83 thoughts on “Bus to Beelzebub”

  1. I think that it should be brought up that your voice was also featured in The Secret of NIMH, which I just figured out because I recently watched it after a long ass time. Speak out! Tell us your experiences working with cartoon mice and Aunty Shrew! You don’t have to, just as much as I like to have people talk about my childhood…

  2. So I’m listening to Soul Coughing and reading UF…ouch…I wonder what Wil thinks of that. So I Google over here and don’t see a fresh link to UF, but a cryptic link referencing Soul Coughing? So I switch to the browser that has JavaScript on and follow the link…back where I started. What are the odds? What if Iliad had said “$0.76 and a breath mint” instead?

  3. Wil,
    Ok I will admit it…it was funny. Maybe a little to much of a stab at you. It made you sound financially destitute. Other than that, it was funny.
    Until your next post……

  4. What’s really funny is that Illiad’s joke may inspire an actual game developer to talk to Wil about a voice job.
    (We can only hope they have a bigger budget.)

  5. Bruce Campbell voices over games all the time, he voiced over the new pit fall and I purposely ran the character into walls to hear him grunt

  6. Thanks for putting that on Wil. I was laughing so hard…
    I am brand new to your site, and I am sorry to say that I never visited userfriendly…but I will now often!

  7. Wil,
    I hear the Brad Pitt has ditched
    Darren Aronofsky’s sci-fi flick
    “The Fountain”
    it’s about time travel of somekind…
    Brad was going to do it for $20.0 mil …
    I’d go to see you in it…

  8. LOL
    That was great.
    I really liked Uncy’s too.
    My mind immediately did the mental currency conversion into Canadian. 76 cents US = $1.20 Canadian. Wil could be rich if he ever decided to run away to The Great White North.
    (after I posted the conversion I realized that what I’d typed was “My mind did the mental currency conversion into English”. Now that’s a funny typing error.)
    What city is the bus transfer for? Not that it matters really.
    The bus to Beelzebub… sounds toasty.

  9. WILL! A Soul Coughing fan!! Who’da thunk it?
    (I was a huge fan of these guys and still chat with the keyboardist from time to time since he’s a San Francisco native like myself.)
    Anyway, nice comic, heh. I just wanted to reply because of the title of this post… =)

  10. LOL!
    Hey Wil! Thanks for sharing that link. :-)
    I was just thinking of your earlier voice acting stints– The Secret of Nimh. I love that movie!!
    Have you considered doing any voice acting? I bet you could do some video game stuff. If they ever do a Gabriel Knight 4 maybe you could get in on it. Then you’d get to work with Tim Curry and Mark Hamill. That would be awesome. That and I like your voice. :-)
    Journey’s End was on the other night. I still think that story was full of plotholes but it was great to see you. :-)

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