And now, for something completely different:
Several readers have told me that TrekWeb has linked to this group wedding picture of all of us from Nemesis.
I’m the guy who looks like a complete dork.
Looking at that picture, I can clearly see how happy I am –to the point of goofiness– to be there with all of them. It was a great time.
Here is Star Trek Dot Com’s write up of the rest of the TNG con, including a brief mention of the Saturday night program, where I read some stuff from WWDN, to a very wonderful, warm, appreciative crowd.
When I saw Brent backstage Sunday at the con, he asked me how I felt about being cut. I told him what I wrote here, and he was surprised and happy that Rick called me himself. He told me how upset they all were that I was cut, and he asked me if I’d be at the screening. I told him that I would, and he says to me, “You know, Wil, you should still be involved in all the press events.” He gets this impish glint in his eye…the same glint that I lived for when I was sitting next to him on the bridge, the same impish glint that I knew was going to end up getting me in trouble when he made me crack up, and he continues, “I think you should sit there, answer as many questions as you can, even if you don’t know the answers. I’ll see you in Europe. It’ll be fun.”
Before I could play the “yes, and…” improv game with him, he was whisked away to go on stage, but not before he says, “Hey, you’ve got my number, right?” I tell him that I do. “Use it when you need it, man. It’s great to see you.”
It’s great to see me?!

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  1. Heh, I guess I’m still hoping that they’ll still leave the scene in as a surprise, and that they even lied to you to keep it a secret. Hey, could happen! I suppose you are still contractually obligated to NOT tell us why you are wearing a Starfleet uniform in that pic…damn contracts!

  2. damn that’s awesome..
    i’ve been waiting for an update, and all though it’s a small one, it put a smile on my face….
    That Brent is a class act…thats for sure..
    once again, i’m glad you had a great time wil..
    i can picture the ear to ear grin just from reading your last two updates….

  3. That photo is priceless! Love you in the dress whites.
    It’s cool that you get to be in at least one of the promo pics for the flick.
    Brent was wonderful at the Con, I couldn’t believe he let all those people take pics with him during his Q&A. Seemed like a cool guy.
    If the LA premiere is the Wednesday before the release I think I might have to make a trek back out to Cali and be a fan-girl in the stands.
    This is the closest to the top that I have ever been.

  4. Fantastic! You got a lot of people out here rooting for you!
    (Wish I could have heard you read your writing!) *sniffles*

  5. That’s awesome. I’m sorry not to get to see you in Nemesis, though I’m sure the movie will be wonderful anyway. With any luck, you *will* be at all the press events…and who knows, maybe they won’t *really* make this the last movie :)

  6. Well the uniforms were interesting but unique, I think I liked them, haha. Wil, as cool as it is that you have excepted your cut from the film, I will still miss seeing your part, I always enjoyed “Wesley” because it was a character that was my age, and in that respect I could enjoy ST: TNG from a kid point of view. Other than that I have always enjoyed your other acting jobs, and miss seeing your talent, and miss the laughs you brought to my life on tv. I still get tons here on WWDN. I have learned a lot about your personality, and have learned that the Wil Wheaton that I met as a kid is much different than the Wil Wheaton now. I too have grown as an adult, and learned so much, and enjoy looking back at my life and saying wow, what the hell was I thinking, haha. I think Brent is right you are part of that family even if your part was cut, enjoy these times in your life Wil, for it is right now at this moment that counts, enjoy it to the fullest, and love yourself, your family, and life like tomorrow was your last day to live. When you die, people will look back and watch you on tv and say wow what a cool guy. Sorry, I know I got carried away, and this is your site, but I felt like sharing that. Thanks for sharing yourself Wil, and for the laughs. Laughter is such a great thing.

  7. Wil, before you trust Brent too much… I should tell you that I’ve seen his report cards from the University of Houston. Maybe he isn’t as smart as he looks!
    You know I love you, Brent! 😉

  8. That’s awesome. It’s a shame I couldn’t make it there Sunday to see him… actually, it’s a shame he wasn’t there on Saturday instead. :)

  9. Good stuff.
    Just to let you know, all the fans I know of the show are looking forward to the DVD version which includes the cut scenes.
    Brent… well, he’s a decent guy. (Okay, okay, he’s sexy too…) ^_^
    I think most people forget that actors are just human beings no matter how popular they get. Wil, I’m proud of you and WWDN. It really drives that point home, and I really feel the website gives some insight into what kind of human being you are.

  10. That’s so cool!
    I admit to a crush on Data…lol, don’t ask why.
    I think it’s great that not only are you keeping involved with the Trek stuff, but able to keep your friendships going.
    It’s great that your site keeps getting mention throughout all of this.
    Best wishes.

