Let them play

I have been a baseball fan my entire life. When you cut me, I bleed Dodger Blue. I can remember stats and significant dates in baseball history as clearly as I can recall birthdays and anniversaries in my family.
I hate the DH, I wish they’d raise the mound. I sing “Take me out to the ballgame” when I watch the games on TV.
I buy the Baseball Prospectus each year.
I calculate player’s OPS.
I play roto every season.
I keep score during most games I watch, and I save my scoresheets in a folder in my closet.
When I play softball, I hear Vin Scully and Harry Carry calling the game in my head.
Yeah, I am a baseball fan.
I watch the All Star game. Every year. If I’m not going to be home, I tape it, and if I catch a replay of a classic game on ESPN, I’m lost for the duration.
Yeah, I’m a baseball fan, and I am furious. I mean, vein-popping, ear-steaming, teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling furious.
Just when I thought that Bud “King Jackass” Selig couldn’t do more damage to the game, just when I thought that we’d nearly hit rock-bottom, he calls the freakin’ All-Star game!
A major comeback by the AL, amazing individual efforts from players on both teams, towering home runs and extra innings, the hated Barry Bonds being robbed of a homer in the 2nd only to hit a two run shot in the third.
The first game in a decade that is TRULY exciting and Selig calls it.
No winner, no MVP. Randy Johnson couldn’t even be bothered to show up.
Those fans who paid their money to watch a game tonight in Milwaukee expected to see a full game. With a winner and an MVP ceremony. That’s what they paid for, and that’s what they deserved.
What they and we got was a nice big “thanks for your money, now please leave.”
I don’t buy this idea that the game doesn’t mean anything, so the players shouldn’t give their all. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything to the players, but it sure means a lot to us fans. Sure, it doesn’t count towards anything in the standings, but we baseball fans wait each year for this mid-summer classic, when the best of the best show us what they can do. It is supposed to be an honor to play in the All Star game. It is supposed to be a time when the owners and players give something back to the fans.
Major League Baseball should be ashamed of itself. During a year when Selig has talked of contraction, players are threatening to strike, and the spectre of steriod abuse looms large over each and every ballpark, this game was an opportunity for Baseball and it’s players to transcend the controversy and just play, the way we all play in sandlots and back fields and vacant lots all across America.
Instead, they showed us what they’re really made of, and it’s outrageous.
I have been a baseball fan my entire life, but I promise you this: after tonight’s disgraceful ending to an otherwise magnificent game, if there is even one day of strike or lockout, I’m done.
Let them play, Bud. Let them play.

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  1. I was threw after the last strike. I was a major Dodger fan and now I Watch a game occasionally if nothing else is on. Fighting over money when they already make enormous amounts of it is rediculous. Let them dope up and strike all they want but ignore them the way I have. It is the best revenge for ruining one of my favorite games as a child. Join me in the BAN GREEDY BASTARDS campaign.

  2. I totally agree. I stayed up last night to see a victory, not that. Poor Bud, sitting there in the front row, fearing for his life when the crowd began to boo. Serves him right.

  3. I agree with you whole-heartedly. I bleed Mets blue, my mom bled Brooklyn Dodgers blue till they broke her heart. Between the fiasco that is the Mets this season and last night’s “tie,” it’s getting mighty tough to be enthusiastic. I’ve kept my season tickets, but the in-game banter with the neighbors has progresssed from optimism to sarcasm to the voice of doom.
    If you want to see an amusing Top Ten list of other ways to end the All Star game, check out http://www.thecloser.com.

  4. Hey Wil,
    The only thing I can say about baseball is I played it in little League for 3 years…. But being the loyal fan I am to you, if it makes you angry, I’ll be angry too!
    See? I’m angry, I’m ranting, I’m raving!
    I’m sorry, Wil, I dunno what else to do!
    But I do know what you mean by something you like not being there…
    Like one by one, my favourite shows got cancelled!
    Best I could cheer you up…
    Only 14 here, remember?
    But hey, I can sure take yelling! Anyone wanna blow off steam? Do it right to my face!LOL!

