Overview of Changes to Legal Rights
By The Associated Press

September 5, 2002, 11:44 AM EDT
Some of the fundamental changes to Americans’ legal rights by the Bush administration and the USA Patriot Act following the terror attacks:

  • FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION: Government may monitor religious and political
    institutions without suspecting criminal activity to assist terror investigation.
  • FREEDOM OF INFORMATION: Government has closed once-public immigration hearings, has secretly detained hundreds of people without charges, and has encouraged bureaucrats to resist public records requests.
  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Government may prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone that the government subpoenaed information
    related to a terror investigation.
  • RIGHT TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Government may monitor federal prison
    jailhouse conversations between attorneys and clients, and deny lawyers to
    Americans accused of crimes.
  • FREEDOM FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCHES: Government may search and seize Americans’ papers and effects without probable cause to assist terror
  • RIGHT TO A SPEEDY AND PUBLIC TRIAL: Government may jail Americans
    indefinitely without a trial.
  • RIGHT TO LIBERTY: Americans may be jailed without being charged or being
    able to confront witnesses against them.


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  1. At least the government hasn’t impinged on Americans unalieble(sp?) rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Oh wait, yes they have….
    I am not a happy citizen right now. I have this overwhelming urge to jump under the covers of my bed and hide, yet I know that I am not safe there either. What is this, 1984??????

  2. Chris
    I’d like to correct you on your point about England and Scotland.
    We do not support Bush. At all.
    Tony Blair, our Prime Minister, supports Bush. However, the rest of the country is growing more and more set against Bush and his aggression towards Iraq. The Father of the House of Commons, Tam Dalzell, has demanded that Parliament be recalled so that a proper democratic discussion can take place on the current situation. The last MORI poll showed that in the past month another 12% of those polled were against Phoney Tony’s stance alongside Bush. Phony Tony has been forced by the electorate to produce all the evidence that he has concerning Saddam’s supposed arsenal, and every newspaper I’ve read (most of the British Broadsheets) view Bush as a derisable, thick, baw-faced, glaikit wee moron whose dog is more intelligent than he is.
    Heres a few quotes from one of todays newspapers on the situation.
    “Mr Blair faces a restless band of TUC brothers and an equally restless band of fellow MPs. The prime minister and”
    critics of Mr Blair’s interpretation of the “special relationship” say he is being far too compliant with the directions of this US government.
    HOW can Blair reconcile his two recent statements; one to the effect that he would never support America in a cause he believed to be wrong out of blind loyalty, the other that Britain must be prepared to pay a “blood price” in order to guarantee the continuance of the “special relationship”?
    No way do we support Bush. The guys a freaking pyscho.
    (from scotland)

  3. I’m not saying the people of Scotland and England support Bush but the government does, and thats what counts in the end. Its almost like the citizens of the world are paralized and do not protest. In the 60’s there was constant protest, now with the younger and evidently weaker generation people they do nothing and except everything handed to them with a “what can you do” attitude. Look at what the RIAA and the MPAA are doing. Its insane! Just about 5 years ago when Intel wanted to put codes in the pentium 3 processor’s people freaked, now our rights are being removed from us one by one and only few say anything and nothing gets done. Nobody is truly free anymore.

  4. Regardless of what you say Herr Fluffy, so like the sottish little fly I decribed above so is opinion of your arguement now. I know being in Scotland, the people killed by terrorists on the 11th last year is of little importance to you, but it does mean something to me. I don’t want to see those barbarian devils do that again, to you or me.
    That said, what more proof do you people need that Saddam is dangerous, he has violated EVERY treaty he’s ever made, he has vast stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons, he has been attempting and has perhaps been successful in the manufacture of NUCLEAR weapons. Do you Herr Fluffy want another HITLER to gain these weapons or stop SADDAM NOW. History shall remember you and the liberal lemmings like you as hypocrites and appeasers that allow, ney support actions that lead to innocent deaths. You in Britian are lucky to have had good leaders since WWII, those like Churchill and Blair, Thatcher and Major. We in the US were not so lucky what with Clinton, Johnson, Truman and Carter. Clinton had the chance to get bin Laden on a silver platter, but NO, he refused. Even after the 1st WTC attack, the embassies in Africa, the USS Cole, all OBL related. He did nothing, the blood of those men, women and children are on Clinton’s hands. WE WILL NOT ALLOW MORE AMERICANS TO DIE. And damn the French, Germans, Canadians and other appeaser nations to HELL. The Germans are far the worst, they should know the danger and evil a fascist leader like Saddam and Hitler present to their own people and the world. If another attack occurs because those bastards sit on their hands and say we need more proof, while an attack occurs, may God save their souls. In my opinion they are WORSE than the terrorists themselves, because they know the result of their inaction and do not care, why because it will kill Americans.
    We need to respond NOW to the threat of IRAQ and other muslim terror sponsoring nations. I am going to boycott goods from nations that are appeasers, you should do the same.
    God bless the USA and the UK.

