Rhymes with News

Today, I present to you, the faceless internet monkey, a short collection of news items featuring me, or my friends.
Enjoy them in moderation. (+1, Interesting…I hope):

58 thoughts on “Rhymes with News”

  1. Hey Will,
    Congrats on all your acomplishments – good to hear.
    Curious wants to know – what was in that scene of yours that fell to the floor in Nemesis??

  2. Damnit i can’t get that damn Barney song out of my head……aaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhh MAKE IT STOP! Only Wil can make it stop when he stomps him into purple goo. GO WIL GO!!

  3. congrats on the awards!…and congrats on getting yourself a cool birthday present!…the magellan meridian platinum GPSR seems just a touch away from being a tricorder…i dreamed of toys like that when i was a kid…and now they’re making them!

  4. Yeah ok riiiiiiiiight, No offense but YOU ARE THE BIGGSET GEEK IN THAE WORLD, but then again… itreally is the normal people that you have to look out for…

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