  5. Look at it this way: What if they’d kept it going? What if it went for another couple of innings? And what if, worst case scenario, one of the pitchers threw out his arm after going much longer than he had expected to go in a game that’s just for fun?
    There’s already players who turn down All-Star nominations because they’re worried about injuries or being too tired to play after the break. Can you imagine what it would do to next year’s game if something like that actually happened?
    You got eleven innings of a really great game. Yes, the MVP deal is a travesty, but ending the game was the only safe decision available.

  6. I hear ya, Wil. This whole thing stinks. It’s such a slap in the face to the greatest hitter who ever lived, Ted Williams. They name the AllStar MVP award after him, and then don’t even give it to him! I just wanna pull a Latrell Spreewell on Bud Selig.

  7. “A pitcher could get hurt….” you mean like during any other game during the year???????
    The All-Star game might not be important to the players, managers, or owners, but it is important to the fans…the fans who come out to the ballpark for the game, the fans who by the tickets, the beer, the popcorn, and the taxes (whenever the teams feel like they want a new stadium, or threaten to move everytime they want something for free).
    Its an opportunity to see the best players in baseball go head-to-head, one time out of the year. There are no hard & fast rules for the all star game, only conventions (more like traditions) that most certainly could be changed, just to give the fans the thrill of having a winner (instead of two big losers – the fans, and MLB).
    And not awarding an MVP? WTF, especially after renaming it this year and all. Its a real travesty. Baseball is on the way out, I’m afraid. The owners don’t care, the players don’t care, and the fans are started not to care. If there’s a strike or lock-out this year, I don’t expect the game to recover.
    It’ll be a shame to not see the Red Sox win a World’s Series, but at least I wouldn’t have to go through the agonizing process each year with the big letdown.

  8. I’m with you Wil, I have been a Yankees fan my entire life. I live in Texas so I also follow the Rangers and Astros, however I have always loved the Yankees. What happened last night is a tragedy. In a time when America is looking at baseball for a relief from everyday fears these people are turning their backs on us. I was crushed in 94,I was only 17 and realized then that politics are everywhere.
    What sucks the most about last night is the fact that they just named the All-star MVP after Ted Williams and didn’t even hand it out to anyone. I also love the NBA and NFL and if baseball does strike I will never again watch another baseball game played by the Major League. I think Bud Selig sucks.
    Josh Sol

  9. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the news of the All Star Game. I had a softball double header last night, but game 2 was cancelled due to a thunderstorm. That only meant eveeryone could get home in time for the first pitch of the game. I had no idea it would be worse than watching a softball game in my league (some teams are really, really bad)! I didn’t know a game was allowed to end in a tie! That isn’t right…. I say, DO-OVER!

  10. While a tied game might be frustrating….I agree with the managers in their desire not to overextend players and send them back to their teams less than 100%. By its nature, the All-Star game is an exhibition game. Pre-season exhibition games end in ties often. Every player played. There have been years where this was not the case, and fans of that player had reason to be upset.
    The purpose of the all-star game for me is to see the league’s best players play each other. Which team is the victor is really irrelevant.
    I am more upset with Fox for deciding that while the pre-game tributes to Hall-of-Fame announcer Jack Buck and 33 year-old-pitcher Darryl Kile…both died in the last month…for deciding this was a good time to air commercials.
    I’ve been a Cardinals fan since I first learned about baseball…and grew up listening to Jack Buck announce the games. 33 myself, the concept that a healthy 33 year old can die of natural causes stunned me, along with many others. And Kile was great both on and off the field.
    That Fox would have the insensitivity to air commercials over those tributes just shocks me.

  11. It is a shame that the All Star Game ended the way it did last night because it will probably be the last one before the end of baseball as we know it. You can almost bet that there is going to be a strike later this summer and that is going to change everything. MORE people NOT showing at the parks and a contraction of MORE than the 2 teams that Selig was looking for.

