Let them play

I have been a baseball fan my entire life. When you cut me, I bleed Dodger Blue. I can remember stats and significant dates in baseball history as clearly as I can recall birthdays and anniversaries in my family.
I hate the DH, I wish they’d raise the mound. I sing “Take me out to the ballgame” when I watch the games on TV.
I buy the Baseball Prospectus each year.
I calculate player’s OPS.
I play roto every season.
I keep score during most games I watch, and I save my scoresheets in a folder in my closet.
When I play softball, I hear Vin Scully and Harry Carry calling the game in my head.
Yeah, I am a baseball fan.
I watch the All Star game. Every year. If I’m not going to be home, I tape it, and if I catch a replay of a classic game on ESPN, I’m lost for the duration.
Yeah, I’m a baseball fan, and I am furious. I mean, vein-popping, ear-steaming, teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling furious.
Just when I thought that Bud “King Jackass” Selig couldn’t do more damage to the game, just when I thought that we’d nearly hit rock-bottom, he calls the freakin’ All-Star game!
A major comeback by the AL, amazing individual efforts from players on both teams, towering home runs and extra innings, the hated Barry Bonds being robbed of a homer in the 2nd only to hit a two run shot in the third.
The first game in a decade that is TRULY exciting and Selig calls it.
No winner, no MVP. Randy Johnson couldn’t even be bothered to show up.
Those fans who paid their money to watch a game tonight in Milwaukee expected to see a full game. With a winner and an MVP ceremony. That’s what they paid for, and that’s what they deserved.
What they and we got was a nice big “thanks for your money, now please leave.”
I don’t buy this idea that the game doesn’t mean anything, so the players shouldn’t give their all. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything to the players, but it sure means a lot to us fans. Sure, it doesn’t count towards anything in the standings, but we baseball fans wait each year for this mid-summer classic, when the best of the best show us what they can do. It is supposed to be an honor to play in the All Star game. It is supposed to be a time when the owners and players give something back to the fans.
Major League Baseball should be ashamed of itself. During a year when Selig has talked of contraction, players are threatening to strike, and the spectre of steriod abuse looms large over each and every ballpark, this game was an opportunity for Baseball and it’s players to transcend the controversy and just play, the way we all play in sandlots and back fields and vacant lots all across America.
Instead, they showed us what they’re really made of, and it’s outrageous.
I have been a baseball fan my entire life, but I promise you this: after tonight’s disgraceful ending to an otherwise magnificent game, if there is even one day of strike or lockout, I’m done.
Let them play, Bud. Let them play.

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  1. Growing up, I was a Giants fan and I hated the Dodgers more than anything =P I remember my
    favorite players… Darrell Evans, Bob Brenly,
    Jack Clark, Chili Davis. I also remember hating
    Kirk Gibson even more after that gimpy home run
    in the World Series.
    But the ’94 strike really made me lose interest
    in the game quite a bit. Then they renamed
    Candlestick Park to Pacbell Park, much like every
    other corporate named park nowadays. I really
    didn’t care anymore…
    Then, this year, someone introduced me to fantasy
    baseball, and I’m enjoying baseball again to
    small degrees. But if there’s another strike, I
    will never care about professional baseball again.

  2. I hear you. bad experiences with junior league lead me to quit. mostly due to abuse by parents. I went to a pro game and what i saw there, players and fans alike, turned my stomach. I was 9. I’ve never played since.
    Mind you, I can still pitch 103 Mph, right to the red dot in the pitching tents, and I can still pitch and bat with either hand… I enjoy the athletics, but the shame of the game has kept me away.
    Honestly, the whole commercial sports thing makes my skin crawl. I think the fans should teach baseball that this is the 21st century. Its time for the FANS to strike.

  3. I feel deprived now! We dont have baseball here so I dont have a clue what your talkin about! Wish I did tho sounds fun!

