Hey, I’ve got a commentary without much to say…
It’s finally autumn here in Pasadena. After weeks of relentlessly hot, stifling weather, it’s has been cool and raining on and off since Saturday.
When I was a kid, I was a total California Sun Worshipper. I lived for the summer, took it as a personal affront when we went to the beach and it was foggy. I would intentionally scorch the soles of my feet, toughening them up so I could walk slowly, cooly, across the blistering sand at Zuma beach, impressing (in my own mind, at least) all those bikini-clad hotties who I was too geeky to talk to.
These days, however, I absolutely love Autumn and Winter. I love the flannel sheets, evenings building and enjoying fires in the fireplace and on my neighbor’s lawn, the way the smell of fireplaces hangs in the air all day long, running through piles of leaves while gardeners chase us with rakes.
I love stepping out of the shower into an obscuring mist, and writing “A&W” on the bathroom mirror. I love hot apple cider while we watch The Simpsons together on the couch, wrapped in a woolen blanket.
I love walking out into a clear but crisp day, shivering in the shade but basking in the few spots of warmth the sun delivers through the trees on my street.
Though I feel sad for Demeter when she has to return Persephone to Hades, I am grateful each year for pomegranates in the Underworld.

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  1. Wil,
    Hey is a great word. Anyway, fall is upon us and, for once, I did not even notice it. It feels like summer and fall are in their traditional fight and summer has won. Winter will be upon us soon enough and no matter how many times the seasons change I am always surprised. Happy fall and don’t loose your blankets.

  2. Wil, you only love the fall because you live in Southern California. I lived in Seattle for two falls, and boy! It was cold! I really appreciated San Diego weather when I moved back here. I still do! The main reason I like fall is that when I’m at work or school, I’m not thinking “Damn, I could be outside right now!”

  3. Best thing about Autumn: Halloween. I think I’m going to be Spaceman Spiff this year. You know, from Calvin & Hobbes. Don’t know what to do about the pink hair, though. Somehow I just can’t see Calvin with pink hair.

  4. I love this website!
    And this recent post was my favorite by far. It seems like it’s about nothing but it’s about everything truly important in life.
    Wil, you have inspired me to start my own blog which I have been running for several months now.
    Thank you for your words!

  5. Ahhhh, fall. The annual slaughter of the pumpkins is about to begin.
    Well, Clarice, have the pumpkins stopped screaming?

  6. Yes, love the autumn, unfortunately here in Vegas it lasts about 4 days.We have two seasons here- too chilly for shorts and extremely fuckin hot.
    All I miss from home (midwest) are seasons and stars…*sigh*
    LOL at A&W…my DH and I go to a shack of an A&W for ice cream float “dates” now and then, its sweet. Love the burnt red and ochre plastic booths!

  7. I love the crunching crispy sound that leaves make under my feet. The cool breeze that russles the trees making their leaves fall like golden angel wing feathers. Everything around seems to take a deep calming sigh. Yes Autumn is one of my favourite times on year.

  8. Gotta love the change of seasons…
    I just rode through the biggest typhoon to hit Tokyo in the past 50 years… and this morning there`s not a cloud in the sky.
    I dont want to get all non sequitur on ya, but its hard to beat a ride up the Hudson River valley when the leaves are turning.

  9. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Californians don’t know what real weather is…. If I had a dime for every time I’d heard that from some smug resident of a place where they get snow up to their eyeballs every winter, I could retire to La Jolla for 112 years.
    Wil, I thought it was a wonderful post–there really is weather here, as we natives know (and it’s all relative and based on what you’re acclimated to). (Lousy sentence structure, I know, but oh, well…) My only complaint about autumn is having to drag myself to work when the bed’s finally reached that perfect stage of toasty snugness!
    And loved the mythological reference–one of my favorites from way back.
    Throw a pinecone in the fireplace for me…

  10. kendoka- you eat the seeds of a pomegranite… anyway, i love the autumn too.. and the winters here in pittsburgh…. so quiet, not too cold, doesnt snow that much…. pleasent in my view, but then again, im a weird dude πŸ˜‰

  11. Nice.
    It was surreal, I was talking to a girl(friend? -dunno yet) about the beauty of Autumn and winter here in Dublin, the light pollution casting a dark pink haze over the terracotta Georgian parapets at night, having roast chestnuts and malt wine on Dawson street, staying under the building overhangs out of the soft rain….
    I love this time of year.
    Thank’s Wil.