  12. I, too, was very disappointed with the way the game ended last night. I mean, a tie in baseball? That’s ridiculous! It’s gotta be downright un-American! No MVP? They could have at least named an MVP from both the AL and the NL. As a fan, I feel that this bodes very ill for the rest of the season. I think it’s an omen of bad things to come. I thought it was especially cruel considering all the sappy sentimental stuff in the pre-game. It was like being made to love someone only to be told “it’s not you, it’s me”…

  13. Hmm first of all Mr. Selig tries to contract my team, the Twins, now look, they have a 7.5 game lead in tha AL Central. Just today I saw a story in my newspaper that he is still threatening the Twins with contraction if they don’t get a new stadium. Now he call’s the allstar game? Give me a break. For all I care he could have gone out there and pitched, then maybe someone would hit a line drive and knock some sense into him.

  14. Now, I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but…
    Is it just me or is Bug Selid 😉 making the game suck more than monica lewinsky at a bill clinton clone convention? I mean, here we are, good little drones boosting the clusterf**ked economy by paying more money for hot dogs and beer than for most movies in theaters, and he calls the game with less grace than janet reno belly dancing for al-qaeda. Sure, giving Ted Williams some honor was good, but I think the Splendid Splinter would like to see Bud’s splinter cut off and fed to various sea creatures after seeing what happened to the All Star Game, if you know what I mean.
    The All Star Game is just that. A time for the best of the best bat swingers, runners and pitchers to go out there, whomp much ass and take a few names along the way. I’ll take Bratney Spears singing Take Me out To The Ball Game in some obscure indian language any day rather than see one of the major games of the season get swept under the rug more than Area 51’s real purpose. We paid not with little slips of paper and metal circles to get in the stands… we worked too damn long like drunken ants to get paid in the first place.
    So what’s next. I think some of the previous posters on the forum were right… baseball is dead, if not dying a painful messy death that makes boiling to death in your own skin seem like a calm refreshment. You just know that by 2100 or so we’ll probably have Thunderdome-like battlefields where people legally sign their lives away to kill others since violence and sex still make more money than say, learning about Mars and eventual habitation there so we can save our species.
    I’m running out of lame jokes here, so I’ll simply say this: Bud Selig should be taken out of the gene pool. Permanently. And George Steinbrenner, come to think of it.
    Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  15. Spudnuts said: Sorry.
    Ralph Nader can’t come to the phone right now as he is on hunger strike in Pitkin, Colorado over a disputed red rover call at Park Lane Elementary.
    Your call IS important to Mr. Nader, so please try your fool’s errand at a later date or leave a profanity-filled tirade after the beep.
    This has got to be one of the funniest things I have read regarding this whole sorry-assed situation! Way to go Spuds!

  16. I don’t follow baseball at all. I am a Dodgers fan in that if they make the World Series I will watch. A bandwagoner through and through. I can’t name ONE player on the Dodgers roster and I am proud as hell. I vaguely recall that Piazza is no longer a Dodger, but that’s as much as I know.
    I will go see a baseball game LIVE just for the nostalgia factor (and to get some sun and drink a beer), but I find the game deadly dull (although I played and enjoyed the sport many years as a little leaguer and was a damn fine — all-star even — catcher and second baseman). On par with soccer (1-0!) or golf.
    But this “ran out of players” thing really reinforces a lot of criticisms made against pro sports. How the FUCK can you “run out of players?” They’re still there, right? What, the fat fucking multi-millionaire pitchers are such finely tuned athletic machines that they are spent after throwing to TWO batters and are done for the night? I bet you bring in some minor league scab from Nowheresville and see if he’s “done” after two batters. He’ll pitch for the whole night and you’ll have to drag him off the field.
    I’m a big NBA fan, but even though I was once an NFL fan and MLB fan, I find my enthusiasm for pro sports waning every day. And baseball is the WORST. At least NBA players are generally in some seriously fucking good shape. Baseball players have been phoning it in for decades. The overwhelming majority are coasting on steroids.
    Fuck ’em.
    Baseball hasn’t been the American pasttime for thirty fucking years. Maybe Major League Baseball and Michael Jackson can go halfsies on Johnny Cockring and sue… um… America… for… uh… having a life.
    P. S. This post has been grouped into a very un-Spudnuts-like paragraph structure to meet the stringent writing guidelines handed out by my fifth grade English teacher Mrs. Connelly who USED TO RAP MY KNUCKLES with a ruler. But you know what, Mrs. Connelly? You’re dead and I’M STILL ALIVE.
    So who is laughing last?

