Comfort Eagle

Well, kids, I’m off for the weekend.
Maybe I’ll see some of you in Vega$?
Don’t try anything funny while I’m gone. I have an expert watching the store.

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  1. I always wondered what Mr. Spock saw when he looked in that scanner! Now, from a series insider — I know the truth… Wil’s Store! He’s been watching Wil’s Store for some 30 years in that thing. And I guess that color on his face is from a blue light special.
    Have fun at Vega!

  2. Say hello to Marina Sirtis on behalf of the WWDN crew. I love Vegas…when I have money that is. Take something light to wear, it should be hot this weekend.

  3. hi Wil!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Nice picture! Do you know, that if somebody have a pointed ear thats mean that he/she is reliable?
    I was reading it in a face analytical book!:)

  4. Drive about 6 hours east-southeast at really high speeds and you’ll be at my place! Come visit! I’ll buy Fudge Mint Oreos!
    (Have a blast, mate)

  5. Wil,
    Are you going to Vegas for a Con? I thought Slanted Fedora rescheduled the con till Feb of 03, at least that is what their web site says. At any rate have a good time no matter what your doing in Vegas. If anyone else reading this knows if it is for the con click my name and send me an e-mail and let me know, thanks.
    Until your next post Wil……

  6. Ok i am so sorry that i have to say thi but i am just now realizing that your logs are just well, i hate to say it but lately they have been a little… lets just say… whats the word… sorry i hate being mean to you Wil but… Whiney… I am so sorry but it is true, *sigh* i shouldn’t have said anything but i did and i am NOT the ONLY person who thinks this, so if you getting all mad, sare the madness. Again i apologoze i just have this little habit of well, speaking what i think and well, that is only partr of what i am thinking of this website, because don’t get me wrong i totally think this websit is “da bomb”. The ONLY reason i am telling you this is because i lst (or) “drew the short straw” so that is why. So please don’t kill me. please. Anyway i love this site (not to metion it is run by the HOTTEST guy on earth)so hope you don’thae me…..
    PS i’m sorry very, very sory
    – Justine oh and by the way anyone who reads this go to MY weblog when you get bored sometime and tell me what you think.
    —–> Justine

  7. Have a safe trip and a fab time, you really deserve it. I hope to see you on the silver screen soon again. You are really talented and you’re not chopped liver so I hope to see you again. Take care Wil.

  8. Hmmm well I wouldn’t say he is whiney so much as he is upset. Don’t think its wrong of him to be upset at not getting what he feels he deserves. Look he is a very attractive guy and I grew up with this guy on the silverscreen and tons of posters of him everywhere all over my room, then much to my dismay we dont’ see him anymore. I’m sure he is upset about how he is being treated. Give the guy a break, everyone is entitled to bitch and whine every now and again. Even a star.

  9. OMG kristi:
    totally know this and like i said i just “drew the short straw” quot un-qoute and that’s all i think he is totally ho and I would totally stalk him lol j/k but fer real if i were going to i wouldn’t because the only problem is well:
    A: He is married (obviously)
    B: I dunno him other than he is an actor (and)
    C: He is like 15 years older then me give a year or two.
    But i totally agree he should let it out whine after all I’m not his mother (duh) and i can’t tel him what to do it is just that, My friends an I have all noticed that he has been whining “like there isn’t going to be a tomorrow”
    and i quote that not form yself but from a friend whoi i shall remain nameless *cough* Jamie *cough*. Any way i say whine, whine all you want wil. After all it is YOUR website not my friend’s and i’s. I do think he should whine that’s when it gets “intresting”, funny, and sacastic.

  10. Heh, Heh … while the Uncle Willie’s away … perhaps the Posse will play?
    Hope you have a wing ding time at Vegas … and look forward to you coming to (the Slanted Fedora Convention) Indianpolis (closest to Cincinnati I think a convention will get) come November! Then FINALLY I’ll get to meet da Uncle Willie IN PERSON!
    Woo Hoo!

  11. And among such geeks, y’all still need the joke explained! From one of my personal favourite epi of TOS, The Kirk sez to Spocko upon his return from Vulcan, “let’s go mind the store”
    Wil, if ya could: take a picture of the most ridiculious thing you see in $in City — it’ll make a fine posting for the post-Enron era.

  12. Hey ok this is the dumbst…. well, CLOSE to dumbst thig i have ever asked. What the hell chanle is Arena on and what time and when????? PEASE tell me.

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