  4. I have to agree with you, although I don’t blame it all on Selig.
    The concept of “managing” the All-Star Game has become a joke. To assuage all the egos, you have to try to use *everyone*. Which means, that if you go extra innings, you’re stuck with just a handful of players.
    So, how do we get back to the point where being NAMED to an All-Star Game is enough, whether you play or not? Joe Girardi was the last position player I can think of who actually said and MEANT that, and didn’t play–and he probably only sat out because it was his manager that managed that particular game, and knew he meant it and there was no big ego to be bruised.

  5. Now that’s just fucking sad. What’s the matter, couldn’t get one of the overpaid whiners to play one stinking extra inning?
    I watch an occasional baseball game, but I’m not a huge fan. But THIS crap… this is just plain stupid.

  6. i’m a long time lurker, but being a hard-core Red Sox fan, and still feeling a little weepy about “Teddy Ballgame” passing away just pushed me to write.
    Bud Selig took the game of baseball and turned it into a JOKE. How can there be no winner? don’t we play regular games til the bitter end?
    it sickens me that the year that they rename the MVP award the “ted williams all star MVP”, there IS no mvp.

  7. Selig did the right thing, he just did it the wrong way.
    The game could have continued if there were pitchers available, but the arms in the game were far too valuable to risk on an exhibition. Brenly and Torre and Selig agreed that it wasn’t worth an injury.
    But when the announcement was made, it didn’t come out that way. It sounded like baseball’s mommy was telling the stadium go home, the party’s over.
    The teams aren’t selected normally, the game isn’t managed normally, and it shouldn’t have to end normally. Though it can if you allow for the other perturbations.
    Bringing more pitchers (when did a baseball team last have fewer than 11 arms on its staff? Or 12 for that matter?) and enough position players to make up for the face-time substitutions of the selected 30, and you can play normal baseball after the 9th inning.
    Hell, bring the pitchers selected to the College All-Star roster to pitch the extra innings. or last year’s minor-league MVP. Or this year’s Hall of Fame class.
    It was a mechanical problem running up against the irrelevance of the result. I’d rather watch a mid-August Devil Rays-Royals game in a park with 4,000 people in it than see Vicente Padilla blow out his arm because he didn’t warm up expecting more than 2 innings in an exhibition game.
    Selig got it right, but pissed everyone off anyway. And he swears up and down we’re not going to have a strike.
    How are you going to spend *your* October, Wil?

  8. Okay, I have to admit I don’t watch baseball so I really don’t understand what’s going on here, and I don’t know where else to ask these questions so I’ll do it here:
    What’s the problem with a tie? It’s a sporting event, most of the time one team beats another, sometimes they end tied. Why the outrage?
    Now, the really confusing to me is why was there no MVP? Surely the fact that one team didn’t beat the other doesn’t preclude the ability to pick a player that stood out?

  9. I am amazed at the number of people who, quite clearly, don’t give a damn about the *people* who play baseball.
    “Let position players pitch” (which is how Jose Canseco ruined his career) — “Pitchers should pitch more” (in an exhibition game which means nothing, so they can risk hurting themselves and taking themselves out of of games that do count) — “I paid my money and *I* want to see a winner” (damn, I hope you never go to a hockey or soccer game, friend)… and other neeping and bleeping over a game that means absofreakinlutely nothing.
    Look, baseball does a lot wrong. Most of what they do lately tends to be wrong. But this wasn’t wrong. You can’t expect pitchers to risk their careers for a meaningless exhibition. You can’t ask teams that have tens of millions of dollars invested in these players to take the risk, either.
    Please, save the venom for when it WILL be appropriate — which is that day in mid-August when there will be no major league baseball games because the billionaire owners and the millionaire players won’t be able to agree on how to divide the spoils of the game. THAT’S wrong.

  10. To be honest I dont pay much attention to baseball, especially in Australia where we dont have it!!!
    But you have to say….Brasil played a kick ass game against Germany this World Cup..