  11. Wes went back to Starfleet? What happened to being in a higher state? I still think it’s lame that they cut you, even if you are cool with it. I was kind of hoping they’d add you back in, especially after the convention thing. Oh well. I can dream can’t I?

  12. You know, Wil, yours’ is a great attitude toward this whole Nemesis thing. I was laid off of my job this past June 2002. I started this lab inside of a major corp. in North America as an on site SW Testing Vendor. It was just myself and an on site manager. A couple months later when I had to have a back operation, he (the boss) actually told me that he considered me a ‘charter member’ of our lab (which had grown some) and that I’d be the last to be laid off should it ever come to it.
    Long story short, I was the first to be cut in the lab. This not only hurt but it was a financial devastation to my family and I feel less and less of the person I once was each day. This will change some day — I’m counting on it!
    Anyway, as I read and hear more and more about your attitude toward being CUT, I find myself inspired by your maturity.
    When I first read your posting SPARE US THE CUTTER:
    I found myself a tad bit beyond cheesed off about the whole thing. I was truly looking forward to seeing Wes again (as were a lot of us). So like many others, I pouted and threatened my family with the possibility of a boycott on anything Star Trek. But because I’m the only Trekkie in the house, this wasn’t too effective.
    In time, I chilled about the whole thing. And your attitude has helped. I only hope that RICK will show a similar maturity and consider bringing you back into Star Trek some day to resolve the Wesley character. If not, it certainly sounds as if you have a firm grasp on that part of your life’s past.
    Thanks, again for staying cheery about the whole thing — even it is with a bit of a bittersweet tone.
    Be good.

  13. Yeah, you did look extremely happy in that Nemesis wedding pic. But hey, don’t you always feel that way when you’re with great friends?
    I thought that was cool of Brent to subtly remind you that you’re still part of the family, no matter what. Sounds like he’s always been your surrogate Big Bro.
    Yahtzee, indeed. :]

  14. Gee, Wil, I’m jealous — Brent never offered me that kind of help.
    Maybe it’s because he has no idea who the fark I am.
    Learn it, baby — Wil’s no dork. A geek maybe, but no dork.

  15. Come on, dude, you’re thirty-some-odd. You’re not fifteen. You *are* a colleague to them.
    I’m now in the same office with a bunch of very professional people who knew me when I was fifteen. Now that I’m far older, we’re going out to professional business lunches and they treat me quite differently.
    I can’t help but look around every ten minutes and go, “WOW! This just ain’t happening!”
    But I’m no longer fifteen.
    I’m a professional colleague.
    And so are you. You wouldn’t want them treating you like you’re fifteen, now, would you Wil? :)

  16. Oooo…. Uncle Willie in trouble….. sounds interesting! I agree with Amanda, Brent did seem quite cool. The whole pictures during the Q&A thing was amazing. And I had the same expression on my face in my picture with YOU.
    It reminds me of that old children’s song “If you’re Happy and You Know it…” If I lived by that song I would have been clapping hysterically that entire weekend.

  17. I do not know why you are all dressed up like you are working on The Love Boat in that picture, but I do hope your scene or scenes make it onto the DVD.

  18. Wil,
    as McCoy said to Jim; “He’s not dead Jim!”
    well, you get the jist of it…
    and you should milk it for all you can.
    you turned many people into trek fans..
    ok, most were young girls, who most likly wanted to see that suit of yours “ride up”
    you are the man, Wil Wheaton!
    as for Data, he was my 2nd fave!
    later at the walk!

  19. LOL Sunidesus, now that you mention it, I think I had that same dorky grin on my face in my pic with Wil too. (And pretty much all the pics I have gotten with various actors and celebs). What is with that? It must be the standard “I can’t believe I am *actually* here!” grin.

  20. Let’s see, if I move the camera this way, Data isn’t totally in the frame, but Wesley is. If I move the camera that way, I get all of Data, but I lose some of Wesley.
    Wesley…..Data……Wesley…..Data…..or I could pan a little more to the right, dump Wesley entirely, and include that background chair in the shot instead…..

  21. Wil you must tell us how Wesley not being a Starfleet officer was allowed to wear a dress uniform. And then is that a Pip on your neck? HUHUH?? It’s the ever rageing debate right now whether there is one there.

