Hey, I’ve got a commentary without much to say…
It’s finally autumn here in Pasadena. After weeks of relentlessly hot, stifling weather, it’s has been cool and raining on and off since Saturday.
When I was a kid, I was a total California Sun Worshipper. I lived for the summer, took it as a personal affront when we went to the beach and it was foggy. I would intentionally scorch the soles of my feet, toughening them up so I could walk slowly, cooly, across the blistering sand at Zuma beach, impressing (in my own mind, at least) all those bikini-clad hotties who I was too geeky to talk to.
These days, however, I absolutely love Autumn and Winter. I love the flannel sheets, evenings building and enjoying fires in the fireplace and on my neighbor’s lawn, the way the smell of fireplaces hangs in the air all day long, running through piles of leaves while gardeners chase us with rakes.
I love stepping out of the shower into an obscuring mist, and writing “A&W” on the bathroom mirror. I love hot apple cider while we watch The Simpsons together on the couch, wrapped in a woolen blanket.
I love walking out into a clear but crisp day, shivering in the shade but basking in the few spots of warmth the sun delivers through the trees on my street.
Though I feel sad for Demeter when she has to return Persephone to Hades, I am grateful each year for pomegranates in the Underworld.

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  1. I love Autumn, too. I once dated a girl named Autumn… years ago, in High School. The irony was great…
    But, SO hard to get up on a cold morning when the sheets are warm.

  2. You like autumn and winter?
    You should come up here to British Columbia and live here for the season. We only wish we could see your weather.
    You’ll be dying to go back.
    (It’s not that I don’t like it up here. This is the most beautiful place in the world.)

  3. Autumn is my favorite season, so I can relate. :) Cool enough to wear a sweater, but no so cold to need a coat. If you ever get the chance, come out here to New England when the foliage changes- there’s nothing like taking a walk through “nature’s fireworks” (to quote Bill Watterson of Calvinh & Hobbes fame)- especially when it’s followed by hot apple cider and maybe a fresh homemade cinnamon doughnut.

  4. Autumn is absolutely my favorite season. Crisp, clean, and cool. Winter I can stand as long is doesn’t get too cold (like 10 below zero), but it usually does here in Indiana.

  5. Wil,
    Damn … that is all a bit poetic for me !! And apart from anything else is a load of hogwash, all the seasons are great in their own way, and mostly determines natures own recycling programme. Hey – now THAT sounds really geeky. I’ve obviously been visiting WWDN too much 😉 Or maybe I just don’t see the romance in everyday things any more. Hmmmm…. whatever.

  6. Whooa!! I think you posted that as I was reading September’s entries. It has been almost a month since I’ve been on your site, but I always try to catch up with what’s been going on.
    I always idolised you from the age of 11 when I first saw the film ‘Stand by Me’ and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t in love with you, and of course like many women heartbroken when you got married, but now I see you in such a different light, a man who has learnt so much, helped so many, growned so well, and loves his family so much.
    I hope one day I too will be lucky enough to find love like yours and Anne’s.
    You are an inspiration Wil, to all of us here.
    I cannot wait to read your book.

  7. Can I get an AMEN!?
    I swear, I would have thought I wrote that. Makes me miss having a signifiant other to snuggle with under that warm blanket watching sitcoms or a funny movie. Sitting there surrounded by popcorn, some sodi pops, a little chocolate, lights low and it a little rainy outside. AHHH thats pefection.
    Even by yourself its great, call in sick one day when its a little rainy and treat yourself to that. Its a beautiful thing.
    Lisa Marie

  8. I’m with you, Wil.
    It’s been scorching here all summer, too. Autumn, finally came to Southern Oregon in full effect this past weekend, and yesterday it actually rained. Not just showers, rain. There was an intense double rainbow that tripled and quadrupled in places.
    Here, winter is a relief from the 95 degree days and 15% humidity. The smoke gets washed from the air and it’s easy to breath again.
    Unfortunately, it fades into an ungraceful winter, as if November never ends and suddenly it’s April. It’s better than the heat.