  11. The rules should be changed so that if a game is tied after 11 innings then a home run derby should be held to determine the winner. World cup soccer has more or less this rule, some sudden death and then a penalty shot contest.

  12. I feel pity for everyone in Wisconsin who’s been forced to humor the evil whims of Bud “the Pud” Selig over the years. But apparently the breeze is blowing west, cuz from my comfy lawn chair here in Minnesota I can still smell him.
    Baseball’s had its troubles in the last 10 years, sure… It’s impossible to deny it. But the Selig Monster is the salt on an already opened wound. He’s that final turn of the knife after you’ve been stabbed 29 times in the abdomen. He is the epitome of evil incarnate, and he’s destroying our beloved sport hella good.
    I’ll be the first to admit that the die-hard fans can get a little obsessive at times, but where isn’t that true? (I’m sure Wil has hundreds of convention stories where he’s wanted to go Shatner on some poor, unloved, overweight Trekkie.) What hurts us most is the sheer audacity that Mr. Selig has to be the governing body of a sports entity that he clearly has lost all love in.
    The fact that MLB.com had a story posted within an hour of the game ending announcing that “Players Support Decision to Call Game” shows it as more of a political spin move than any other. Hell, AOL’s top news story today is “Baseball Can’t Win” which starts with a scathing review of the game, and follows with the painful state of baseball today. CNNSI calls it “Bud’s Dud.” A statement that couldn’t be more true.
    And today, Selig’s haphazard vow to “make changes” to avoid All-Star ties in the future seems to be made one inning too late. The man has done little to help the sport grow – the TV ratings were down almost 10% from last year. And I won’t bother mentioning the poor attendance at ball parks all across the country.
    When any business has problems, the blame is usually focussed on a lack of focus. Focus is created by the management. It is the job of the management to bring everyone into alignment. If the management can’t create focus, the business usually fails. Bud Selig has provided no true focus that benefits the game. In most businesses, he’d be gone by now.
    I shutter at the thought of what will come next. He’s been very unsupportive of helping the Twins stay in Minnesota, and I feel for the fans of Montreal too. The new strike seems imminent, contraction WILL happen, and Major League Baseball is looking more and more like a tragic footnote than America’s Pasttime.
    Goodbye Baseball. You will be missed…
    Now damnit, Wil! I SAID I WANTED DANCING GIRLS!!!

  13. The following was previously posted:
    I’m with you man. There’s no tying, there’s no tying in Baseball. What a rip off. Yea, rename the MVP trophy for Ted Williams and then not give it away? What, do they put the trophy on ice and save it for next year? Baseball is screwing itself royally and us too. It’s over!!
    Posted by Mark at July 10, 2002 06:10 AM”
    Perhaps putting the Ted Williams MVP trophy on ice was a poorly choosen phrase. LOL! (but crying inside.)

  14. Preach on, Brother Wheaton. The resolution (if you can call it that) to the All-Star Game has served to further make a mockery of MLB. Bud Selig is a fucking idiot and has proved his incompetence again and again and again and should be forcibly removed from power. Now he says the game needs to make changes to how the All-Star Game is regulated to prevent this from happening again. No they don’t. The existing rules of the game are fine, and they should be adhered to — as they were not last night. The game of baseball does not allow for ties. Period. (Japanese baseball does, as a concession to their culture, but even there they play twelve innings before ending the game.) When the managers approached Selig with their concerns, Selig should have said to them, “well, gee, I guess you guys should have managed the game better then, hadn’t you?” The All-Star Game is still a Major League Baseball game, subject to the rules of any Major League Baseball game (with a few extra wrinkles already well-established for All-Star contests). Out of pitchers? Well, somebody’s got to pitch. Selig’s only response to Brenly and Torre should have been this: “If and when either of you feel you cannot field a team of nine players, you may forfeit the game.” If Bob Brenly really could not have run Padilla out there for another inning and was unwilling to let anyone else pitch, then he would have had to forfeit and the blame for all this would rest squarely on his mismanagement of the game (and the roster — only three starting pitchers?).
    Also, I don’t agree at all with the people saying that the rules should be changed to allow for some odd tie-breaker like a home run derby. The tie breaker is, one team scores more runs than the other. What’s worng with a tie, someone asked? Ties simply are not an option in baseball. The end.
    Robster, you might want to reconsider using “Look” at the beginning of your sentences — it makes you sound like Bud Selig. :-) And as for caring about the players, of course we care about the players. I’m a Mariners season ticket holder, I wouldn’t want to see Freddy Garcia injured in the All-Star Game. I don’t want to see him injured in any other game either, but you know what? That’s the concern of the team manager. The managers both mismanaged this game. This was a see-saw game, close for all of the second half, if not the entire game. Extra innings were a distinct possibility. And yet they still burned everyone on both rosters in order to “get everyone in.” That’s stupid, and the proper resolution would have been to force one or the other manager to either pitch a guy too long, play someone out of position, or forfeit.

