I’m working my ass off today for Arena…we’re working on a really cool special, and I’m under the gun to finish a script, so I don’t have time for a real entry…
But Loren sent me this article, in the SF Gate, and I wanted to share it.
The interesting thing about this story, and the proliferation of stories like it, and celebrity weblogs, is that most people aren’t able to see people like me, who are on their tvs, as real people, with real problems and real dreams.
People look for and expect to find a validation of their perception of the celebrity in question, and when they don’t find that, they either react with surprise and delight, or they find ways to force what they found to fit their perception.
If someone came here looking for a failed actor, they could find that. If someone came here looking for a very happy husband and father, they could find that too.
It depends on what they’re looking for, I think, and what they’re willing to see.

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  1. yay! first!
    wil gets bigger billing than mariah carey!
    and wils website in “better than rupauls” shocker! lol might have to check out rupauls website now…. ;o)

  2. Yeah, very cool. Congrats. Only problem is, I don’t think Jeff Bridges’ web site sucks. It is undeniably “him” if you get my meaning. Sure it’s a little unusual and it’s not your standard layout or design, but that’s what makes it cool. *shrug*
    I think it’s about time that “celebrities” did their own promotion. I really dislike going to a band site or an actor site and seeing it all slick and cool and really neat design wise, but completely devoid of any emotion or any touch of the person or people I went to read about. That’s why your site rocks, Wil. It’s personal and it’s you. And you’re not pretentious and you don’t have this “movie-star” fake persona you put on. You’re the guy next door. You rule.

  3. its official
    you da man
    i built my life around you wil. my inspiration, i wrote my entire play album after watching everysingle wesley crusher episodes in a row.
    rock on

  4. Your site will now be visited by me everyday from now on. Just because its you who writes on it and no one else. Now im going to pick up one of thoose VCD’s of TNG. It will be different now when it feals like i know you.

  5. hahaha.
    nice, “moby.”
    I agree about Jeff Bridges. The first time I read his site, I thought the idea of writing it out longhand and scanning it was really unique and innovative…sort of a poetic marriage of hi- and lo-fi technology.

  6. Dude, you kick ass, you know that? I was upset about you getting cut from Nemesis, but if you’re happy, hey, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, hey?
    Go you. Congrats on the story. :)

  7. Everybody who keeps bashing Wil’s wife just needs to chill and leave him be. Fat girls need love too! I think it’s great that a used-up fatty with a kid was able to land a *somewhat* normal guy like Wil. If playing “find the hole” in a tub of lard every night makes Wil happy, then who are you to judge?

  8. Just remmeber when you’re RICH and MORE FAMOUS ..
    that it was the MONKEY’S that loved you first!!!

  9. I came looking to see what happened to my favourite character and actor from STTNG.
    what I found was a guy that was just as cool as I’d always hoped he would be.
    I’m a bit biased tho….
    anyone remember the movie ‘December’ starring wil?
    my friends all rented that one night back in college, because at the time, i looked almost exactly like wil.
    funny but true.
    anyhow, cool article wil.

  10. I came here at first because of Wesley Crusher, and stayed because Wesley sucks compared to Wil. Wesley who? Wil is someone who I could actually hang with, he’s a cool guy, and by sharing his thoughts here he has succeeeded in breaking free from the fact that he is an actor (failed or not) and celebrity. It doesn’t matter anymore.
    I wanted to see you in Nemesis.
    If it was just a small part then it’s for the better, now we can make our own theories about where Wesley is and what he’s up to. So it’s all good.

  11. The problem with the desire people have with celebrity stories is that too many folks have varying degrees as to what defines success. Happiness of the person in question is usually never one of them, unfortunately. For some reason, people get a kick out of celebrity crashes or downslides, or at least the perception of.
    Oh, and Fatchicksrule—kudos to your comment! My wife is a fairly large gal, and I’ve been with her eleven years now, and I’m more in love with her now than I’ve ever been, simply because she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, and I love her fiercely—and I guess I’m what you call a `normal guy'(though not as handsome as Wil). Happiness is definitely happiness, and is, by far, the greatest success one can have in either love or life—Wil’s positive personality definitely personifies that, and it’s very infectious. :)

  12. OK, so that article in the SF Chronicle brought me here too. Like the site! Haven’t had much time to peruse it yet, but I think I’ll be back, if only because you sound like a pretty interesting person, actor or not.

