Do you want to take the window, or the stairs?

We all know that I feel very strongly about the need for a 3rd party, and I will end up voting 3rd party this year in my state’s governor race.
But the sad truth is, we in California are going to end up with Bill Simon or Gray Davis in our governor’s mansion.
Can we stop this ride? It’s making me sick and I want to get off.
Now, I can go off on a major rant here, but I won’t.
Instead, I just want to share this hilarious link that I saw on memepool this morning: eGray. It made me howl, because there’s a joke here in California that goes like this:

How do you get Gray Davis to change his position on an issue?
Tell him the check bounced.

Haw haw haw.
It looks like this site is run by supporters of Class-A moron Bill Simon, who is running on his “business record,” but won’t let anyone have a meaningful look at his books…which is understandable, I guess…I mean, poor Bill Simon is very busy right now dealing with the 78 million dollar judgement against his company…for fraud. No wonder Bush called him “a prudent businessman.” He said it with a smirk…but he seems to always have that smirk, so maybe I’m reading too much into it.
D’oh! I said I wouldn’t rant and then I went ahead and did it. Dammit.
Boy, Bill Simon or Gray Davis…talk about the evil of two lessers. Talk about bottom feeders. Talk about a hobson’s choice.
Did you know there’s a saying, “As California goes, so goes the nation?”
Oh, will someone please stop this ride? It’s making me sick and I want to get off.

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  1. Wil, just so you know, it’s not just California. Here in the Crap-tastic Cape Breton Regional Municipality, our elections are so horrible that I’ve decided that i’m not going to vote at all next time around.
    I mean, it’s like saying: Do i want to die on an island with no food or water? or do I want to try to swim the 800 miles to the closest inhabited place and drown on the way instead?
    As for the 3rd option you spoke of, you could take all of your belongings and light them on fire in the hopes that a smoke signal will be seen by anyone in the remote chance they won’t just mistake it for a rain cloud.
    When it comes down to elections you really only have two choices: don’t vote or choose the candidate with the name that you think is either the coolest (i.e. former Govenor Jessy ‘The Body’ Ventura) or more amusing.

  2. Everywhere is bad. It’s more of a ‘lesser of two evils’ type thing. No matter which way you look at it, we’re all fuct in the end.

  3. Yeah, I know about bad govenors. I was stuck with Christie Todd-Nitwit, I mean Whitman, for 2 terms. It seems in CA it may be worse, tho. (I am truly frightened that as far as Bush’s appointees go, Whitman is actually the least dangerous and most sensible!)
    Ok, I had a real smart-ass comment about that infuriating smirk but I forgot it. Hopefully my friend Cory is reading this today b/c he always seems to have something funny to say about The Smirk(tm).

  4. Man, I would love to see a serious third party, one that can govern with a mixture of something like idealism and common sense.
    Sure, these things seem to be opposites a lot of the time, but neither of them seems to be a flavor of the day for the parties currently in power.
    Those guys seem to run on cutting the deal and demagaugery (sp?). Oh yeah, and pandering to voting blocs and special interests.
    Sure, I know that it’s the nature of politics, but I would support some person who can build bridges out of something besides smoke and my ass.
    P.S. I promise to post this only once.

  5. Wil,
    If you think that is bad try my canidate. Tim Hagan. You may know his wife Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek Voyager he is using her influence over Star Trek fans to get votes. She even put on a fundraiser for him that William Fucking Shatner attended on the 24 of August and he was rude to William Shatner. John De Lance (Q) was there as well as most of the Voyager cast. I don’t know about you but pimping out your wife and her friends to influence a group of people to get votes is on the bottom of my shit list. Hagan will not get my vote based soley on his methods of campaining.
    Best of luck to you Wil in all that you do and best wishes to your family.
    Until your next post……

  6. Hey, I lived in Texas when Dubya was the governor. We’d hear different “Jenna Drunk” stories–our envornment is the worst in the 50 states–we kill the most convicts–and he still managed (paid) his way to the big white house.
    Third party all the way, Wil. Make it so …

  7. You think Georgia and California are bad – I live in Texas, home to the Shrub himself!! Our candidates for governor just insult each other – I don’t know how they stand on a single issue!