  17. I hear this from hardcore baseball fans everytime there’s a strike, or the threat of one. But it’s the very same hardcore baseball fans who are keeping this running gag running. If there is a strike this year, everyone will say “i’m sick of this bullshit, never again.” But as soon as the next season starts, as soon as that sound of a bat cracking hits your ears, you’ll be back, with stats running around your brain. Bud Selig knows this.

  18. I guess I dont get it.
    Wil, you mentioned that the All star game was the classic sandlot game, where the best of the best could go out and just play… Show us what they’ve got. So.. my question is.. Who cares if anyone wins? Do you really sit there and root for the National over the American league, or vice versa? You got to see the best of the best last night, and they put on a great show for 11, not 9, but 11 innings. I think we got more than we paid for.
    Now.. I dont think they handled it all that well. Deciding to call the game in the middle of an inning is a little strange, but how else are you going to do it? And yes, the players on the field had their respective teams to worry about. In the larger sense of the major league season, this game absolutely doesn’t mean a thing, unless… someone gets hurt. Then you’re compromising the fortunes of another ball club, and clearly that was in the minds of Joe Torre and Bob Brenley.
    A co-MVP would have been nice to see. Especially since the award had just been named after the late Ted Williams.
    Say what you will about Selig, the owners, the players and the whole mess that could come to pass for MLB this season. But, I think they made the right call last night.

  19. Come on guys. If any one of those players had gotten hurt everyone would be calling “foul” There is NO pleasing everyone. It was a all star game, it doesn’t count, its done for the fans. Those who attended the game in person and are disappointed; well you paid a crap load of $$ to see a 9 inning game, well you got that plus a few more innings. I know if my Freddy Garcia got hurt I would have to take some one out. If he gets hurt in a real game, I would still have to take some one out. No MVP does NOT make sense, but calling the game does. Get over it. We are lucky enough to at least have the game of baseball.

  20. I’m not a baseball fan but I understand how angry it can be. I mean I can’t imagine watching the all star baseketball game and having the umpire just end the game like that. I think the fans anger should be heard this time.

  21. Hey, GODDAMMIT!
    Get this fucking straight.
    There are no ties in America.
    In anything!
    How fucking obvious is this?!
    Jesus CHRIST!

  22. You all are stupid sheep to believe that the game deserved a second chance after 1994.
    Now you see the true colors of that industry again, and you still make statements like, “If they strike this year, I’m going to hold my breath until they grow a third leg.”
    Well, dream on. Baseball is dead. LONG LIVE HOCKEY!!

  23. Even though I am still a die hard Blue Jays fan, baseball lost its strong appeal for me after the first strike. I’ll watch the occasional game but not as much as I use to. Of course, living in VA makes it hard to catch a Blue Jay game anyway. =P If they go on strike again, I will be too angry for words. They lose alot of fans this way. Anyway, lets hope not.
    Side note: The firework incident in your previous entry, happened to our family this year. What a thing to happen but we are laughing hysterically about it now, its all you can do. =)

  24. My thoughts exactly! As a die hard baseball fan myself (Toronto Blue Jays are my team. *ducks to avoid being hit in the head with a base ball* Hey come on, it’s a buliding year. :) ) I echo your sentiments. It’s time the boys of summer stopped thinking about the almighty buck and started thinking about the fans. Who by the way, provide them with the almighty buck.

  25. I know you’re a big baseball fan and everything Wil, I mean come on aren’t we all, but you do realise that you”ve jsut written nearly a full screen worth of banter about the game. Not that I’m dissing it or anything, but maybe it’s not as good as you thought.