  22. Die Hard Trekkies, look away. Sacred cow meatloaf ahead.
    Better be careful, Wil, or you’ll have that Spiner-Fem from Trekkies breaking in to get get your rolodex.
    Geeez those costumes! (I assume this not such a good photograph, because they look… off.)
    I’ll bet the actors weren’t eager to look that much like the wait staff at a nice restaurant. (Can you imagine complaining to Michael Dorn in full Klingon face that your water glass has lipstick on it? “You will be avenged for the dish washer has no honor!”)
    Brent Spiner looks a bit like he’s about to fill your water glass for the millionth time and take away the Pot Stickers plate.
    And poor Marina Sirtis looks like she’s a coursage short of a senior prom.
    Whoopi looks cool as ever, albeit a bit like a Rastafarian Hamid Karzai: Goofy hat, robe/cape thing. Actually, except the Ray-Bans, I like that one.
    Patrick Stewart looks dapper as usual. Bet William “Farking” Shatner wishes his stomach had stayed as trim as Mr. Stewart’s in all of his sequels! Hell, I wish I had those abs. I would think those bell hop/singing telegram/tap dancing get ups show every budlge. Besides the one in the unitard jumpsuits on the TV show.
    Now… One would think by the time they can achieve warp speed, they could get Geordi a set of contacts that didn’t make him look like he was going to start fires with his gaze. That look has always been a bit eerie.
    I couldn’t think of anything to say about Gates McFadden, other than she’s a hottie, and I hope they give the poor woman something to do in this movie. I always enjoyed the few episodes where she played the lead. But the movies have her light under a bushell.
    I also see that they let Mr. Frakes grow his beard back. He looks better that way. It’s also a good contrast with the Picard look.
    And Uncle Willie… man, it looks like Westmore made you look 18 again! So’d the family tease you mercilously about the Star Fleet issue side-burns?

  23. Will,
    Glad to hear you will be going to the premire cut or not! You deserve it you helped put Star Trek TNG on the map and brought a lot of new fans to the Star Trek-verse. Brent is right, you do belong on all the Trek outings. Hope one of your latest auditions paid off for you.

  24. See, Wil, they like you! They really like you–just like we monkeys do. 😀 Brent Spiner just gained like, 200 gazillion cool points in my book (and he was already my second fave TNGer). Make sure you call him, Wil!

  25. Darn it!…I wanted to be the first to ask about the star fleet uniform. Doh! Hey Wil …Are ya having a hard time trying NOT telling us why??? Can we have at least a criptic hint or a e-mail message in a bottle? Pretty pluhease!!!

  26. So wil, after the movie releases, can you tell us all how Wesley supposedly got back from the “other planes of existance” (and whether or not he wore his “rubbers” like his mommy told him, or if there are some extra-planar illigitimate Crusher grandchildren running around)?
    BTW, neat still shot from the movie…if you had been grinning any more, you’d fit right in on startrek.com’s fan pic album 😉

  27. OF COURSE !!!! YOU ARE “THE MAN”..Wheaton..
    You still don’t know that do ya?!
    Just LOOK at all YOUR loyal subjects/monkeys!!
    WE LOVE YOU..silly person.

  28. Wow! You know Brent Spinner!? I mean, you actually met him!? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! 😉
    No, no, but seriously….it’s good to see that your outlook regarding Trek seems to be a lot more positive lately.

  29. Wil please read!
    I know you’re a normal guy, and as far as Trek goes, it was just another job with a bunch of awesome co-workers, and a great way to grow up… But go Trekkie with me for a minute…
    Can you see it possible for a Wesley episode of Enterprise? Since your character did evolve into some crazy higher-being with the Traveller character, and space/time/energy is all the same, it would be easy to explain. For continuity purposes, the script could involve the Enterprise cast not ‘seeing’ you, but you’re observing for some reason…
    Would you be interested in playing other parts, like a bad Vulcan on Enterprise?

  30. So, wait, Wil, how long again did you sit in your garage listening to Oingo Boingo after you talkled to Brent?
    Keep us smiling, Head Monkey. :)

  31. You always have hope, good for you!!!
    I am still bitter about them cutting you and after all the rumors about Brent and Patrick I have a hard time trusting anything either would say.
    But, that said. I’m glad you’re not bitter like me, it shows that you’re a much better person.

  32. Wil, is that so hard to believe? It must be amazing for the cast to have seen YOU grow, to have been a part of your adolesence, to have some lasting impact on your life. It’s a great feeling, and even if you are still in awe of them, they must be in awe of you too.

  33. Sounds like Brent’s up there on the list of the coolest people ever, along with Jonathan Frakes. :) It’s good to hear what the rest of us have known all along…. 😉

  34. Okay, I give up. Can someone please explain the significance of 101010?
    Please feel free to laugh and point if I’m missing something really obvious.

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