  8. Wil, my fellow Californian, do as I do when I don’t like any of the bastards: vote for yourself. At least I know I agree with myself (most of the time). I write myself in, and know that I’ve voted my conscience.

  9. Add another state to the list where politics suck. Utah. We have so many crazies thinking that they should be in politics, that a lot of the political activists are active just so the crazies have less of a voice. They recently filibustered Salt Lake City to remove all support from our Democratic candidates (what little they had), and the majority leader in the Legislature said “If the people hadn’t wanted us to do that, they wouldn’t have voted us in.”
    There are those who attribute all the problems to the Mormon Church (of which I am a member) I’ll attribute most of our problems to rampant stupidity. Something that seems to be wide spread in this US of A.

  10. You may want to go to my home state: Vermont.
    Ever just stop and look at CSPAN when they are showing the House votes? Democratic, Republic, and the OTHER? That’s Bernie Sanders, Socialist from Vermont.

  11. Why don’t you run for office? If, for the only reason, to make more people aware of the politics and problems in your area. If you win, fine, if you lose, fine. But get those who don’t know or don’t care involved. Politics are often not about what is best for the country, but what is best for the politician. We need to stop selling our country out to the highest bidder…

  12. Wil, you have the brains. Why not hop into the political pot yourself? I know, I know once you stick your foot into the shit, everything begins to smell.
    I’m in the same boat with you on this. Fuck even George Washington wanted a third party system.
    I’m surrounded by simply minded morons who can’t see how we are getting our asses fucked by the Bush agenda.
    Fuckit, are people THIS stupid?
    Opps, I kind of had a mini tangent.
    During the last big election I voted Third party on a major candidate. These morons around me either bitched because I helped Bush get elected or bitched because they thought I was a weak fuckwit, who wanted to bring down the country.
    Hello? Don’t we have FREEDOM TO CHOOSE OUR Person??
    Oh, I forgot…. I live in a country where it’s okay to be a mindless zombie as long as I BUY BUY BUY!!!!
    Save the Dollar!!! God wants the USA to be RICH!!!
    Spend Spend Spend!!
    I’m so sick of this shit.
    Freedom is slipping away and no one cares enough to listen to the changing winds.
    Sadder still is if you try to fight it.
    Freedom is what you get when you use your brain and stop thinking – “My government loves me and would never do anything to deceive me.”
    Wake up ass cakes; you’ve got the big dick of Uncle Sam up your ass.
    Sorry, I’m just so sick of morons.
    I’ll stop now.
    Thanks for your time.

  13. You’ve touched a little on something that’s a pet peeve of mine. Don’t know anything about your local politics, but I’ve noticed a lot of people ‘vote strategically’
    Apparently you can’t ‘waste your vote’ on a third party candidate. Seems you shouldn’t bother, That person’s not going to win.
    I take great offense to the idea that a vote is wasted because the person voted for didn’t win. It’s not a contest people! The reason you vote is to have your say, make your voice heard. It’s not a guessing game where you win a prize if you guess correctly!
    Strategic voting is an insult to what the whole process is supposed to stand for – just my two cents.

  14. Reminds me of the Simpsons Halloween episode when Kang and Kodos are exposed as the Republican and Democratic candidates. Someone says, “I believe I’ll vote for a 3rd party candidate,” to which the aliens respond, “Oh sure! Throw away your vote!” Everyone, of course, abandons the idea and votes for enslavement instead.
    Voting Republocrat IS throwing away your vote. I’m voting Libertarian, as I usually do.

  15. UGH!!
    I can’t stand either Davis or Simon.
    Both of them are so crooked they are going to have to be screwed into the ground when they die.
    No matter how I look at it, it’s SCARY!!

  16. hear hear, mcbeth ….
    i agree with you totally…
    i once read Frank Zappa’s autobiography…(a hilarious book from a brilliant mind)
    and he wrote
    “scientists claim that hydrogen is the most abundant substance in the universe…
    i disagree…
    i think stupidity is.” the way…Orson Scott Card…
    excellent mormon sc-fi writer..

  17. Cool…I thought I was the only one who thought our political system was going down the drain. It really does suck doesn’t it? Wanting to vote…knowing that person you vote for will get like .05% of the vote…it’s very frustrating.