  26. I’m from Seattle. I wanted to see Freddy Garcia get the hell out of that game and save his strength for the second half. But, it’s easy for me to say … I attended an ENTIRE All-Star Game here last year.
    Bud Selig is in desperate need of a personal PR person by his side at all times.

  27. Wil,
    Thanks for saying it all. The only thing I differ from is that I will always be a baseball fan. I know its rediculous, but if they strike, I will always watch. I just hope they don’t ruin the game. Thanks again.

  28. Like I tell my kids, “It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it.” It’s not the fact that they ended the game in a tie; it’s the fact that they screwed around and announced it in the middle of the 11th inning, instead of at the end of the 9th saying: “We only have enough players to play to more innings…let’s fight it out until the 11th.”
    I still can’t imagine telling Pete Rose to end in a tie (as I see him crashing into Ray Fosse in the bottom of the 12th of the 1970 All-Star Game)…or telling Ted Williams to end in a tie (as I fume about them naming the MVP in his honor, then not even awarding the damn thing).
    I could see Tony Gwynn (who scored the winning run in the bottom of the 12th in 1994) squirming in his ESPN commentator’s chair…he hated it, too. In fact, I’ll bet if they asked the players, they would have wanted to continue. This is all on two clueless managers and one bonhead commissioner’s hands.

  29. I love Baseball.
    I love to watch Baseball.
    I love to play Baseball.
    It is, afterall, our national past time.
    The season when the “Game” of Baseball is played is over. It ended on June 22nd in Omaha. The “Business” that is called baseball runs until September. The business where corrupt Unions battle each other for the lion’s share of our ticket money. The business where the “role models” for our children fight for the right not to be tested for drug use. What happened last night only strengthens the fact that Professional Baseball is more of a business now than a game. Mr. Selig you are an inept moron who is ruining the game of baseball. Step down immediately so that we can somehow salvage the game that so many of us love. Players, you get paid to play a game. Stop demanding to be paid millions of dollars to do so. It is your high salaries that make it so that a day at the ballpark for a family of four now costs nearly $200. I think that you can live very comfortably on $150,000 a year. The problem is that most of the players and owners are not very bright. Think about it. A lot of the owners are former players. Most of the players are drafted out of High School and those that did go to college have degrees in communication or broadcasting. So we essentially have a multi-billion dollar a year industry being run by people with little or no business sense. This is causing a domino effect that is killing the game of baseball. Players demand more money, which causes owners to jack up ticket prices, which causes less fans to go to the games, which makes it so that the poorer teams can’t afford good talent, which causes them to cut teams. Eventually we’ll be stuck watching the Yankees play the Braves 162 times a year. Won’t that be an exiting time for Baseball.

  30. Hey Wil! First time caller, long time listener (although my wife, Laura, occasionally posts)… We live in Milwaukee (Please, come to GenCon!) and we despise Bud Selig. The man’s cancelled a World Series, now he’s killed an All-Star Game. He may have left his princess daughter in charge of his sad little ballclub, but he’s still an owner ruling over the game. The conflict of interest is obvious, and it’s killing the game.
    Getting back to last night, since the game doesn’t count, why not be flexible and let players back into the game? You can’t tell me Curt Schilling and Sammy Sosa, guys who always play their hearts out, wouldn’t have gone back in if asked. People paid $175 and $125 to attend. Those folks, and the rest of us who can’t afford this rich man’s game, deserved a complete contest. They just named the game’s MVP in honor of the recently deceased Ted Williams, and now there’s no MVP to award! How can one man be so clueless? OK, I forgot about Bush. Make that TWO men! It’s interesting to note that if Selig hadn’t named himself commissioner, Dubya just might have taken that job and therefore never stolen the White House. There’s someting else we can blame Selig for.
    Leave it to Bud to ruin a great party. I almost hope there is a strike. I’m tired of watching my beloved Cubs flounder year after year. When does football season start? My equally beloved Packers should have a good year.

