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  1. Christians are fond of asking: “What would Jesus do in this situation?” Unfortunately, they very rarely come up with the correct answer, which is: “Something unexpected!”
    — Larry Wall

  2. what would gabbo drink?
    where would gabbo dance?
    why wont gabbo die?
    the list goes on…i’m obsessively weird

  3. have a great weekend, and I hope you will tell us about your trip to Vegas on Monday. give the wife and kids a big hug from your fans in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle).

  4. Of course it’s a cartoon Wil. The question is, is the gal an assistant you have, or is that Anne? Interesting…

  5. Wil you’ve now crossed over to big time cult status. Be afraid…be very afraid……or just laugh……be very laughing very hard. I see that your boxing gloves are on ebay. Sweet deal!

  6. yes, i knew it was a link to a cartoon
    where would gabbo dine?
    what would gabbo design?
    why would gabbo decline?
    oh god, im making them rhyme now.

  7. Sorry, Wil, but the only comic I read is B.C. because young Mr. Hart isn’t afraid to tackle the issues that confront today’s reader.

  8. “How about Wil Wheaton, Game Developer?
    Posted by Dave at September 12, 2002 10:38 PM”
    Thanks, Dave! It was driving me nuts.
    Have a good weekend, Wil. Looking forward to those stories.

  9. Hmmm… I think I better clue in a few people here. USERFRIENDLY.ORG is a Canadian web-comic that is targetted to the geek/computer/gamer scene. The site is free and books of the comic are available. It’s pretty funny for those who know Linux, Big Bad Microsoft, Games, networking and geekdom in general.
    Will has been drawn into the strip which is pretty cool and the “Romero” he is refering to is probably John Romero, one of the creators of the famed QUAKE first person shooter game.
    He had “creative difference” with John Carmack, the other co-creator and decided to make the ultimate, state of the art, ultra-powered game that would shock the world into submission.
    That game was Daikatana.
    Heard of it? If you didn’t, be grateful. It was a flop and his company has been trying to stay alive after that, or so they said.
    BTW, Carmack is making another DOOM game and the graphics engine is totally rad.
    OK, end of geek file.

  10. Er…Since when is hate speech acceptable here?
    And yes, saying that any group of people “sucks s–t” is hate speech.

  11. WWGD? What would goom-bah’s do? They would cancel their critically acclaimed, award winning show. I haven’t seen anything about it over here so I guess I’ll broach the subject. SCIFI channel has cancelled Farscape. I personally think it is the best thing to happen in SCIFI since ST:TNG. The link has more information.
    Maybe if we help get Farscape saved we could send Uncle Wily down under for a romp with Chiana!

  12. It’s What Would Gabbo Do? I know this, because Wil said it on Fark yesterday. What it means is another story, lost in the wilds of Wil’s brain.

  13. Oh, and just incase anyone doesn’t know, Gabbo was the ventriloquist’s puppet on the Simpson’s that took Krusty’s job

  14. And, yeah, I’m not even Christian and I didn’t appreciate the “suck sh*t” comment. If you can’t play nice, please stay home.

  15. Wil,
    I figured you would find the cartoon on user friendly. I tried to post it a couple of times so you could. We geeks must stick together. Have a great weekend. Best to you and your family.
    until your next post……

  16. “Gabbo, You’re a real boy!”
    Wil, do you enjoy being the victim of these oh so very funny cartoons? You should send your own suggestions in that involve you and a female co-star of your choice. Or at the very least a really fast PC that is not windows based.
    Geeks have dreams too.
    Just a thought…

  17. OK OK OK,
    that whole “Suck S**T” comment was completely posted to get a rise out of “said group” and is seriously the most uneducated and obviously developmentally retarted statement I’ve seen on this list. Even the ones that say “YOU ROCK!” sound more intelligible than that one. So really, do yourself a favor “666FAG” and try to actually use your brain before you let your fingers walk the keys….**laughs loudly at the stupidity**
    Ember (btw, I’m not Christian either)

  18. 666FAG, your days are numbered, chum. Lucifer is not going to sit idly by while an inbred, degenerate moron such as yourself, takes his number in vain. His publicity is bad enough as it is. (between you and me, he needs to fire his marketing dept). I’d enact the Ritual of Destruction myself if I didn’t already know that the Big L is too busy working to continue Kevin Sorbo’s 15 minutes of Lame.
    You are clearly too stupid to be allowed to live. Choke to death on you keyboard or something, yes?

  19. Anyone who makes over-generalizations of any particular group without having gotten to know any member of that group is a moron.
    I’ve personally had friends of all faiths and even none, including Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Wiccans, other types of Pagans, Agnostics, & Athiests. The world is very diverse and to hate any one group of people just because they’re different from you is not right. Possibly, that’s one of the many things I learned from watching Star Trek!
    As to the main topic, I also thought immediately “What Would God Do,” when I saw the cartoon, and thought it entirely appropriate given recent events and what the U.S. president is considering.
    I don’t think God would consider going into a country & possibly harming lots of innocent people with bombs and missiles just for the sake of getting one bad guy.
    But, that’s just my humble opinion.

  20. Well, this thread has changed subjects! And I’m gonna do it again!
    Subject 1) Suddenly cartoon Wil has become skinnier. Crash diet in cartoon land?
    Subject 2) Just picked up my copy of ST: Communicator and there’s a big interview with our Uncle Willie. It’s nice and long, and he gets to say a (slightly) naughty word. I read just about the whole thing standing in the aisle at the grocery store (where I bought it). Very cool.

  21. I have to agree with Emily. But I’m glad they are making Wil thinner in the cartoon. He looks much better than the first day maybe it was the change of shirts? What do ya’ll think?

  22. Wil,
    I heard that TechTV was coming by your place today! Good luck!
    How about telling us about the Chocago trip on the air?
    Come on, pleeeeeeeeeeeese?

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