  15. The DH sucks. It sucks because pitchers need to be able to defend their batters and get their shot at the other pitcher. The threat involved here keeps both pitchers in check.
    Having a DH is like war with both side’s sargeants leading the cause and orders but never experiencing the battle.

  16. I’m sitting here, listening to “The Place Where Dreams Come True” from the “Field of Dreams” soundtrack and reading everyone’s comments. It’s a perfect summer evening, pleasantly warm with a cool breeze, the last of the daylight just fading. The kind of night that should be spent at a ballpark–whether it be the local community-centre league or a major league ballpark–or at the cottage, listening to a game on the radio.
    And at the same time, it saddens me to see the head of Major League Baseball do something to antagonize so much of the already eroded fan base. Whether you agree with the decision to call the game or not (personally I find it surprising that they had never considered this possibility and made a rule regarding it–particularly as there was a 13-inning All Star Game in 1987) the main issue, really, is that fact that he’s managed to royally piss off many fans, in a year when strike talk was already casting a shadow over the game. Does Selig (and the rest of MLB for that matter) realize how cricial fan support is? Have they *noticed* that the teams which are suffering financially are the ones with problems filling the seats–Montreal being one of the primary examples? Though there are fans who will come back after a second strike, I find it hard to believe that there will be enough of those to support so many teams.
    With the decline of baseball in the last few years, one passage in W.P. Kinsella’s “Shoeless Joe” seems more nostalgic than usual, and takes on a bittersweet tone:
    “I don’t have to tell you that the one constant through all the years has been baseball. America has been erased like a blackboard, only to be rebuilt and then erased again. But baseball has marked time while America has rolled by like a procession of steamrollers….It is a living part of history…It continually reminds us of what once was, like an Indian-head penny in a handful of new coins.”
    To all those in MLB (players, owners, everyone): Baseball is a part of American history. Forget the fans and it *is* history.

  17. Spudnuts you are so wrong, there are ties.
    I got one for my B’day during the NHL season last year.
    Sorry your teacher still haunts you.

  18. yeah let them play and let’s injure the pitchers!
    Bonds robbed homerun was in the 1st, not the 2nd

  19. I’m not particularly a fan of watching an entire game of baseball on television, but goodness — do I love baseball *movies*! I cry when I watch FIELD OF DREAMS. Every single time. Oh wow.

  20. Me, and my friend’s used to borrow the little league field to play baseball. We where verry competitive, and I remember the shame of losing all to well. Maybee a tie now, and then is a good thing. Could be wrong though.

  21. Wil, I am so infuriated with Selig and last night just topped it off. I wrote an article on my website about it. Its simple but to the point on my feelings. http://www.philsphans.com/features
    I’ve titled it “All Your Baseball are Belong To Us.” It seemed appropriate when speaking of Selig.