  5. NYC
    Lay off the Caffeine, big guy. Its seriously doing bizarre and unnatural things to your nervous system.
    On a serious note, I’d like to remind you of my position vis a vis 9/11. I’m Scottish. Woopdeedoo. Nearly 3000 people died. Woopdeedont. I was shocked, horrified and sickened by what happened (still am, as a matter of fact, I do not look forward to whatever sick things may be perpetrated on Wednesday by some freak-ass pyschos). All human life is fairly precious to me. It doesnt make a blind bit off fucking differant what race, colour or creed they are, if they die unneccesarily, its a terrible thing. OK, are we understanding this one? In NO WAY am I unaffected by what happened.
    As for Saddam’s “vast stockpiles”. If these stockpiles really exist, why don’t Bush and Blair show us the EVIDENCE rather than claiming it is so and trying to leave it at that. If they know for certain, why can’t they show us what they have. I’d be more willing to support a war on Saddam if I knew there was concrete evidence supporting it. I’m not going to get behind a military action, which WILL lead to the deaths of civilians no matter how much retoric gets spouted, basing all my support on blind faith.When the head of the UN Weapons Inspectors admits to having been part of an effort to falsify reports about Saddams weapons capability, it puts all such claims in a bad light. I want to see proof, not retoric.
    A wee point about Shrub, he keeps saying that Saddam is the most aggressive man in the world, yet it is Shrub who HAS control over the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world, and its Shrub who is advocating war.
    I would like you to provide on shred of evidence that shows that I “support actions that lead to innocent deaths”. Go on. Lets see what you got, or are you afraid to be shown up for spouting lies? And your equaly bollocks claims of “appeaser nations”. Where the fuck do you get off? You seriously want us to send our Soldiers and technology and weapons to fight in YOUR war, to die at your side, without seeing the evidence that says we should? Would you do that? Would you go charging off, gun in hand, if Britian had asked for American aid in fighting the IRA, without giving you a reason why? Or would you do as Europe has done, and actually try to think about ALL the consequences, and want to evaluate the EVIDENCE. THeres that word again. Im am sick to the back fucking teeth of being told that Saddam has weapons by Bush and Blair. SHOW ME. Don’t try to lead me by the fucking nose. If the proof exists, there is no reason not to show it.
    Boycotting goods from nations that are appeasers? Sounds good. How about…America!
    The CIA has given millions of dollars in funding to terrorists such as bin Laden,Sadam Hussain,Arafat,Idi Amen,fidel Castro. As the Economist magazine put it, “[U.S.] policies in Afghanistan a decade and more ago helped to create both Osama bin Laden and the fundamentalist Taliban regime that shelters him.”
    Between 1979 and 1989, “the CIA and Saudi intelligence together pumped in billions of dollars worth of arms and ammunition,” according to the Economist. But when the USSR finally withdrew in 1989, the administration of George Bush Sr. turned its back on Afghanistan–leaving it, in the words of the Economist, “awash with weapons, warlords and extreme religious zealotry.” OSAMA BIN Laden, a civil engineer and businessman from a wealthy family in Saudi Arabia, was one of the first non-Afghan volunteers to join the mujahadeen. He recruited 4,000 volunteers from his own country and developed close relations with the most radical rebel leaders in Afghanistan. He also worked closely with the CIA raising money from private Saudi citizens. “In 1988, with U.S. knowledge,” reports Jane

