Day Five, and some Pimpin’

Today was a very routine day working on a film, and the only really interesting thing that happened wasn’t even related to the movie!
There’s a great show on NPR called “Marketplace,” and one of the producers emailed me a few weeks ago, asking if I’d be interested in participating in a program about how child actors deal with the money and fame that comes with success.
I told her that I’d love to do it, and she asked me, quite charmingly, if I had heard of a program called “This American Life,” which she also produces.
Heh. No, really. She asked me that.
So I geeked out, and we scheduled the interview for the tuesday following the conclusion of the Avon 3 Day. Trouble was, I booked the job on the movie while I was gone, and I wasn’t going to be able to get into a studio. I thought that I was going to lose the opportunity, and we spent the last week or so emailing back and forth, trying to pull together some sort of plan…and we hit upon one over the weekend: she’d send an engineer out to the set with a DAT, and I’d call her. She’d sit in her own studio and record herself, I’d be recorded in my dressing room, and they’d put the two together later.
Isn’t technology cool?
So today I did my interview, and it was really great…it went on and on, for close to three hours, broken up by my calls to the set to do my scenes. The engineer, a really nice and patient guy called “Skott” was at the set for nearly 6 hours, and never complained once.
So what’s the cool thing, you ask? In the interview, I ended up telling her this story about my childhood…that she said has a very good chance of making it onto This American Life.
Talk about dreams coming true!!
Tomorrow I am in everything, so I’m off to learn pages of lines…but before I go, I want to pimp out my friend Sean.
Sean and his wife Caryn are opening a really amazing gallery in downtown Los Angeles this weekend, and I want to let everyone know about it. If you’re in LA, or know people who are into the art scene here in town, please come over and check it out this weekend. You can “read more” to get the address and times.
I hope to see some WWDN readers there!

The big week is finally here. Please join us this Saturday, November 2nd
from 7-10pm for the Glen E. Friedman exhibition reception and for the grand
opening of the new gallery! There will be nearly forty photographs on
display (including new additions) along with laminated proof pages, books
and much more. All of his books will be available and Glen will be in
attendance to sign them and answer your questions.
Glen E. Friedman “Fuck You All”
An exhibition of photos from 1976-1995
November 2 – November 30, 2002
Reception – Saturday, November 2nd from 7-10pm
549 West 23rd Street in downtown Los Angeles (between Figueroa and Flower
Streets just south of the Staples Center and north of USC…for complete
directions visit our website). We have a free parking lot next to our
building in addition to plenty of street parking.

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  1. Marketplace and This American Life!!!! Oh my god!! That’s so awesome… I’m totally addicted to both shows! I hope your interview makes the cut. They’d be crazy not to include you!
    Can’t make it to the opening on Saturday. But I will defintely make it out to the gallery another time!

  2. I can hear the nice snicker you probably let out when she asked if you’ve heard of american life.
    Why did you link to the entry where you relayed your story to us? or is it kaput?

  3. I think you you should be lucky to be on Nemesis for 30 seconds, really what does your character offer to the movie? A boyish charm and innocence? And whats with the people on your message boards, i can understand the women kissing up but guys kissing up is just plain gay!

  4. Hello, Wil.
    I’ve never met you personally, and have never been a huge fan of your acting (not that it was bad, or anything, just that I am roughly the same age as you, and was partial to schwartzenegger flicks :-D). I’ll probably also get flamed for saying that I never liked even one series of star trek, not the original, next generation, or any of the other crappy offshoots.
    However; I read FARK.COM every day, and I have seen your link there. Up until today I thought it was a big joke. I actually read some of your stuff here, and this isn’t a bad site at all. I wasn’t aware that you were an avid gamer, or what you were really like in person. I always thought of you as the storyteller boy on “stand by me”.
    Perhaps one day I’ll have the pleasure of playing some counter-strike with you…
    BTW, that “ray brauer” body scared the absolute crap out of me when I was a kid :-p

  5. NPR – quite possibly the only radio station worth listening to in the CT region. I get all my news from them and thank God otherwise I would be totally ignorant of the rest of the world.
    Cgrats Will – good to see things going your way for a change.

  6. Hey Will,
    Great site you have here. I’m a fellow actor/writer/director and I run a wesbiet dedicated to comedy, drama, art, music, culture, philosophy, love and creativity and it’s at
    No I am not a crazy new age person. Grin. But I am crazy.
    I do a live internet show on Thursdays and would love to have you on some time as a guest if you can ever find the time. Please check it out and drop me an e-mail at [email protected]
    and keep up the good work and you will endure..
    – Michael Biggins
    Blackout from Blackout’s Box (

  7. Congrats on the American Life possibility. That’s great. On the subject of how they record the show, they did a great show about exactly that topic a couple of years ago — about how they conduct interviews over the phone but record them on tape at both ends, so that the sound quality is high. They also talk about other aspects of writing and production. It’s a great look into the way they make radio go. I poked through their archive, but couldn’t find the specific show (it *might* be the 1998 pledge drive show, but I’m not sure), but I did fine a good transcript at of a talk Ira Glass gave about how they structure and produce the show.

  8. BlankeyKitty,
    Do you really not know what NPR is or were you being sarcastic? 😛
    WOOHOO WIL!!!! GREAT GOING!!! I can’t wait to hear your interview.
    *Happy Nekkid Otter Butt Dance* in your honor.

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