  22. The way that I’ve always been able tell that it’s spring in California (trust me, it’s difficult to tell), is when I hear Vin Scully on my radio say “Well, hi everyone and a pleasant good afternoon to you wherever you may be. The Dodgers…”
    I bleed Dodger blue, and have since I was a little girl. I could name the line up of the 64 Dodgers. I went to a car dealership opening just to see Jim Levebre and Junior Gilliam. I love baseball.
    I just read an article in which Bud Selig was quoted as saying that one club might not make payroll on Monday and another might not make it to the end of the season. This seems like typical grand standing. Oh look, what troubles we have. We can’t pay the salaries, we can’t stay open for business, the sky is falling.
    I miss the old days when Koufax and Drysdale would pitch on three days rest. When the Dodgers would win 1-0 on Maury Wills walking, stealing second, stealing third and being squeezed home.
    What we have now is over inflated salaries, pampered players more afraid of getting hurt (or their clubs more afraid of their salaries being paid when they’re hurt).
    I want the little guy to win. I want baseball to be a game again instead of a business.
    I’m with you Wil. The last time they struck I said “enough”. Strike again, and I’m not goin’ back.

  23. yea, i was pretty pissed when they called the game….. switching pitchers every inning or 2… man, thats just stupid in an allstar game (IMO)…..

  24. I didn’t realize the All Star game was on already, and that the news report was about THAT game.
    As Seattle has always been closest to my home, I’ve been there every time Nolan Ryan came by with the Rangers. (I was there for Ryans’ last game of his career). I consider it my home team.
    Randy Johnson. I was very angry that he was treated like total crap before being sent off to Arizona. I think he takes a lot of crap from a lot of people and doesn’t seem to get the respect he deserves. Nolan Ryan himself has always stated Johnson is the best pitcher all around. The guy loves the game, I suspect there was crap going on behind the scenes that wasn’t worth putting up with.

  25. To those of you saying “bring the pitchers back in”: You do realize that’s not allowed, right? You can’t put a player back in after you take him out in baseball.
    So Selig changed the rules and declared a tie. The other option many of you are proposing is to change the rules and let you bring old players back in the game.
    Would not either solution piss you off?

  26. Wil, you hit the nail on the head. And contrary to what some others have implied in this conversation, I think the All-Star game means something. This isn’t the NFL All-Star Joke, held every year after the season is already over, as a sort of “hey, you rawk, now come and goof off in Hawaii for a while” thing.
    This is the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. A game with a lot of history, passion, and excitement. A game that is supposed to highlight everything that is good about baseball. It occurs in the middle of the season, as things are starting to heat up. It showcases the rivalry between the real league and the designated hitter league. 😉
    And Bud ends it prematurely. This was his doing, but it doesn’t help baseball’s rep as a sport filled with prima-donnas. I mean, come on. Pitchers might get their poor little arms hurt? They get paid a lot of money to PLAY BASEBALL for the fans. Without fans, they’d be working normal jobs like the rest of us.
    I’m really getting heated up yet again about baseball. I remember being in Pittsburgh during Matt Williams’ home run streak. He and the Giants were about to come and play the Bucs. I had tickets. Life was good. Then the strike hit. Matt got screwed. I got screwed.
    The petulant baseball players started playing the following year, but I boycotted baseball completely for two or three years thereafter. Recent events have pulled me back in. The new park in SF is fantastic. Live games in NorCal are finally bearable (sorry about the Colosseum, A’s fans).
    Now there’s talk of another strike, and then this All-Star Game fiasco. Say what you want about football players, but they know what they’re getting into when they strap on their gear. They know their bodies will likely break down rapidly. They know they’ll be in a lot of pain a lot of the time. But they love the game (and the money, of course) and they work their asses off.
    Jesus Christ – it’s not like baseball players are sacrificing their bodies for their sport. These guys are going after the money, pure and simple.
    What baseball needs is a truly effective revenue-sharing and salary cap pact between owners, players, and the cities they play in (yes, that’s what I said). Otherwise, Major League Baseball is gonna kick itself in the nuts AGAIN.
    Boy, that was cathartic!

