Do you want to take the window, or the stairs?

We all know that I feel very strongly about the need for a 3rd party, and I will end up voting 3rd party this year in my state’s governor race.
But the sad truth is, we in California are going to end up with Bill Simon or Gray Davis in our governor’s mansion.
Can we stop this ride? It’s making me sick and I want to get off.
Now, I can go off on a major rant here, but I won’t.
Instead, I just want to share this hilarious link that I saw on memepool this morning: eGray. It made me howl, because there’s a joke here in California that goes like this:

How do you get Gray Davis to change his position on an issue?
Tell him the check bounced.

Haw haw haw.
It looks like this site is run by supporters of Class-A moron Bill Simon, who is running on his “business record,” but won’t let anyone have a meaningful look at his books…which is understandable, I guess…I mean, poor Bill Simon is very busy right now dealing with the 78 million dollar judgement against his company…for fraud. No wonder Bush called him “a prudent businessman.” He said it with a smirk…but he seems to always have that smirk, so maybe I’m reading too much into it.
D’oh! I said I wouldn’t rant and then I went ahead and did it. Dammit.
Boy, Bill Simon or Gray Davis…talk about the evil of two lessers. Talk about bottom feeders. Talk about a hobson’s choice.
Did you know there’s a saying, “As California goes, so goes the nation?”
Oh, will someone please stop this ride? It’s making me sick and I want to get off.

103 thoughts on “Do you want to take the window, or the stairs?”

  1. Civils liberties, decriminalizing consensual activity, fuel-efficiency standards to cut our dependence on oil and giving the environment a break… you mostly cite political values that are obvious to everyone — but we aren’t getting them.
    Wil, you phrased your thoughts as an American consumer, and as long as we address our politics as consumers, the corporations picking the candidates for the major parties will continue to convince the average voter that picking between their two choices is all they can do — that’s it, no more.
    I’m going to use what may be a very bad analogy, but one which I believe Wil is familiar with since he mentioned reading Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic book. Gaiman once did a story about how a young woman was trying to sneak the living head of Orpheus out of France during the the Revolution. One of the tactics she used to hide the head to avoid its confiscation was to leave it in plain sight among the other decapitated heads piling up from the purge taking place.
    I use this analogy because I believe the spin of the election campaigns we are witnessing seduce voters into losing sight to our one right they are vulnerable to, which is selecting our own write-in candidates. “Taxes, domestic defense, education, your government is a commodity like your supermarket — come check out what’s available, get yours right here! Our way is faster and we do it all better.”
    The reason a third party won’t solve this is because consumerism is all about avoiding isolation — a third party solution is an alternative consumer solution, and fights against the strong fronts of the two major parties. A third party solution is still an attempt at consumer gratification, and it only makes the two major parties stronger — you’re just trying to put out fire with gasoline.
    In my previous post, I suggested Riordan as a possible write-in winner — it can be anyone, but anything short of a write-in victory is a waste of time, because the corporate interests will always continue to manipulate us as long as they can count on gratifying us as consumers, from our fear our isolation (which is why the only thing we have to fear is fear itself).
    Look at it this way: should anyone be entitled to government office without the endorsement of any party? If your answer is no, who does that benefit more, you or Haliburton CEO Dick Cheney, who made more money rebuilding the oil fields of Iraq than all other US corporations combined? (
    If I haven’t been repeating myself, I can count on doing so beyond this point, so I will avoid returning to this issue if it doesn’t begin to walk on its own. Thank you for your time.

  2. In a few days, I turn 18, and will be registering to vote. I’m afraid. I’m very afraid. The very first election I’ll be voting in, and already it’s a lesser of evils decision. I haven’t followed politics; never thought I had a reason to. Now, I’m beginning to wish I did. I have 2 months to determine my politcial opinions, and choose the gubernatorial candidate who’s stances on issues best reflect/least conflict with my own.
    I digress. I guess this is a strange way of thanking you, Wil, for waking up the future voter in me. Color me politically aware, or at least no longer politically ignorant.

  3. Wil come to Florida,People here don’t know how to vote.Take a good look at the run for president thanks to some of the voters here in Florida we have another Bush in office.An now today the polls opened 2 hours late because in Florida we have a new way to vote with the computers pople still don’t know what they r doing.Besids that people here r waiting 45 mins or more to vote becaue th computers r not working right so Jeb Bush ordered that thepolls stay open 2 hours later.Boy i should move back t New York where they no how to vte and everything works right….

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