  9. A&W ? Hey I like root beer too, but writing it on the bathroom mirror is a little over the top! Kidding aside, you’ve been added to my blogroll. See URL.
    A fellow geek…

  10. Wow not only is he a geeky activist who is hip on pop culture, but he likes mythology too! Wil can you come up here to Canada and teach the lads how to behave? : )
    Not to sound like a suck up, but that was a lovely entry. Even though I’m a summer girl it reminded me that parts of autumn are enjoyable too. Thanks.

  11. Autumn is the best. It’s an actual season, unlike Spring. I think one year, spring was only a damp week between the dry winter cold and the humid summer heat.
    “A&W”. For a flash, I thought it was the root beer, but then I realized what it really meant. That’s sweet.
    While you’re running through those piles of leaves, are gardeners really chasing you with rakes? Who’s running with you, can we join in?
    Autumn is a wonderful time when the rays of the sun are longer, making the golden fire of the sunsets even more magnificient.
    Apple cider and spice cookie weather, indeed!

  12. Fall is nice and you can’t beat watching The Simpsons while sipping hot apple cider.
    The only negative part when the weather gets cooler people start passing around colds & the flu season slowly starts. Yuck.
    Lets not forget days of endless gray with the sun nowhere in sight. Depressing, depressing.

  13. Mmmm…pomegranates…autumn is so beautiful in Virginia…but I remember autumn in Santa Barbara–the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen came in mid-October over the Pacific…mmmm.

  14. I love the cold winter. Here up in Washington it is like this for about nine months straight. So after this week I won’t have to worry about being hot for at least 8 months

  15. flannel and woolen blankets and fireplaces and apple cider?
    umm… don’t you live in… what was it… right, california. yeah. that’s what i thought.
    your “winter” is my summer, buddy. come february or march, anything above freezing is fair game for shorts and spaghetti straps.
    -a girl from canadaland

  16. Wheaton,
    You forever have scared me away from Linux.
    “If you can break , Wil will come”
    Now you’re going to mess with the weather.
    Is nothing sacred with you??
    When does it end?
    Hey, just asking.

  17. Wil,
    Ahh yes Autumn or “The Fall” whatever you wish to call it, is my favorite time of the year. I remember building huge bonfires and rosting hotdogs on a hand carved stick then making smores. Basically eating till you were so full you could pop. I to cant wait to light up my fireplace and snuggle with my lady under our blanket as we watch movies and snack on popcorn. Why just this evening I spent 2 hrs outside reading William Shatners new book “I’m Working On That” it was so calm and serine. Well glad to see you enjoy the season as much as I do. There is no denying it, life is fun. Oh and it is 12 days till my birthday, just thought I would sound like Anne for a second.
    Best wishes to you and your family……
    Until your next post……

  18. Gees I missed the A&W reference.
    I’m thinking the root beer place.
    You even gave A billing over the title.
    Cheeky monkey.

  19. hi wil. i actually hate fall, but I love oingo boingo. i made a trip out to Vegas, SLC, and LA to see a bunch of their final shows in 95.
    i do like winter, though.

  20. That was beautiful, Wil. I also love winter-where you know it’s freezing outside, and your in your bed, all wrapped up in blankets…a great feeling.

  21. Wil,
    I always loved mythology, still do. My fave part of the whole Hades – Persephone thing is when Hades spots her for the first time, hops off the big, black chariot, and peeps at her from the shubbery.
    Nypmh 1: Hey, do you see someone over there, peeping at us from the shrubbery?
    Nymph 2: Yeah, I think he’s kinda familiar.
    Nymph 1: Oh wait. I’d know that big, black beard and smoldering eyes anywhere. That’s Hades, Lord of the Dead, King of the Underworld. He’s peeping at Persephone.
    Nymph 2: Say, don’t his eyes look a little more smoldery than usual?
    Persephone: Aaaah, he’s taking me away to the depths of the underworld!!!

