and now, I have been cleaning out our stuff and packing so we can get ready to move in about two weeks. Not to mention, I need to write for my on-line role playing games everyday to keep the rest of my threads happy. But I just love the stress. It just keeps me going. But today, being that it is Sunday and has cooled down, I plan on relaxing, taking a break and reading a book. I hope you have a great day on the beach Wil!
    PS. Sorry if I rambled.

  4. Is that it ???? :O only joking, you have a lot on your plate dont you!! In a way its a good thing, it keeps your mind active and in essence makes you more intelligent (and here is me just babelling on “again” like i know what i am on about). Well only 1 week left of school for me … then the summer starts, so i will have a chance to relax then too. And our school week will start off with …..”Sister Act”. Wooooo!
    Well keep the devotion you have to everything at the mo and u will be brilliant
    =– Chris –=

  5. I can’t wait to hear about the whole trip…
    :sits by the campfire and gets out the marshmallows:
    We’ll be waitin’ for the stories when you get back from the beach! :)

  6. Glad to hear your feeling good.
    Busy is good, but there is never too much time for family. It’s a valuable lesson that I’ve learned well. Enjoy every moment, there won’t be another the same.
    I glad to see you’ll have more time to be posting and keeping in touch with your visitors. You’ve got something special here.

  7. So glad to see you’re back! I was thinking, oh great. I find this board and start posting when he’s on vacation in Alaska andhe comes back and possibly lost interest in his site. I miss everything good! (whine) Whew! I’m happy to see that’s not the case. Can’t wait to hear about the Alaskan cruise and everything else you’ve been doing. :)

  8. It’s good to see you had so much work. Trust me, it’s better than having no work at all and watching the bills keep coming in the mail. Unfortunately, I’m in the “no work at all” category right now. So I’m hoping that my wish for more work is granted.

  9. Amen, Wil. Have you heard the song “Grateful” by John Bucchino? It’s my personal theme song these days.
    Been lurking for a while. Love your writings, and I always learn about something new & cool. Thanks for sharing yourself and your thoughts.

  10. Wow Wil, I can relate utterly and totally. When I was just working my one part time job I had lots of time to “think” which can be both good and bad. I kept getting hurt by family and friends so I said, once I get a full time job I won’t have time for anything and I will have to prioritize my life. Well now I don’t even have time to prioritize my life, my apartment is a mess, my friends are all mad cuz I don’t have time for them (they magically developped time for me once I got busy). Also I was thinking the other day I should have moved out to the west coast and how was I going to get out there now…blah blah. Then my mom emailed me and told me she got offered a job in Vancouver and wants me to move there with her. Which is awesome that I get to finally move out there but do I want it to be with my mom who I don;t get along with and who abandoned me the first time to move off to Calgary? Plus I saw some guy in my full time job who looked like he was just passing through our city and I was attracted and thought…hmmmm I’ll probably never see that guy again, that’s too bad. Days later I walked into my part time job at this restaurant and he is our new server! What a coincidence. But!!! The girls told me he is a total creep plus he is 27 years old and I am 20. ANd he has a hairy back.
    Does this relate in anyway to your life> Probably not…yet strangely so.

  11. Wil,
    I am so glad you updated. I come here everyday and probobly spend more time on this site branching off of your links than you did making them. I always look foreward to your new posts. They always make a sick guy feel better if only for a little while. Thanks for all you do. Enjoy your day at the beach with your family. Those are very special times. Build a sandcastle for me. until your next post……..Matt.

  12. Re: “I don’t believe that we’re ever given more than we can really handle, even if we don’t think we can handle it.”
    I’ve been saying this for years. There’s always a little bit of reserved strength in the pit of people that’s constantly being replenished without us even noticing.
    Here’s another fitting cliche: When it rains, it pours.
    Take a break, enjoy some time off and then immerse yourself in it again. In the meantime, don’t let the sudden slow down bore you. Use the time wisely and breathe.
    Summer is for frolicking after all, at any age.

  13. Well, Wil, you once talked about the balance of things. Here’s proof that you were right on!

  14. Nice to know that you’re doing good. I’m heading down to Virginia this coming weekend. Flying down instead of a nice long 12 to 14 hour drive. Drving is fun to do but near the end of 12 to 14 hours I feel like I am an science laboratory experimant gone wrong.

  15. I have been on holiday for the past week, found your sight, and just started reading. Hey Willie, She likes it!! Have a great day at the beach,

  16. I think the true business will come when Paramount realizes the goldmine they’ve been sitting on and hires you back as Wesley Crusher: Borg Queen.

  17. i know how it is, wil.
    i should have been careful what i wished for recently…
    but its all good

  18. *not to be confused with Dee*
    Have a great day at the beach. There’s nothing better than relaxing after life gives you a whole shitload. I’m going on vacation in 6 days! WHOOOOHOOOO!

  19. This webpage is truly addictive…. I’m glad you got a lot of work done, Wil! And I’m even gladder (more glad?) that you’re taking a break and spending time with your family. Enjoy it! ‘Cause once those boys get to be teens and then go their separate ways (college, jobs, whatever), it’s gonna be empty nest syndrome! My parents are about to go through it, and I kinda feel sorry for them. πŸ˜‰
    Anyways, times for laundry. God bless!