  18. Simon & Davis are one good reason for leaving CA… Everyone in CA might as well start stretching now to make bending over easier, cause no matter who wins y’all are going to get royally screwed…

  19. Well why don’t you run then? You seem to be an intelligent person… Plus you could use your celebrity status to get you the job. Might make you feel good at the end of the day too.

  20. I emailed Creation to thank them for getting Wil,
    and Adam Malin wrote me back. Very cool.
    Dear L. Davis:
    Thanks for the e note. We feel the same way about Wil and are grateful we
    were able to get him to appear at the ST:NG 15th Anniversary. It wouldn’t
    have been the same without him!
    I appreciated getting your letter and look forward to seeing you at the
    All the best-
    Adam Malin

  21. Will:
    I am planning to vote for “Mr. Janeway”. Why? One reason is I hate the Republicans here. Second, he is a predicted loser, simply because he dosen’t have the money of the opposition. It really burns me that politics is about money, not what is good for the people.
    I think it is about time we citizens demand a limit on campaign spending and level the playing field for all candidates.

  22. Wil-
    Just a side note, I don’t think the Governor of California lives in the Governors Mansion in Sacramento. Seems to me that it was built during R. Reagans term and then Jerry Brown was elected and refused to live in it. Instead he lived in a small apartment and drove a 1974 Plymouth. However, that wasn’t the point of your comment, so I’ll stop on that now.
    I left California 6 years ago, and it’s starting to appear that I’ve made an excellent choice in doing so. After speaking with my relatives that still live there, it appears the two major parties are giving Golden State residents the choice between Dumb and Dumber. Go third parties!
    At least you have not had to live under Jesse Helms like I have. Talk about frightening…

  23. Damn. Sometimes I just don’t get the US.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like everything is totally wonderful in my country (Sweden) and it’s not like I hate the US. On the contrary, there’s so very much to like and admire about USA (in fact I’d like to live in New York, but that’s another story).
    But… having what is basically a two party system (and a constitution that apparently promotes a two party system) seems dangerously close to not being a democratic system at all.
    There are problems with having between five and a dozen political parties in the parliament, to be sure. But at least it guarantees a measure of diversity and gives people a slightly more reasonable chance to vote for a party that, to some extent, have the same goals and ideals as the people voting for them. Having a mere two choices seems… a bit constricted. At least to an outsider. I could be wrong of course… 😉

  24. Will,
    Boy do I feel like the lucky one. Here in Minnesota we DO have a LEGIT 3rd party candidate (Tim Penny). Our current Gov. (Jesse Vetura – like you didn’t know that) is an independent and no doubt that helps Mr. Penny. He’s not new to politics, he was a representative for years (D), but kinda got fed-up with the whole Washington scene so he didn’t run again (this is 6-8 years ago).
    So we have 3 candidates who could all win. Roger Moe (way out on the left), Tim Pawlenty (on the right but by no means an extremist) and Tim Penny (literally right down the old political center).
    What could be kinda cool, if Penny wins, the other two life-long politicians will be out of office. In MN you can’t run for two offices at the same time. So Moe (Senate Majority leader) and Pawlenty (House Majority leader) would both be out of office – holly new blood batman!

  25. Wil, your comments remind me of my reactions around the last Presidential fiasco, er, election.
    First, let it be known that I (well, along with the majority of Americans) did not vote for the person who is currently in office… but anyway, that day, I got up, exercised my right to vote, then got on a plane and went to England.
    I thought, “I’ll be free from all of this nonsense for two whole weeks – huzzah!”
    Boy, was I wrong! I’d forgotten about Britain’s press corps and their zeal. So, every day, I’d see the Times, and every day, in HUGE PRINT, front page, above the fold, was another headline about the American election.
    There was one editorial, and I WISH that I had saved it… it went something like this:
    I believe the experiment has failed. What do you say we invite the United States to rejoin the Commonwealth?”

  26. I would LOVE to see a “None of the Above” box on the ballot. I’m of the opinion that “Mr. None of the Above” would wind up holding a lot of elected offices.

  27. I live in Florida. I’ll trade you anyone for Jeb Bush. You don’t know pain untill Duh-bya’s brother has run your state (into the ground). Please take him, I’ll even throw in some Disney World tickets and maybe a short cruise. Of course, the psycholocical scaring will never fade. But at least we would be rid of the dreaded “younger brother”.