  22. Hey Wil,
    Gotta love the fall. About the only time of year one can wear a vest I’m thinking.
    I imagine you’re well aware already of the article on somethingawful today, just wanted to let you know I don’t share their opinion and think your show rocks.
    Take it easy

  23. Growing up in Minnesota I always hated Autumn because it meant that the 8 month winter was right around the corner. Now that I have lived the last 5 years of my life in the middle of the desert, I find that I miss the change of seasons. I am tired of the sun and the heat. Luckily I will be heading back home for a few days this month. Hopefully I will get a chance to take a walk along the Mississippi and see all of the beautiful fall colors.
    Man, now I am really home sick. Thanks a lot :)

  24. I completely agree with Toonces – you haven’t experienced Autumn until you see it in New England. It’s truly a sight to behold – all those marvelous colours as far as the eye can see. In fact, althought its just a tad early, this weekend I am going hiking with a couple friends from NYC in the Catskills (which I selfishly think of as *my* mountains ) The prospect of that is making all the overtime I’m working seem like nothing. (of course, the fact that I am going to see Alton Brown the next day makes it even better)

  25. Interesting comments on California Living. I’ve been equally struck by the unusual seasonal reality that is ever-present in California (I was born and raised in the bay area). Still, I’ve always found California winters gloomy, overcast weather, cool, unpleasant winds sneaking through the bay, and no sun. Instead I find spring time in California exquisite, the whole state seems to bloom, or come alive be it on a floral, or fauna basis every March. That being said, I think I’d prefer California winters to winters in Buffalo or anywhere else in the North East.

  26. I’m right there with you Wil; remembering when I lived in upstate New York(I live in Florida now). I miss autumn and winter a lot!
    Great website

  27. Man that just reminded me of my shitty 6th grade teacher who scrapped our cool play about Demeter and Persephone. And dammit I was Demeter. Man I hated her.

  28. Fall is the breathing space between summer and winter — and here in Michigan is glorious. Winter will lock us in, beat us down and occaisionally astound us with its beauty, but fall is to be treasured — the beauty lasts and grows more spectacular from day to day.
    I grew up in Northern CA, went to college in San Diego and nothing compares to the autumn here in Michigan (except, perhaps, for a New England / Canadian fall).
    I scheduled my wedding this weekend, just so my poor, deprived relatives in CA could make the trip out and see what they are missing.
    It’s an open bar with lots of dancin’ — any monkees want to come polka?

  29. Every autumn, I feel reborn.
    That wonderful feeling sometimes happens in the middle of winter for me, and sometimes in spring… and almost never in summer. Makes me wonder why I’m living in LA!
    And yes, folks, especially in the foothills and mountains, LA gets cold at night. Most buildings aren’t insulated as well as they would be in colder climates, and after so much heat in summer, just getting temperatures cold enough to have a tiny bit of frost a few mornings of the winter feels very chilly! My apartment has gotten snow or slushy hail about once a year since I moved there a few years ago.
    Thanks for the awesome entry, Wil.

  30. Sounds like you need to vacation in Upstate New York during the peak foliage season.
    I’m so serious.
    It’s one of the reasons I’d have a hard time moving to California and trying my luck.
    I’d miss the autumn.

  31. Our weather can’t make up its mind… hot, cold, hot, cold… it’s murder on the joints and sinuses…. (;
    Speaking of pomegranites, though, does anybody know how to eat one of those things?

  32. Ahhh, winter.
    The first snowfall, decorating the Christmas tree with someone you care about, turtlenecks and hot cocoa around the fireplace, the new year, snow angels on Valentine’s Day.

  33. hi diddly-o, neighbor! Isn’t the break in the weather great? I actually broke out my L.A. Kings sweatshirt and wore it to work today. Autumn/Winter just can’t get here fast enough. I loved it a few years ago when it got cold enough during a Christmas storm to keep the snow on the San Gabriels for a couple of weeks. It made for a kickass sight from my kitchen window.

  34. I aore fall and winter! I’m jealous. We don’t get a real fall here in Texas until around November – at least, that’s when the leaves finally decided to fall, whether it’s cool or not. I think they just give up on the cool weather and figure if they wait around it’s never going to happen. I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll just have to live vicariously through you! 😀

  35. Wil; you know no cold.
    It will be 21 degrees here when I get up in the morning.
    You really need to come up to Montana and get a dose of a real Fall and Winter.
    Can you handle it? HA HA

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