  27. Wil,
    there is no joy in mudville tonight.
    regarding baseball;
    It’s designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything is new again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains comes, it stops, and leaves you to face the fall alone.
    -A Bartlett Giamatti
    or how about this ?….
    “If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving infant’s life, she will choose to save the infant’s life without even considering if there is a man on base.”
    -Dave Barry
    one of my faves…
    It’s d`ej`a vu all over again!
    and.. It’snot over till it’s over
    -Yogi Berra
    Wil, I know your not happy with tonights game, just remember; we, your fans, care for your happiness and mental well being I think more than anyone, except for your family…
    and I only say this, that in some way, it may bring a smile to your day… but,
    there is no crying in baseball!
    there’s just no crying in baseball!
    now I’m going to go see Mr. Hanks in that great movie, just to cheer me up.
    or maybe that other move, maybe you have heard of it. it’s about these 4 guys, going off to find some dead kid…
    goodnight gordy… goodnight and sweat dreams..
    of baseball… blueberry pie, Popsicle

  28. One of the greatest moments in All-Star Game history took place last year. Cal Ripken, playing in his final season, hit the game-winning home run and was the All-Star game MVP. In the first inning, Alex Rodriguez switched positions with Cal, with Cal at shortstop and A-Rod at third, so Cal could play at his original position, the place he played when he first came to the major leagues.
    It was a great moment, and I think it is what the All-Star Game is all about: a celebration of the greatest players in the game. It also would never have happened if the All-Star Game “meant something.” Cal was batting like .225 last year when the mid-summer classic rolled around. If Joe Torre had been “managing to win,” Cal would’ve never got off the bench, David Bell of the Mariners (now with the Giants) would have been starting at third, and there certainly would’ve been no switching around of positions.
    The fans pick the starters, not the managers. Every team gets at least one player, no matter how bad they are. These rules make the game a fun experience for the fans. They also make it very much an exhibition game, and not the competitive event that Wil and some of the other people who are complaining apparently would like to see.
    The teams ran out of pitchers because the managers were trying to play everybody. I know in Seattle, people were already bitching that the Mariner’s Freddy Garcia was being snubbed because he wasn’t played in the first 9 innings. So the managers get criticized if they don’t play everybody, and then, if they do and wind up in a jam like last night, they are criticized for that as well.
    I don’t think that the people who paid for tickets to the All-Star Game were ripped off. They got to see baseball’s superstars out there on the same field, which is really what they were expecting.
    Was it messed up to have the game end in a tie? Absolutely. Baseball sure was stupid not to see how the All-Star Game has evolved and be prepared for this eventuality. But they will be prepared next year, and I hope they don’t change the character of the All-Star Game to do it.

  29. To copy everyone else who types this, long time viewer, first time caller.
    Baseball used to be very important to me. Being a huge Blue Jays fan my entire life, I used to watch every minute of every game I could. Even when the Blue Jays self destructed(how the hell did they play so bad in ’94 with practically the same team that won back to back World Series?!), I watched. This year, the games haven’t been on as much due to the new owners being idiots(go Rogers!), but I’m still a fan of the Jays, and of the game.
    As for the All-Star Game… I didn’t see all of it. I went to see MIIB, and afterwards, I did catch the last half of the game. While I don’t agree with when they made the announcement to end the game, I do agree with the reason and the fact that they did do it. The pitchers were all expecting to not pitch very long, and as for Barry Zito, he pitched on Sunday or something, so being on extremely short rest, the one batter was what was expected of him. He did his job, and got to enjoy the rest of the game.
    Now while some of you say the players “don’t care about the game”, I disagree. They all enjoy being there, watching the HR derby, and being a part of the Most-Stars game. You can see them smiling and enjoying themselves, and most of the first time All-Stars(like the Blue Jays’ own “I gave up the HR to Bonds” Halladay) truly are honoured to be there.
    And as for players not playing in the games, I’ve seen Blue Jays not get to play, and while it sorta pissed me off, since everyone is supposed to play, i think it’s a good idea for not everyone to have to play, in case of scenerios like this year’s game.
    If I were in Selig, Torre, and Brenley’s place, I would have called the game too. However, I wouldn’t have had the announcer announce it with 1 out in the bottom of the 11th inning. Before the inning, sure. But not in the middle of the bottom half of the inning you plan to end it in.
    And as a final note, if you want to be pissed off at someone for the game ending in a tie, blame former Blue Jays catcher Benito Santiago! Anyone who gets caught looking at strike three in the bottom of the 11th inning of a tied game that’s an All-Star game deserves to get a tongue lashing!