  6. Your calling Bush Shrub, is an insult to the US, and every citizen. Your mock “feelings” for the terror victims is repulsive and enfuriating. You say you out of one side of your mouth, and you want proof with the other. What proof do you need, a nuke in Edinburgh? A biological attack on London. You stupid twit, inaction will lead to death.
    Let us get one thing straight, the socialists in England, like Chamberlain CAUSED WWII by appeasing Hitler, allowing him to eat up more and more territory, build his army in VIOLATION of every treaty he made. Saddam has done and is doing the same fucking thing. Hitler killed civilians, guess what so did Adolph. My EVIDENCE of you, is your support for the MURDERERS is that YOU want “evidence” or “solid evidence” be specific what the fuck do you need? Another attack, more civilian deaths, a nuclear attack on Israel? YOU want to appease them. It is evil, just like not allowing Jews to enter England, the US, Canada or other nations from Germany because there was no “solid evidence” that Adolph was gassing them. FUCK that logic. If the evidence you need is dead Americans, then you are a terrorist too.
    Down with the appeaser nations may they pay for their crimes against humanity. You know the IRA thing is a LIE, something you are very adept at believing.
    Good bye you tool, Herr Fluff (the consistency of your arguement is the same).
    Liberal blather.

  7. NYC
    What did I tell you about that damned caffiene?
    I know you are unlikey to respond to this post, but you don’t think I can let such a unmitigated personal attack against me go unanswered, do you?
    “Your calling Bush Shrub, is an insult to the US, and every citizen.”
    – Actually…NO, monkeyboy. Its an insult directed at Shrub..and only him. If you choose to take it to be something more, then thats your perogative, but I would have to suggest you get to a registered specialist and get them to have a look at that oversized chip on your shoulder.
    “Your mock “feelings” for the terror victims is repulsive and enfuriating.”
    -My feelings for the terror victims are far from “mock”, as you put it. They are real and powerful. The true strength and depth of them is between me, God and One Other. They know the veracity of my emotions, and I see no reason to waste further time trying to explain them to a cheesedick such as yourself.
    I feel sympathy for all terror victims, everywhere, where you seem to care only of they are American or Israeli. There are thousands of people dying, right now, as victims of terror, in places that you have probably never even heard of.
    Also, I have to question how such a bigoted, hypocritical State-speak zombie such as yourself can possible think you can dare to decide whether or not MY feelings about any subject are genuine or not.
    “YOU want to appease them. It is evil”
    -I have a passion for words and for INFORMATION, something you seem to lack. Let me enlighten you.
    APPEASE:- to pacify somebody, especially by acceding to demands.
    APPEASEMENT:- the politic strategy of of pacifying a potentialy hostile nation in the hope of avoiding war, often by granting concessions.
    Now, if you look at what I have written previously, you will find out several things. First of all, I do not want to pacify Saddam by acceding to demands. He has made none that I know of and I would not advocate giving him anything if he did. Secondly,I am willing to back the war against Saddam IF and WHEN the EVIDENCE is put forward to show that it is neccessary. All I want is reasonable proof that Saddam is as big a threat as Shrub and Blair say he is. If that proof is forthcoming, then I will happily wave the flag for Queen and Country. I’ll quote myself. “I’d be more willing to support a war on Saddam if I knew there was concrete evidence…I’m not going to get behind a military action…on blind faith”.
    I am an adult human being. I am capable of making my own judgements…so allow me to do so. As you say inaction may mean deaths, but so will action. People will still die, it just depends on who and how.
    “If the evidence you need is dead Americans, then you are a terrorist too.”
    – Nope. The evidence I need is physical proof of the existence of the weapons, satillite photos, perhaps.
    On the subject of evidence, I’m glad to see that some of it is finally being made available to the British Media, see if you don’t believe me. In light of this, I am more inclined to support action agaist Saddam than I was yesterday. Like I said, don’t lead me by the nose, I can make my own judgements if you let me. If Saddam really does have Weaponised Ebola, them I am all for sapping the fucker.
    Aha, you cry, Fluffy does a U-turn! Nope. Its the same stance I have made all along. If the evidence exists, show me and I will support he action.
    But I also want people like Bush and Blair to examine the possible consequences. What if Saddam used the action agaist him as an excuse to try out his biological toys on his neighboring countries? A cornered wolf has nothing to lose. IF we have to go into Iraq, lets not be dumb about it.
    I notice that you class asking for evidence as “appeasement”. Why then, are you happy to kill on the word of a man, without seeing for yourself. To kill on a mans say so? Can we say, HEIL BUSH, HEIL BUSH!
    You talk of Hitler, and say that any country that will not aid you against Saddam is “appeasing” him. Just like America did during WW2? You sat on your ASSES and waited until Pearl Harbor to get involved. Many big American companies gave money to the Nazi’s. Look to yourself before you accuse others.
    “The IRA thing is a LIE”
    – Really? Pretty big fucking lie. Or is it easier for you to turn a blind eye to certain harsh realities. Such as this one.
    “At the height of the IRA bombing campaign, American citizens were supplying much of the money that the IRA needed to buy explosives and weapons, through an organisation called Noraid. I am sure that they justified their support for IRA violence by believing that the IRA were freedom fighters, not terrorists. The American government presumably saw the IRA in the same light, when they refused the British government’s request that they shut down Noraid.”
    “following the emergence of the modern republican movement in 1969, the Provisional IRA quickly turned to its Irish-American supporters for funds and guns.
    More than 30 years later, those support networks still exist”
    Some LIE, huh?
    But its ok. We can still go to war with everyone. I mean the entire Middle East is one big stockpile, and its full of A-RABS, not real honest to goodness American Humans. Lets see how big the river of blood can get before we drown in it, weighted down by the policies and actions of the US. Lets help Israel butcher the Palistinians, its not as if they are real people are they, NYC? I wonder did anyone else see that INTERNATIONAL NEWS FOOTAGE of Israeli tanks driving OVER palastinian ambulances, and fire engines riddled with bullet holes from Israeli guns. Who has the biggest nuclear and military arsenal in the Middle East? Israel. Where do they get the vast majority of their weapons? The US.
    Lets help Shrub turn the world into a bloodbath for his own personal glory, because only Americans really matter, eh NYC?
    Your arguments are a childish as Shrubs, your information is even weaker.