  31. As it happens I live in the Chicago suburb of Milwaukee and I would never have shelled out $125 for a regularly $2 Uecker (obstructed)seat knowing what a bunch of overpaid primadonnas these donkey’s are.
    I am glad Barry and his kind are gone, the stench is lifted!!! Baseball will live through this but Bud, well he’ll have egg on his face for some time to come. Just be glad your baseball team doesn’t suck as bad as ours. A $300 million stadium does not a guarantee a good team or organization.

  32. Wow. Such venom. You think a US Circuit Court had just come out and declared a sensitive part of the Pledge of Alliegiance unconstitutional. 😉
    Okay, before I begin, everyone channel your inner Randy Jackson and yell “This is AMERICA! We don’t DO that here!”
    Done it? No, you who yelled “I’m as MAD as HELL…” go back to the window and do it again. I said Randy Jackson, not Howard Beall.
    With that in mind….
    In Japan, they have ties. After 12 innings, in one league, it’s officially a tie. And in some circles, they play for ties. To the Japanese culture, it’s the best scenario, with both teams saving face.
    And tell me, if one team did beat another, was it going to count one bit in the standings? One more homer for Sosa in the record books?
    I don’tknow about you, but I’m more concerned about a healthy Pedro and wondering if a 4-2 stretch against the Jays and the Tigers mean a collapse for the BoSox.
    Meanwhile, while everyone is duking it out a la “Lisa on Ice” (http://www.snpp.com/episodes/2F05.html), I’ll just skate around Miller Park and stripping until I’m down to my jockstrap….
    Play Ball!

  33. I’m sure this will just be one of many rants on this topic. But I have an idea that I haven’t seen mentioned, and I write computer baseball games for a living, so I think a lot about this kind of stuff.
    Everyone in baseball seems to agree that Joe Torre, Bob Brenly, and Bud Selig did exactly the right thing last night by ending the game after 11 innings. That all pitchers were used up, and that it was a “no-win” situation.
    I beg to differ. In the top of the 9th inning I was already thinking (and talking out loud to my wife) about what they would do if the game went into extra innings and they ran out of pitchers.
    The first thing that came to mind, and something the rulers of MLB seem to have missed, is to bring in the position players to pitch.
    Most of these guys probably pitched in high school, and I bet a few even pitched in college or the minors. I’m sure Nomar could go out there and throw some 70-MPH batting practice fastballs for a few innings without hurting their arm. Move Garcia and Padilla to right field, and LET THEM PLAY!
    The only reason a meeting would be needed would just be to decide at which point BOTH teams would put the infielders on the mound and perhaps open the floodgate of hits. However, hitting a baseball is pretty tough — as shown by the home run derby where the pitcher is TRYING to throw meatballs. In other words, each team probably would have scored a few runs in the 12th inning hitting BP fastballs, and the game would have ended with a winner.
    What amazes me most is that in addition to making the horrible decision to end the game in a tie — they also bumbled all over themselves making the decision. They stopped the game in the 11th inning to decide what to do. As if it didn’t occur to anyone ahead of time that the game would go into extra innings. The fact that they didn’t plan ahead is perhaps the biggest sign of incompetence here. It’s like going on a long trip without checking the gas tank.
    MLB has really shot themselves in the foot with this one. And I fear it’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how incompetently baseball is being run. Oh well.
    Clay Dreslough
    Sports Mogul Inc.
    196 Boston Avenue, #2500
    Medford, MA 02155
    [email protected]

  34. > The All Star game should count. Whichever league > wins the All Star Game earns home field advantage > for its respective team in the world series.
    I’ve heard this and I like it. Another idea I just thought of is that the winning league gets to host NEXT YEAR’S All Star Game, selected at random. And the host gets to keep a chunk of the money.
    So even someone like Randy Winn of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will go out and want to win, because if he does they might play in Tampa next year, thus bringing money and attention to his hometown club.