  30. Wil,
    I grew up in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee. My entire family BREATHES baseball. This is especially a labor of love because the Brewers are sucking SO BADLY this season. It’s incredible that a team so bad could be in so beautiful a stadium..and it’s a sad insult to the taxpayers here who helped put it all together.
    That said, the All Star Game was a great opportunity for Milwaukee to host some seriously great baseball. And host it did — right until the very end, where Selig (Who helped build Miller Park) went ahead and screwed the fans all over the AL and NL as well as his local fans by providing incomplete and disappointing baseball for all!
    It’s rediculous, man. I’ve taken to reading Harry Potter books because of this. It’s more interesting, and you always know there’ll be a great ending.

  31. Harry Potter books, Chris (or should I say, NDLDLDLDLDLDLDLDLDLDLDLDLDLDLDL… *runs away quickly!*)? That is a little extreme, doncha think? I think H.P. books should be used AS baseballs. Still, Selig should be burned at the stake for calling the game. Now we got to wait until next year. IF there’s a next All Star game.

  32. Kalgash
    Great idea, though not original. It been proposed by many and never taken seriously…unfortunately. If you wanted to really go way out there and suggest something that would make winning the game mean something…not only do you get home field if you win…the series is played under that league’s rules. I bet the American Leaguers would be playing hard then. Yuck!!! I said American League…it’s like baseball lite.
    I am Steve
    Outstanding rant!!! Btw, I hate the Twins :^p I’ve been a Braves fan since ’81. And Hrbek pulled Ron Gant off first base, I don’t care what he says…and the stupid ump blew the call.
    Unfortunately, I think too many people inside Baseball feel the same way you do about the All-Star game…a real shame IMO.
    To all who said something all the lines of, “what else could they do?”
    They could have put a position player on the mound (As Clay stated in his post above). It wouldn’t be the first time a manager had to do that…it wouldn’t have been the last either. Heck, most of the guys playing in the majors played pitcher when he was younger because they can all throw the crap outta the ball. They guys who struggle at the plate, or develop great control or serious heat as they get older stay on the mound.
    True Blue
    Harsh dude!!! I agree with most of your rant though. Why in the hell do they ever get Pop/Alternative/R&B singers to sing the National Anthem at these game. I say the 82nd Airborne Choir or another military choir are the only people that should be singing it. She was disgraceful.
    Very Confused
    There are no ties in Baseball and there is no time limit. Baseball games are played until there is a winner. Games can be called due to acts of God, but nothing else. Games have gone on for 5+ hours and over 20 innings. Baseball ain’t like soccer, thank God.
    Canseco is a bad example and there no reason any of the position players had to pitch more than an inning or two. That would have given us a minimum of 8 more innings to get it done right…and I guarantee with position players out on the mound it wouldn’t have taken more then one or two more.
    I am Steve
    Two excellent posts in the same thread…you rock!!! The players should have refused to quit!!!
    Nice post. I love that move and I cry every time Costner asks his dad if he wants to have a catch.

  33. Wil,
    Its stupid goings on like this that have kept me from going to MLB games for the past ten years. I support a Minor League team, The Wilmington Blue Rocks. Everyone who attended the All Star Tie should be refunded their ticket. We finally agree on something!
    Take care

  34. Screw MLB. Its all about money. No soul. Do everyone a favor — stop supporting a diseased organization.
    Discover the local semi-pro team playing in your area. The stands are empty, except for a few moms and girlfriends. The players will appreciate your presence.

