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  1. Sorry about that..had a chance to be first so I took it..
    I’m sure that whatever plans you had will still be viable or malleable as required and that you’ll give us any details that are our business when it’s time.

  2. Shit, do I ever know that. I certainly hope that on the human scale of cosmic proportions it’s just a hiccup, and not a belch…….or worse, a fart.

  3. Pity. Stumble upon a perfectly nice weblog and suddenly the author has a moment of too much to do.
    Is it like being stuck at work at 1:30 while waiting for your boss, who is stuck at work too, to go over your work for the last five hours? While normal people are out drinking, carousing or sleeping?
    Putting plans on hold for real life indeed. Come back soon!

  4. Wil,
    it’s like what Wil?
    actually, it’s never happened to me…
    working twenty (20) years on a graveyard
    shift… life is perfect…
    it’s a goocher wil…

  5. Yea, that sucks when that happens. It reminds me of the time that scientist you became friends with was trying to do some kind of solar experiment, but you ended up creating some kind of hyper-intelligent nano-bots that infested the computers of the ship, and it really fucked things up for him. Yea . . . . Did you know I don’t even like Star-Trek?
    Hey Wil, was that a pixies reference up there at the top of screen. If you like them, you should Check out the latest Frank Black and the Catholics, “Dark Days” has Stan Ridgeway on it!

  6. Man, Wil baby! I hear ya, bro! I mean, life sure has it’s ups and downs. Well thank goodness we’re as blessed as we are with all that which life has to offer for those of us living the lives of the priveledged! Otherwise I’d most likley get real bummed. Welp, gotta go check E-BAY and see what sort of CA$HOLLA my items are raking in! Stupid WEBIES out there buyin’ all my stuff — well, one’s dude’s garbage…
    Woo-hoo! It IS like that!

  7. Wil, I seem to recall your web site was about third on your priority list. That still sounds like a good call to me. Take care. We’ll all be around when you have time. Hope all is well.
    Best, Rob

  8. Take the time out to deal with real life Wil.
    Its not as if we are going anywhere. *grin*
    See you when the busyness has subsided for a while.

  9. Well I’m sorry Mr. Wheaton, that’s just not good enough. You disappoint your fans while “spending time with your wife and kids.” What kind of example is that for your kids? They’re going to grow up thinking that they are more important than anybody else. Then they’ll have this chip on their shoulder. Somebody will come along and knock that chip off. They’ll get in a fight, get expelled from school and not learn anything. The best job they’ll be able to get is a minimum wage job selling things over the phone. All because you had to go spend time with them. *sheesh* What’s gotten into you man?
    Oh and “work” … don’t get me started on you “working”. Making money is for wusses.

  10. WAH!!!We are BLOG-LESS!!
    Oh well..go ahead and do WHATEVER it is you do.
    YES..We will still be here..waiting for you and
    your REAL LIFE…sigh..

  11. oh suuuure….that old excuse….
    ‘real life’ ….hmph….
    no sweat man…
    just fill us in when ya get a chance….

  12. You know, wil, you were a lot more forthcoming when you used to complain about the calls you weren’t getting and how you kept getting passed over for reasons beyond your control. Now that you’ve decided to take control of your life and your reactions to what goes on in it, we hardly ever hear from you. WTF?!
    Yes, I’m kidding – Wil’s got a life, and that’s a good thing ™.

  13. Wil said: “It’s like that.”
    And Joy finishes by saying: “And that’s the way it is!”
    Sorry…..Run DMC moment. I’m up way too early and feeling silly. I now return you to your regularly scheduled comments.

  14. Dude! I hear ya. As a friend once told me a long time ago, “Boy, you’re busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.” Silly, I know. But you hear stuff like that a lot here in Texas. LOL!
    I’m in the same boat. I come home and my dog’s tapping his paw, saying, “I see you finally found your way home. Dinner is ruined.”

  15. You know, when i first moved to the US (from Portugal) 10 years ago, I started watching Star Trek on a little B/W tv my grandma gave me. I was 10 and i had the hugest crush on Wesley Crusher.
    Thankfully, i have grown (no offense!), but i was still looking forward to your bit in Star Trek X, Wil! So i took a time out from MY busy schedule (im in college in NY, taking on 20 creds and a job, plus dealing with boyfriend and family) to check out how STX was coming along and try to take a peek at all my favorite characters of old. Then i saw somewhere that your scenes were cut! Is this a nasty rumor?
    I’m so glad to see you are doing well. I was worried about you, you know. Let me take a moment now to thank you for teaching me the meaning of spandex, nanobots, weird mole on body, etc, etc, etc.
    And take a moment for yourself, Wil, everyone needs it.
    “Can You See The Muffin Tree?”

  16. You come first, so dont worry. The time will come when we encounter your humor in your Vegaspants saga. Business first.

  17. Wil,
    Sometimes time management can be difficult. You seem to be able to handle it most of the time. I hope that whatever it was you did not get done can still be done today.

  18. Just have to post this……..i love the movie….it was my favorite that you made……lol…..hilarious
    Teddy: Fine, you guys can haul your candy asses half way across the state and back, but I’ll be on the other side relaxing with my thoughts. Gordie: Do you use your left hand or right hand for that?
    Teddy: You wish.

  19. A wiser man than I once said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”
    Then some idiot shot him.
    You go right ahead and live your life. It’d be nice to read about it once in a while, but if not, c’est la vie.
    Oh yeah, and in the words of Marvin, Your Plastic Pal Who’s Fun To Be With: “Life. Don’t even talk to me about life.”

  20. Just a reminder to everyone:
    LIFE and WORK are four-letter words. Ain’t that a kick in the %^$@ing head?
    I think of all the things I miss the most it might be my life. I just don’t remember what it looks like…

  21. I’m not first?! ;-P
    I got farked. Or rather my Super Greg website did. Close to 800 hits from there. However some German website that linked it took it through the roof for a couple days. If it ever gets /.ed Ill have to shut it down! 8-P
    Saw Kate Mulgrew playing Kate Hepburn on stage today. Was fabulous!

  22. Like I said last time.

    Some other points to note I think, are that, well how to do this as efficiently as possible. Hmm. The once obvious solution becomes clouded. Well ok here goes.

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