  8. Well, I’ve managed to make it to 35 years of age without voting once but I have to say that the actions of our current President has convinced me that come next election I WILL be voting, and NOT for George Dubya.

  9. Daryl,
    I moved to fluffy’s home, Scotland the Free! Currently going through final process to move into newly purchased flat in Stirling.
    With regard to Americans looking to move to Canada: good luck. I think Canada must have the most restrictive immigration policy in the western hemisphere. Even if you were married to a Canadian citizen (as I am) you would no be guaranteed a settlement visa as you still have to pass the same tests as any other immigrant. Also, the fee last time I checked was US$1500.

  10. I know a girl who had to move to scotland because he couldn’t immigrate to this country. Not for at least another year.

  11. Kerrington, you might want to hold off on that thought about moving to Australia because you think nothing ever happens here…our Prime Minister John Howard is just as trigger happy as Bush. I wouldn’t be surprised if Howard and Bush become best buddies and have slumber parties…hey, don’t look at me…I did my part in the election: I voted for the other guy.

  12. What about the temporary lift on the second Amendment right to bear arms if you intend on flying? Don’t we have the right to freely travel from state to state? Do we no longer hold onto ANY of our rights? They will shut down the internet, they will close the borders, they will strip search you randomly, and they will call it justice!

  13. just to let you know — if you are looking for a Florida gubernatorial candidate with the Rat Stuff, check out Mickee Faust, Rat CAndidate for Guv.
    He was born in an old gym shoe. There were just two of them after their mother finished eating. One ended up in Orlanda where he’s passing himself off as a cartoon mouse. The other became Mickee Faust, a beer guzzling, cigar puffing rat with an attitude.
    Mickee may not have the money, the family, the connections, the money, the experience, the gravitas, the the money of the other candidates but he has the best bumper sticker: Vote Vermin!
    Terry Galloway for
    Mickee Faust an official, duly registered write-in candidate for Florida Guv.
    For your very own Vote Vermin bumper sticker just write me and ask. Incidentally, Faust has 15 soild write-in votes, all of them out of state.

  14. Rights we used to have

    Some of the fundamental changes to Americans’ legal rights by the Bush administration and the USA Patriot Act following the terror attacks.

  15. I’m scared… I felt 9/11’s pain before it happened and feel Iraq is in for the same misery… misery we may share… =(

  16. Please… if you are in a position of power, capable of making a change, please do something… 9/11’s guilt riddles but I felt it too late… prayerfully your reading this makes the difference of all

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