Let’s get some runs!

I have just returned from Chicago.
That’s right, Chicago.
Because my wife surprised me for my 30th birthday, and took me to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubbies.
There are many exciting details, but no time to go into them. I’ve got a busy day ahead. I’ll try to update infor later.
In the meantime, we saw Roughy and Mrs. Roughy, as well as Bobby The Mat and Mrs. Bobby The Mat, and you can hear about our evening together at UE.

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  1. I went to college at Illinois Wesleyan University, in Bloomington, IL, and I was in Phi Mu Alpha (a professional music fraternity). Two years back, we got the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a Cubs game at Wrigley. One of the best nights in my life. My parents even came to see me! To see it, go to http://www.alphalambda.org/index1.html

  2. (Nuri) Not fair, we were in Chicago at the same time and we didn’t see you? Not fair at all.
    (Flip) Yeah, I bet that’s just what you and your family most desire, two screaming fangirls following you around trying to get a picture… no wait, one screaming fangirl, I don’t scream but I WANNA PICTURE WITH WIL WHEATON!!!! *falls over sobbing*

  3. kendoka- what do you mean, I visited Bloomington this past weekend. My friend had her “Bye, Bye, B-Town” party this past Fri. We had DJ Spikes, and the party had a breakdance theme. It was a freakin’ blast. Do you ever go to Rockit’s? I usually eat there or grab some panera bread when I’m there. Anyway I probably shouldn’t post this here. GO CUBS!…and all that other stuff.

  4. Oh, my goodness! I cannot believe you were here in Chicago and I did not know about it! I go to Cubs’ games all the time. I would have begged my mom to get tickets for the chance of seeing you there!

  5. I love Bloomington, Chicago, and the Cubs. My dad used to have season tickets and he’d take me every home game. When I was three or four, he bought me a t-shirt which said “Chicago Cubs. . . .Well, Maybe Next Year,” and would put it on me every opening day. His idea of a joke. I still watch the Cubs whenever I get a chance :)

  6. I agree.
    With what?
    “That frickin’ Matsushita.”
    I shall now send forth my minions for He Who Hath Received Linkage On Front Page (AKA Rob).

  7. Not really into baseball, but I hope you had a great time! Wow talk about wierd, STNG is on and it’s the one where your in this contest and it’s your Birthday…ha ha ha. Ryker doesn’t even have a beard, he looks better with a beard!, Anyway, hope you had a blast at the game. (I guess I don’t get into baseball to much cause I lived in IL, for such a long time and it got boring,) CALM DOWN PEOPLE, I didn’t say it was a bad thing, I just said I’m not into it. But it’s all good!
    Happy B-day to every one that’s having a b-day in the next few days or back a few days! Sure glad mines at the end of the year that way it’ll get forgotten before it gets here!
    Oh hey while your up there in Chicago, send my best to my oldest daughter, she’s in Great lakes for her NAVY training. Give her a big kiss for me. JK!
    bye now!

  8. I just relized that this thing posts at a whole different time than I was acually posting, I guess it’s set for what ever time you (Wil) have it set for, it’s way later then 4 pm here in Germany. it’s like 1:20 am here. but oh well, BTW who did win that game? Just wondering, I’m too sleepy to read threw all of these post to see if you stated that or not. Not wondering for myself, but for the Hun. He likes the game and was wondering.

  9. Wow!! This is the first time I visited your website.
    You’re now 30 years old and you’re married. Heck, where have I been.
    Happy belated birthday!!

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