  35. “It’s only the All-Star game, so it doesn’t matter?”
    It’s. A. Game. None of it matters. There is no such thing as an important baseball game.
    Baseball exists solely because people love the game.
    And people who’ve made their fortunes because of that love can’t be bothered to show some respect for it. That’s fucking sad.

  36. Wil.. what about full contact rugby baseball?
    or another game I’ve heard of; place a keg o’beer at 2nd base.. you can’t go by without taking a swig.. soon, the game turns fun! or in some cases, very ugly…

  37. Just to think that I just started watching baseball again because I thought maybe just maybe it may be changing. But its not. Its the same old sh*t. I was raised with a bat and ball in hand and when they striked I just couldn’t watch anymore. I can’t stand how the Major League is being played. What am I supposed to tell my little kids in Little League about the face of the Major League when they ask?

  38. The most important issue, to me, is that there was no MVP. I understand why the game was called. Some of the reasons given are reasonable, even if I think the game should have gone on until there was a winner. Somehow. Anyway, there still should have been an MVP ceremony. There should have been 2 MVPs, one from each league. Especially this year in which the award has been named for the late Ted Williams, so shortly after his death. Ok, so I’m not the 1st to say this. But I haven’t contributed much lately so I felt compelled to say something. Even tho I didn’t see the game. I went to a concert. But I was really looking forward to seeing the hi-lights on Sportscenter!

  39. I don’t understand.
    It went to extra innings, so everyone got a full game and a bit more.
    Why do people care about it being a draw? What’s /wrong/ with a draw? Surely a draw is a happy event in a friendly game – and it at least shows an even spread of skill instead of a whitewash, so what’s the problem with it being a draw?

  40. I’m not a big fan of baseball – in fact, I hate baseball, but I have friends who love it and I think it sucks that baseball has gone the way it is moving. First thing – why don’t they play the All Star game at the end of the season when the players can give more to the game…just a random thought I had.
    second thing – the players don’t even seem to care about baseball all that much – they’re willing to go on strike AGAIN, haven’t they aready seen how that hurt the last time? With a team going out of business next week, you’d think they would care a little bit more about their own sport.
    I feel sorry for the fans….it sucks when nobody involved in the sport one loves even cares about that sport at all.

  41. I have to disagree with you, Will. I was at the game and I think they were right to call it. It was an EXHIBITION and not a real game. Both teams were out of players and pitchers on the bench. What would you have thought if Shawn Green was out there and tripped on a drain and blew out his knee in the fifteenth inning and was lost to the Dodgers for the rest of the season? I am a Yankee fan and I certainly did not want to see Jorge Posada or Jason Giambi getting hurt or Mariano Rivera pitching more than an inning. And contrary to your impression of the game, it was not exciting. All the big stars had left the game (and the city as I understand it – by chartered jets). Perhaps if more players were available (particularly pitchers) then it could have gone on. It had gone on long enough – 3+ hours by my watch. They did the right thing despite what the nasty and near riotous fans at the stadium thought. I had a great time in Milwaukee at the FanFest, Home Run Derby and the game itself and I still feel it should have ended when it did.

  42. as a ohioan, and a resident greater Cincinnatian, we HATE BUD SELIG, and have for a very long time for the PETE ROSE thing.
    We get first dibs. We promise to leave you something to stomp/pee on.

  43. Professional, highly trained “athletes”, who get paid millions per year to play a game, and they can’t pitch more than 2 innings? Go to any Little League game and you can see a 10yr old kid pitch 5 innings.
    This was supposed to be a sport, a fierce competition, and when it requires a few extra innings what do we get? People who step up and rise to the ocassion? NO. We get “I’m tired and want to go home, but thanks for the cash”.
    What a bunch of welfare children and sissies!

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