  35. Wil et al,
    I hate to say it but what did you expect? You get what you deserve. Every fan of MLB EARNED this. By continuing to support financially MLB with your ticket-buying and memorabilia purchases, your lobbying for taxpayer-funded stadia, your blissfully ignoring the rampant drug-use and criminal behavior of your “heroes” like Darryl Strawberry, you’ve dealt your own brand of snob-nosed millionaire crybabies who demand 1/4 of a BILLION dollars in order to play a game that long should have passed from our national collective memory. Besides it’s utterly boring. I hope they strike. I hope the season is called. And I hope they contract and eliminate ALL the teams and their stupid Monopoly is finally broken by Congress. And I hope Jerry Collangelo and the Diamondbacks all die in a tragic plane accident so we don’t have to have those drunken, millionaire, crybabies driving the streets of Scottsdale anymore.
    You deserve it. You bred this contempt and continue to let them get away with it.
    Every time I hear about another “baseball outrage” I laugh because every SINGLE time all the baseball fans state collectively “Well if they do ONE MORE THING… that’s it I’m done!” But what happened the last time they striked. As soon as the new season started…. every single one of you was back in line. Jockstrap Intelligencia…
    Enjoy your shortened season…

  36. Baseball will never be baseball until the players get paid less and they don’t use steroids to knock it out of the park.
    True baseball died with the likes of Kent Hrbeck and Wade Boggs. True baseball legends. I don’t care how many homeruns are hit by the players today. Back when baseball was baseball, they didn’t need steroids. It was grit and muscle.
    Until baseball is played by the true player, I refuse to watch another game.

  37. I’ll readily admit, I’m not a huge baseball fan.
    When I first read Wil’s comments, I misconstrued them to mean that Bud Selig was calling the play-by-play for the all-star game. Why the Hell would I wanna listen to Bud Selig call a baseball game? Is his ego so huge that he believes no one else could possibly do it in a manner befitting the midsummer classic? How about Bob Costas, or Bob Euker (Front Row!).
    It was only when I went to espn.com’s website to read up on this that I realized that Bud didn’t do the play by play, he used the power of his comissionary position to end the game in the 11th inning while the teams were still tied, officially making him the Bane of Major League Baseball (until the players strike).
    Now I feel Stoopid.
    So…who was doing play by play?

  38. When did baseball turn into soccer? let’s have a tie so nobody’s feelings get hurt, fuck that!! I’m sure all you liberal panty-asses that come to wil’s site were excited about the tie!!YEAH. just more feel good liberalism.Who cares about the score as long as everyone plays, FUCK THAT. you stupid left-wingers are ruining this once great country. and how about that piece of shit singer anastacia, she should be kicked out of the country for not even knowing the words to the National Anthem.What a Fucking disgrace she was. and I see wilwheaton is a supporter of that CUNT!!

  39. in 1982, i was 7 years old. my dad happened to be a professional skydiver for old style at the time, and often jumped into milwaukee county stadium before the games (milwaukee COUNTY stadium, as in, it used to belong to us). during this time, i met almost the entire team, as we (brother and i) were allowed to watch my dad jump in from on the field, ie: during practice. at 7 years old, the chance to meet cooper, yount, fingers and molitor was pretty significant, and i developed a love for the team. that is, until selig came along… when was the last time they had a winning season? ok, but we still loved them. you’ve been made commisioner and you’re giving the team to your freak-ugly daughter? ummm, well… ok, i guess they’re still my brew crew… you want to tear down the stadium and build a new one? i guess so… it is pretty old. wait… you want to tear down our stadium, then have us pay for a new one that will belong only to you and your daughter, to do with as you like, so you get any extra income from non-baseball events? (how the hell did he pull that off?) enough is enough. piss off, you weasly pinheaded self-serving bastard for destroying one of my few remaining positive childhood associations you prick.
    ok, i’m done bitching.
    for now.

  40. Baseball, what a bunch of coked-up steroid heads. So juiced up on the ‘roids that they can’t even pitch to more than 2 batters. DIE BASEBALL DIE.

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