  20. I hope you have a good day at the beach relaxing with your family. You sound like u need a brake, from the last couple of weeks you’ve had.

  21. Amen to that, “brutha”! : )
    “It’s A Great Day to Be Alive”, sung by Travis Tritt…
    Take care,

  22. I wish I had all that work to do. I’ve had nothing to do lately, because I’m still searching for a good day job. Hope ya have fun at the beach…. I wish I could go to the beach.

  23. I with ya on this one will, these last 3-4 months have been the busiest I have ever been. A new project every week and it seemed that the deadlines were all for the same day, and then they would delay … all to the same day. I am finally finishing the final one very soon and then I am on holidays.. and conincidentally I was just saying to my wife that I have never been so brain tired in my memory. Hope your period of relaxation is succesful in recharging your creative batteries.

  24. Have fun at the beach Wil, but please heed my advice…
    I’ve just come back from a lovely camping weekend with the girls by the coast and after spending only 40, yes thats FORTY mins basking in the glorious sunshine, (probably the ONLY sunshine us Brits are gonna get this summer) I can now do a brilliant impression of a Lobster Thermidor!!!
    “Oh for a bed of ice to rest my weary brow upon!”

  25. i wish i had an ocean to go to…but it’s just too far…so i’ll settle for a ride in my truck…and surf the cars…d. burr

  26. I’m pondering your comment about work volume. Well, I’m not sure I agree (I was contracted to write 700 pages in ten weeks), but as I sit here swamped with work while trying to get over my burnout-induced flu, I appreciate the positive sentiment… “No use complaining when you got a job to do”.
    Did I miss something or did you talk about your northern vacation yet? Where’s the pix of the big ice cubes, man?

  27. “I don’t believe that we’re ever given more than we can really handle, even if we don’t think we can handle it.” That’s nice, but how do you explain Bud Selig?

  28. I’m sorry, but that “nobody gets more than they can handle” thing is completely untrue. I’m sure there are some people who can handle *anything*, but what about all the people who snap, have nervous breakdowns, kill themselves?
    I know all the holier-than-thous will say those people are weak. Fine, but if they were that weak, then they *did* get more than they could handle, didn’t they? Not trying to bring everyone down, it’s just my own personal experiences have taught me that that statement isn’t true. I can’t stand to hear it.

  29. “I don’t believe that we’re ever given more than we can really handle, even if we don’t think we can handle it.”
    A reminder I needed very much Wil. As always, thanks. Lex

  30. Laura, your pessimistic view is thought-provoking, but I think you are slightly mistaken. People that “snap” only *believe* that they can’t handle, and wallow in too much self-pity to ask for the help and support of the people around them. Not to say that they are weak, they just seem mistrusting of the people that love and care for them. There’s never anything wrong with asking for help and support. BTW, We all are aware that suicide is one of the most selfish acts a person can commit, right? We’re stronger than we all make ourselves out to be, we just don’t realize it.

    Umm. Beach good. Yeah.

  31. I know what ya mean… try being in the military and being in 3 different countries in less than a 24 hour period.
    One thing we agree on Wil — Coffee and Exodus.
    And so it goes… Life IS good!

  32. Courtney, everyone is selfish. If you expect someone who is completely miserable to stick around rather than end their suffering, then *you’re* being selfish, no? Also, you’re assuming everyone has people who love and care for them. I’m not saying that to be self-pitying, I just see things from a different perspective. I realize happy people can’t imagine the feeling, it just gets on my nerves when people say *NOBODY* or *EVERYBODY*.
    Either way, I’ve obviously taken a wrong turn into Optimism Land, I’ll go back to my dark corner of the reality I know.

  33. Laura P:
    This is why I try not to think. That way, I don’t have to ponder upon which side of this question I sit.
    Ooo, hey, cereal!

  34. Wil,
    having family and friends, good work
    coffee and mans best friend at your side
    that’s the life! :)
    sorry no time for chat, I gotta go..
    some guests here just got sick all over my lobby floor… and I’ve the “lucky one” to clean it up.
    that’s my life.. :)

  35. Busy busy busy busy busy busy…
    Me? Learning Photoshop 7 is more work than I could have imagined — what with all the summer yard work that I guess must be done…

  36. Laura, not necessarily trying to pick a fight, just trying to understand why the pessimistic view. I understand what you are saying, but honestly, there is almost always a way to get through, as difficult as it can seem. I know it all depends on the situation, and we are both being kinda generic here. Yes, there are some cases, where someone is physically and possibly mentally unfit to go on. I don’t think I ever used the terms “Everybody” or “Nobody”.
    Yes, we are all selfish in one way or another. Agreed. But suicide is pretty extreme. I don’t think I “expect” people to stay around for me, but for themselves.
    “Happy People can’t imagine the feeling?” I don’t think that anyone is exclusively Happy or Sad. We’re just… people.

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