Arena is kicking my ass right now, because we are doing a special episode featuring the HALO National Championship on Friday…so I haven’t had time to recap my amazing time in San Francisco with the EFF…but it’s coming as soon as I get some spare time.
However, I just got an email from my friend Gabe, letting me know that tomorrow morning at 7AM PDT, he will be interviewing WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER on radio station KNRK.
KIRK on KNRK? Is that a goocher or what? Does it get any better than this? How many more rhetorical questions can I ask? Will I stop? Who knows?!
Well, this news is too great to pass up, and I think the world should know.
So if you happen to run into the world, would you please pass this along?
Thanks so much.
Love you.
Mean it.

40 thoughts on “WFS on KNRK”

  1. Oh,
    This post contained potentially offensive language, and shouldn’t have been read by any sensitive people.
    Sorry about that.

  2. heh. goocher.
    that’s cool. wonder if i can catch the broadcast on the lovely web. though the way my server has been acting lately… screw campus internet, man.

  3. It’s a conspiracy! What it’s covering up, I do not know… but yeah… that would probably be a cool interview to catch.

  4. I, for one, was deeply offended… as long as deeply offended (or “sensitive”) means clueless when faced with unfamiliar slang. 😉

  5. Yup, William Fucking Shatner should be an interesting interview.
    He’s always great at pumping himself up & talking about what a wonderful guy he is.
    The funny thing is most of the other people he ever worked with seem to have just the opposite opinion of him.
    Anyway…it will be nice to try & catch the original captain of the Enterprise.
    Will we ever know the real truth about William?

  6. K-I-R-K on K-N-R-K
    Does have a kind of ring to it.
    I like to look on the bright side;
    If Mr Shatner decides to start singing…
    At least the signal will never reach to Montana!

  7. Personally, as a Canadian, I wish he would stop identifying himself as a Canadian as well. Good thing he lives in Yanquilandia…Montreal won’t have him, but that’s another story.
    And Wil, tsk tsk. Such language! What’s next? Leonard Masturbating Nimoy? Kate Molesting Mulgrew? Brent Peeping Spiner? Patrick Balding Stewart? Oops…

  8. Once again something that I will miss…two reasons, I live in Texas, and I work nights and dont wake up til the crack of noon. Morning is not my friend.
    Hey Andie! Love ya sis!
    Hey Wil, put your glasses on!
    Where are we going? And what’s with this handbasket?!

  9. WFS on the radio: hmmm…lemme play mind reader and peer into the future to see what he will talk about… oh yesss… pimping his newest book and Mindmeld DVD…. reminding everyone he’s Canadian… much to the chagrin of all Canucks.
    Oh well… it still had a cool ring to it, and I’m glad your friend is getting a fun interview Wil.
    Take care and have fun… remember these fun words: “I don’t have a life, my life HAS me!”
    ***THE BEEJ***

  10. Goocher… heh-heh… I just finished reading “The Body,” so I must laugh. Although I’m not sure why you used that particular expression this time. Hey Wil, I was just reading a “where are they now” in People Online, and there was a thing in there about Danica McKellar. Apparently she’s written a script called “Speechless,” and you’re in the short film? Now, I may have just missed something here, but did I miss something here? Just wondering… Bye!
    Love, Alicia

  11. Are other people able to make that web broadcast work? Because when I click it, I just get a blank window with nothing happening. So, I guess I won’t listen to Gabe on Kirk this morning. It’s a shame too, I liked Gabe in Trekkies, loved it when his friend called mid-interview and he yelled at him for bad timing – that’s just so classic 15 yr old boy. And didn’t they allude to that scene in Galaxy Quest, with the fanboy who was trying to help them from his home computer?

  12. I
    Wil, what gives with the I’ll give you all the details in a later post. Bull&^%t. We are still waiting for the Alaska Cruise Report! So, if you really are too busy, just tell us and not feed us the carrot.
    And Wil, how come your name was removed from the Creation Star Trek 15th anniversary Next Generation Convnetion in Pasedena???? You were there a couple weeks ago. Did they decide to scrub you once you were cut from the movie??? Or did you pull out on your own??? Oh, I know. You are too busy to answer.
    And I’m glad you decked that purple dinousaur, even if we never get to hear your account of it.
    There was a brown lump in my cereal this morning, so what do you expect!

  13. YES!!!Another curious human WANTS to know about
    the ALASKA CRUISE!!!
    Don’t YOU KNOW that Wil has a gag order not to
    talk about WHAT happened?!
    I mean he MUST. He’s NOT talking is he???!!!

  14. Wil you are so freaking ON the “crack” when you wrote that. WEREN’T YOU? Of course you were. Wanker. ;P Sorry I’m on PIE I don’t know what’s gotten into me today.
    You too BlankyKitty. I’ve never seen you all act so HYPER before.
    Can I have some of what you two are on?
    Wanking William Farking Shatner!!!
    Love ya….no really I do. I LOVE YOU…. You had me at Hella Hello.
    Okay what I mean to say was buh bye now, Love You, Love Your Show!!!

  15. Woo hoo! KNRK is my hometown station – I actually pointed one of their morning DJs to the WWDN site ages ago… Her initial response was that she hated Wesley Crusher – I told her to read the damned website, and she actually admitted she thought it was funny… I doubt this had anything to do with WFS doing an interview, but you never know :) I didn’t get to listen, but oh well :/

  16. Its 830 PDT and reading the entry; realized that the interview already passed. Your friend Gabe should attempt to interview in Sep.! Oh, and Wil, make sure you make time for your family.

  17. william shatner…it has been reported that he is a godawful jerk…but i have to respect him for being the entertainment phenomenon that he is…i never get tired of seeing him on the screen…tv or movie!

  18. in case you didn’t catch it..wil was having a “shatnerian” moment at the end of his post…just imagine shatner’s voice and you’ll know.

  19. KNRK’s in Portland, OR. I’ll be keeping an ear out for him, then. I like their morning show with “Daria”. She’s a hoot. Smart & sassy.

  20. I heard the interview this morning. All he would talk about is this paintball tournament. He fielded Gabriel’s questions left and right. It was kind of frustrating.

  21. I was in that Halo tournament. I made it through to the second round of locals (PC Zone in Upper Darby, PA). But then that stupid effing Oddball knocked me out. I wish it was straight up death match style the whole way. But yeah, since I don’t even own an Xbox, I was still pleased with how well I played.
    But I will be watching for that episode of Arena, I just found out that we do infact have G4 on the TV in the living room. I will have to fight my grandfather for TV time…But Wheaton covering Halo…that’s worth a kick to the yams.

  22. Goocher. Goocher, goocher, goocher! GOOOOOCHER! It feels good to write it, and it made me laugh out loud when I read it.
    Thanks for the funny, Wil! 😉

  23. Wil,
    Remember Beavis and butthead
    Beavis “Uh Huh Wil just said Goocher Huh Huh”
    Butthead “Uh yeah uh Wil freaking rocks, goocher, huh uh huh, howa bout saying nads huh ha uh, huh”

  24. I would like to say that you did a good job on the Enterprise D, and it was a shame that the federation lost you to “the traveller”. Your charather could had done fantastic things for the federation. Your acting was fine also. The entire crew was acting fantastic, and Star Trek: The Text Genereation is and will always be the best series and it was to bad that it was only 178 episode. The writers could had streacht it and making it even better (if that was possible). Thank for putting a better world in this world.

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