Double Secret Probation

For the last 10 days or so, I’ve been hearing this countdown at least once a day.
It goes something like this: “9 more days until my birthday!”
Or, “you know what happens in 4 days? It’s my birthday!”
And, “it’s…my…birthday…in…two…days!”
(That last one sounds better if you sing it)
Well, the countdown has been leading up to tomorrow, August 8th, which is my wife Anne’s birthday. We look forward to her birthday each year because we always take the family camping for a couple of days…and we don’t have to hear the countdown.
Well, that’s not entirely true…we’ll hear “Only 364 more days until my birthday!” At least once.
So today is the day that we leave for the magnificent and storied Great Outdoors. I won’t have time to write again until next week.
In honor of my wife’s birthday, I offer the following Thought For Today, which perfectly describes our life together:

“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

95 thoughts on “Double Secret Probation”

  1. Hi-
    Anne, I hope you have a very happy birthday! :) And you too, Nolan, whenever yours is.
    Franki- when I was in Chorus, we sang the Frost poem, too. I still remember the melody- it was beautiful.
    Fabian Green- that Byrds song you mentioned is called “My Back Pages”. I love that song… It was written by Bob Dylan. The Byrds really liked Dylan… Great song! :)
    Bugs- Here’s to another “Hitchhiker” fan! 😀
    I guess that’s it for now. Everyone have a groovy day! :)
    Love, Alicia

  2. Happy Birthday to the family!
    A professor once pointed out…how does he know he took the road less travelled by if he didn’t go down the other one first to see how busy it was?

  3. Happy Birthday, Anne! I hope you guys have a peaceful and relaxing camping trip. All the best, Rob

  4. Wil,
    I said all the above without even saying have fun camping. So there it is have fun camping. You know last nite while you were camping The New TNN showed that episode The Child where Troi has the alien baby and you want to stay on board the Enterprise even though your mom transfered to Starfleet Medical. I like it when Worf says he will tuck you in at nite. Anyway enough Star Trek TNG rambling, have fun tucking your kids in on your own little camping Trek. I think now it is time to go Farking for a while. Until your next post or I think of something else to

  5. Today is my sister’s birthday too, 8/8/76. For those of you born on this day do you remember taking part in the luckest day of decade back in the 80’s (8/8/88)? I remember and wasn’t even my birthday.

  6. Hi Wheaton family!
    Happy Birthday Ann!
    Here in Hungary there are name days to celebrate. Your name day is on 26th July…so close..another celebrate!!:))
    I was 22 and 2 months old on 29th July:D!!

  7. Many times I wonder if this road I’m on is, in fact, the one less travelled. That _was_ the one I wanted. Can’t really tell, now it’s the only road I see.

  8. Laura Lu:
    Maybe there are more people who like sex and dressing up than will admit it.
    You know, because of Halloween.

  9. Hey, know who Anne shares a birthday with? The Edge of U2! (I’m so envious.) ^_^
    I thought that was cool, unless of course you hate their music, in which case it is not. (= I hope that you guys don’t hate their music so that it can remain cool. =D
    Happy Birthday Anne!

  10. AUGUST 8TH IS MY BIRTHDAY! Pardon me while I go do the happy dance…
    And paraphrasing the from the book of Wrong Shui, perhaps the road is less traveled because it doesn’t go anywhere interesting.

  11. Happy Birthday Anne!!! I think you should have a toga party or have your own parade! Start something new.

  12. Only 18 more days ’til my birthday(28 on the 27th). . . I think I might start my own little countdown :)

  13. Have a great trip!!! Happy Birthday Mojo to Anne, one of the luckiest women in the world. :)
    From the sounds of it, YOU’RE one of the luckiest men in the world. Congratualtions on finding someone so special and beautiful. Treat her well! Birthdays will get harder and harder over time. >:D
    (I’m 25 and feel damn old, yet 25 is YOUNG for men. *sigh*)

  14. hope your birthday was a great one anne…
    god knows wil is a lucky man…
    one road up and one road down…
    did not know he was lost until you were found.

  15. hey,
    i know your probably tired of reading this…but i want to wish you a happy birthday! i hope that you and your family had a good time camping!! she is very lucky! by the way say hi to ryan for me! ::wink wink:: lol, have a great day! and dont worry, you look the same as you did 10 years ago…trust me

  16. Wow all these birthdays! Happy Birthday to all!
    My brothers birthday was on August 8th too!
    We’ll be celebrating for a week!

  17. Wil, everyone swallows your words. I am happy for your success an happnes, and i only hope for the best and that these things will contiue. Happy birthday Anne.

  18. Wil,
    You have got to see the Aug 9th post from Fark about you, or maybe you shouldn’t Someone really has an overactive imagination, personally I would be kinda offended and not flattered. They wrote you in a script where Picard has a daughter that visits the Enterprise and you and her…well you get the idea. Check it out at your own risk. Anyway I hope Anne had a great birthday and you guys had a great time camping. Hope to see a post on Monday. Take care and have fun. Till your next post…

  19. Well I stopped by to see if there was an update and alas there is none. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
    Later Wil and take care.

  20. I know we are supposed to stay on topic, but I just wanted to mention that there is an article about G4 in the Aug 5-11 issue of Variety. They have a photo with the article and I presume it’s all their on air folks. Wil is standing in the back row.
    I went to Variety’s website but you have to be a subscriber to see the article online, so you’ll have to check out a hardcopy of the newspaper. It might be off the stands by now, so hurry if you want to check it out.
    Again, Happy Birthday to the whole family.

  21. Today is your birthday well it’s by birthday too! really it is!
    I also got married. I was a little sad because my new husband had to go to work. Wil’s is very sweet to his wife in letting her know just how important she is and my husband the same way. I think we are the lucky ones.

  22. Whats up with this!
    Everyday i visit this page in hopes of a intresting blog from the Chief Monkey himself: Uncle Willy and all i get is Birthday shout-outs!
    First it was Wil’s b-day, then Ryans, and now Anne’s.
    Wait…don’t tell me…tomorrow is Ferris’s b-day. Geeezze. Birthdays are cool and all, but i miss your blogs.

  23. Happy B-Day, yada yada, etc.
    Wil, do you ever update your conventions section? Found this for anyone interested. To far for me to travel, but maybe not for others.
    Fri. Sat. & Sun. SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2002
    Pasadena Center
    Creation Entertainment proudly presents:
    Show Hours: Noon to 6pm daily
    Evening shows: FRIDAY and SATURDAY NIGHTS at 9pm
    A spectacular one-time only convention, on the exact anniversary date of the launch of the award-winning series!
    WIL WHEATON (Well Lookie Here!)

  24. This week’s theme seems to be birthdays.
    I turned 42 on the 11th, so I sent out some birthday cards with the wil42.jpg.
    So far the reaction has been “huh?”
    But i enjoyed it.

  25. Saw a movie with you in it last night “The Girl’s Room.” I found it very odd as far as storyline and all, but I thought you were great. I love seeing movies with you being grown up. It prompted me to look up some info on you and then BAM! I find this kick-ass website you have. I’ll have to check out more…of your website, and latest movies.

  26. Wil,
    Here again and still nothing new. Oh Well, hope you didn’t get lost I am looking foreward to something new in the blog. Later

  27. camping note: it is better to go camping in cold weather rather than in hot weather…in the cold you can bundle up in your sleeping bag, longjohns and extra blankets…but you can’t go any farther than naked as far as cooling off when it’s hot and humid…just trying to help you maximize your camping enjoyment.

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