  13. Wil – a failed actor you are NOT! Keepp trying dude. Perseverance pays off. I love your site – been coming here for about a year now and I must say, like someone else said before me, watching TNG is different now that I feel as if I “know” you.

  14. Wil,
    Congrats on having the number 1 blog. Was there ever any doubt? Good luck against Barney tomorrow, like you need it.
    Keep up the great work Wil, you really are a talanted person.
    Until your next post……

  15. Looking for a failed actor? nah Looking for a real person with thoughts, a family, and a life..sure.
    The enjoyment of reading your posts, Wil, is that the words we read are actually your words and believe it or not they do make sense.
    This probably wasn’t as “insightful” as I wanted but hey…it’s my first post to the almighty WWDN. Zoooom!

  16. Wil – you will diminish and go into the West – and remain Webmaster.
    Do what you love, and hold onto your soul. Others want it – they want it so bad they will trick you into warping it to meet their aims. Celebrity is just such a beast. You should use it, but always be mindful of its vicious sweetness, lest you find your nose bit clean off.
    Take these opportunities to ceate your own niche. You are fast becoming a unique specimen, and your experiences will need to be catalogued before you forget what you learned along the way. Take advantage of the periphery – you are trodding along only partially realizing that you are a pioneer. Mark your trail, and be humble in this role.
    I don’t give advice much, simply because I don’t think that I (or anyone under 90) am qualified. But I see you move in the right direction, or at least, you act like you are. Seems like a little of what wisdom I have can’t hurt you.

  17. Mighty nice of them to post all those job openings next to a story about a failed actor. That electrical apprenticeship looks promising.

  18. What? There was a question, that who have the best site?? There is no question just one simple answer : WILWHEATON.NET!!!!!
    When capt. Picard says: Number one…! It means : WILWHEATON.NET!!!!!

  19. Wil — failed actor you’re most certainly not. I’d categorize you as a very successful guy. Sure, you’re still fighting for roles, but hey, so are most actors, and the ones who aren’t, well, sometimes they suck because of it. And you have work in so many other areas, too… I look up to you, man, you’ve accomplished a lot!
    I can’t believe the Gate read your weblogs and came up with the observations they did. But they were reading them in the context of doing a story, not in the daily, community way that we do, so of course they didn’t see the Wil we see.
    One thing that sucks about all this additional coverage of your site on Fark and the Gate — assholes that haven’t been around long posting jerky comments just to be provocative… geez you’d think these guys had only been online a month. I stopped trolling like that online in 1987, jerks.

  20. you are not a failed anything, wil! and neither am i –so i always check in on your site like once a week since april because you help me remember that we are all as successful as we allow ourselves to be. so there. love, maria c.

  21. I haven’t read the article yet, but let’s get one thing xlear- you’re not a failed actor, Wil! You’re working, you’re happy, you’ve been part of some great projects… it’s all good! :)

  22. Whoa! There’s always a few bad apples in the barrel. FatChicksRule – I think you meant to post your comment here: http://www.losers.org. Hopefully, Uncle Willy will delete your message. Trash should go where it belongs, in the trash.
    And Wil, again, another voice from the masses saying that you’re not a failed actor. Actor – definitely. Talented Actor – yes. But, failure – not by any measure of the spectrum.
    Yes, I’d like to see you in more tv and film, but at least you’re not the flavor of the week that crops up anywhere there’s air to breathe (like bad gas) taking parts that just aren’t suited for them.
    Here’s to hoping that someone in Hollywood will wise up and give you the good part that you deserve.

  23. I happened upon this site by complete and total accident. Only became a regular visitor earlier this year. The way you write, and the ordinary things you write about, apply to all of us [well, apart from the auditions thing…]and I responded to you in a way that surprised even me. Guilty as charged of preconcieved ideas about you, and probably all my other fave celebs too [will have to work on that]. You are successful because of your attitude, which is one of the reasons I keep coming back here. That, and Spudnuts.