  28. I am not sure a 3rd party is the way to go given the way our system works. I was a Green for a while, but it seemed that by voting Green, I was only ensuring the Republicans would be elected which was not one of my goals. I would like to see the progressives, true liberals, environmentalists, etc. take over the Democratic party the way the religeous right did the Republican. At least give people a real choice to make when voting.

  29. Lesse…Bob Taft or Tim Hagan? The guy whose ancestor got stuck in the Whitehouse tub, or the guy who pimps his actress wife around the state for votes? Maybe I’ll just vote Eastman (Natural Law)…or the write-in candidates who can’t afford a campaign website, so they use Yahoo!
    Ahh, who am I kidding? Ohio’s been screwed since Rhodes left office…so yes, we definitely hear ya guys in California from here…

  30. The phrase “Four legs good, Two legs bad” comes to mind when I think about the political structure of the United States. How sad, how very sad. I’m going to crawl under my bed now, someone get me when we put an honest person into office. On second thought, this’ll take a while, better make some room next to uncle Walt and Ted Williams…

  31. Sly, Wil, really sly. I gotta hand it to you. First, you rant about Star Trek conventions and you get a call from the head of the convention begging you to sign on. Right now, I bet you’re waiting for a political party’s convention to call, begging you to be on the ticket.
    Damn thing about it it, I’d vote for you. Way to go, Wil!

  32. I feel your pain concerning the need for a strong 3rd party, Wil. As a Minnesotan, I’ve enjoyed the last four years without a Democrat/Republican in the governor’s chair. The best thing you can do is keep voting for a 3rd party. One day, you just might be surprised.

  33. Wil,
    sorry, but I can handle only 1 thing at a time..
    Justin or Kelly????
    which one of these average, very average singers
    do I choose????
    it’s giving me a headache…

  34. Well, Will, could be worse. You could be in Canada.
    You see, in Canada, once Ontario and Quebec vote, the election is essentially over. Why? Coz that’s where the population is. Well…the gross majority of the population.
    British Columbia comes in at third, making a small dent in the election results, but not much. You can understand that the prairie provinces and maritime provinces are reasonably disgusted.
    This, of course, is why the one political party that started and was attempting to represent more of the western provinces (Western Alliance Party) has been infiltrating it’s way into the east. I guess that they just couldn’t get far enough in Canuckian politics by representing everything west of Manitoba. Oops.

  35. To paraphrase Stargazer..
    (Ya know you COULD win…remember Ronnie Ray-gun

  36. “I would like to see the progressives, true liberals, environmentalists, etc. take over the Democratic party the way the religeous right did the Republican. At least give people a real choice to make when voting.” Quote Stephe
    That’s still a limitation on what people are allowed to believe in.
    I think that’s the part of the problem with the silly system we have now.
    We live in a world that is ever changing. Nothing is black and white. And yet we are expected to CHOOSE from only two Types of belief systems for how we would like our government to run.
    So I can either be a Republican or a TRUE Liberal.
    What about the gray areas.
    What about when a large group of people have their own voice. Should I “pick the lesser of two evils”?, Should I say fuckit and simply not vote – stick my head in the sand and claim no responsibility for who was elected?
    Part of the problem is people are afraid of CHANGE. They don’t want more than two choices because people are simply too fucking stupid to think for themselves long enough to research the candidate qualities.
    They just want to sit back and say, Yup my Daddy was a Republican and so I will be one two. Or I’m a bunny hugger and I’ll vote all Democrat because they want to save the environment.
    Fuckit!! Why even use those labels?
    Why not just have the candidates PROPERLY state their beliefs and REAL agendas?
    Would half of the voting Moron population even know what they were talking about?
    Sadly NO…..
    If everything WERE black and white, left or right your plan might work Stephe. That’s just not reality though.

  37. Why don’t you run for a political position in your state then? Heaven knows that politics need to be infused with some personal decency and a sense of humour…

  38. I lived in Louisiana in 1991 when our choices for governor included Edwin Edwards, a crook (recently convicted on racketeering charges), and David Duke, a past KKK grand wizard. Voted for the crook.

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