  24. wil: who i see when i read your blog is a person i never knew before…oh, i’ve seen you in the movies and of course television…but that’s not really who you are…this blog illuminates the real wil…the boy who got dumped by his girlfriend ’cause he got too big for his britches…the boy who was laid low by an unkind comment at a family fourth of july celebration…and the man who found that real love and a family overcame whatever state his career was in. and no you’re not a failed actor…that would mean that you had quit trying…from what i read here it sounds like you’re still out there giving it your best shot…and that’s all anyone can do…you may not have the career you want right now…but eventually you may end up with the career you need.

  25. ok for one wil…you are definately NOT a failed actor! people would kill to have the roles you had and have! personally, i think that my life would be all worth while if i would have been able to be in a movie such as “stand by me”. your crazy to think you are a FAILED actor!!
    your loyal fan,

  26. ok for one wil…you are definately NOT a failed actor! people would kill to have the roles you had and have! personally, i think that my life would be all worth while if i would have been able to be in a movie such as “stand by me”. your crazy to think you are a FAILED actor!!
    your loyal fan,

  27. Wil, nice job! Finding happiness is a rare thing is this world these days, unfortunately, so you are a complete and total success and inspiration to everyone! There are two sites I HAVE to check on a daily basis: yours and mouseplanet. Thanks for being there!

  28. Failed actor?
    I think I need to get a new dictionary… Now, the people who don’t hire you, they have some kinda failing. So many people can’t wait to see you on the big screen or on TV… that’s not a failed actor. That’s a popular one. We Wuvs Wil 😉

  29. What, you’re NOT secretly pining away for me, impressed by the intelligence I so humbly display for all at AICN?
    /runs for his life

  30. Okay, back up for a sec. Where’s this “Wil’s wife is fat” stuff coming from? Is this something that Ms. FatChicksRule is just making up, or is there some kernel of truth here?
    If so, I’d have to say that it only improves my perception of Wil. It takes a real man to be able to look beyond what many people deem to be “faults” and see someone’s inner beauty.
    Which isn’t to say that chubby girls aren’t hot, as they most certainly can be!! A cute, nice, loving and CURVY gal should be every man’s fantasy.

  31. I saw Jeff Bridges’s site a few weeks ago and I didn’t like it simply because I couldn’t read his handwriting. Innovative, yes, but also sloppy.
    When Wil was mentioned limos, first class air travel and teen magazines in his last blog entry I was jarred. I was jarred because I tend to forget that Wil is a “celebrity”. I don’t mean that in a “your career sucks, you’re a has-been” sort of way. Far from it. Wil is Wil. Wil is real and accessible, and I say this even though I only know him as a face I’ve seen on TV and a name that I read on my computer monitor. That’s not to say that I’ve forgotten his career. No, I still see the occasional Wheaton movie or TNG rerun and have flashbacks to the episode of Family Ties he did (“Indians”) but this is Unca Wil, head monkey, and he is just IS.
    Happiness is #1 priority and the fact that Wil has achieved that and seems to be at peace with himself is wonderful.
    Right or wrong, that’s MY perception of Wil Wheaton.
    Now start getting some acting gigs, preferably ones that bring you to my city. I’d love to buy you a beer, have verbal conversation and tell you about parts of the city that “celebrities” don’t usually venture to.

  32. Wil,
    CONGRATS on being mentioned…. but it is SAD and PREDICTABLE that the media insists on the negative with how they describe people — thankfully you are very balanced and able to rise above their nonsense — so keep the faith and keep on bloggin’

  33. Dude you are not a failed actor- and we are all lucky to be able to see you as you are when you write speaking of which– When are you going to write a Book?????
    Well We’re waiting!!!!????!?!?!?

  34. ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~
    WIL!!!!!!! You know, you turned out an ok guy. Not that many people who were child 80’s stars accomplished that. I respect you through and through. You are just one of my celebrity crushes who is a sweetheart. Thanx for living. *cough*HOTTER THAN EVER*cough* 😀 ~~*Gooniegirl*~~

  35. Hmm if being a ‘failed actor’ means being known round the world for your roles, (hands up anyone who hasnt heard of wil? nuff said), then bring on failure for all struggling actors.
    Besides, failure isnt about results. NOT trying, thats failure – even if you dont succeed, the attempt at any dream/goal is true success.
    Happy wife and kids, lots ppl who like you on and offline – you are no failure at anything:)

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