  12. “enjoying fires in the fireplace and on my neighbor’s lawn”
    That’s not a fireplace, that’s his HOUSE! :)

  13. well you should live in england then, it’s like winter here most days! i’m not moaning though, i love our weather in good olde england,
    c ya folks,

  14. Hey Wil…
    It’s Dimitra (or Demitra) for the Mythology part… (it’s good you weren’t asked for that in the whole Weakest link stuff :] ).
    Anyway have a nice winter out there… here in Greece it’s like El Ninio went overdrive (hmm that reminds me of a certain episode… yeah right no I am not going to tell that)…
    – Panos

  15. That was so soppy and lame, Wil.
    But it makes us love you all the more. :)
    An interesting random thing:
    Being from Blighty, ‘Autumn’ is what I call this particular season. But I always think ‘Fall’ is so much more poetic, being short for the olde Englishe ‘Fall of the Leaf’.
    Just toddling over to Something Awful to see what the fuss is about.

  16. We dont get a summer in Britain and theres you yanks in California talking about hot summers. You chaps dont know how lucky you are. Anyway the weather gets colder but hey its only (INSERT NUMBER OF DAYS HERE) until christmas!

  17. Bored out of my mind with nothing to do. Is wil in Star Trek 10?
    I was angry with my friend,
    my wrath, my wrath did end,
    I was angry with my foe,
    my wrath, my wrath did grow!

  18. I am greatly amused because just yesterday I was at the grocery store debating whether or not to buy a pomegranite. They are one of my favorite fruits, but are such a pain to eat.
    And next week, my son’s preschool will do their annual fieldtrip to visit a local cider mill to see the lovely apple orchards as the leaves are turning, and donuts and drink cider.
    Now, if only I had a fireplace!

  19. The leaves fall in Pasadena?
    (that’s mocking, not ignorance)
    impressing (in my own mind, at least) all those bikini-clad hotties who I was too geeky to talk to.
    This made me think of the Butabi Brothers from Night At The Roxbury and the SNL sketch it was based on, and also of a recurring sketch on a Canadian radio and TV show from the 80s called Four On the Floor that featured a comedy troupe called The Frantics. It aired on the CBC, as most Canadian sketch comedy did prior to the birth of The Comedy Network. I’ve long believed that the Butabi brothers were based on Stuey and Hymey from FOTF.
    (see http://www.frantics.net/tv.php)
    I enjoyed the reference to mythology. Very cool, Wil.

  20. I’d just like to say, Kudos on the classical reference… I like all that Greek mumbo jumbo. Gave me something to smile at while my brain was going in several different directions at once… romantic entanglements… you get the picture.

  21. Wil, may I clone you? Please? ‘Cause Anne has like, the coolest husband ever. I won’t makes lots of copies and make any money off of you, I just want one clone for myself.
    Seriously, I absolutely love Fall, too. My dad doesn’t understand why I love the smell of chimneys going as I walk outside. I get too pull out all my cute long-sleeved tees and colorful sweaters and corduroy pa–wait, I don’t have any corduroy pants. *sigh*
    Well, I’ll just pretend that I have a pair or two of cords, and a clone of Wil Wheaton on the side. πŸ˜€

  22. Nice article Wil. I love fall too. It never really gets too cold here in Texas, but it may this year due to the mild summer we just had. Rarely over 100! I’m stunned. But I digress.
    On the couch watching The Simpsons under a blanket? Sounds nice. I may be able to indulge in a bit of that myself soon. If all continues to go well with the gal I’m dating. Keep your fingers crossed. πŸ˜‰

  23. YES YES YES…Winter and Fall rule!!
    I personally HATE hot humid weather…
    Why oh why do I live in Atlanta??
    I want to run away to Alaska……wah.

  24. I absolutely love autumn. In Ohio, October is probably the most beautiful month. Days cool, but not cold. Not as humid as summer, but without the solid iron skies that dominate winter. Leaves turning, last chances for camping and sailing…hot cider on cold nights.

  25. You should like a romanticist and an idealest from the way your wrote what you did. That’s what I am as well, so I loved what you wrote. And Christmas time when the house is all decorated, warm, and cozy, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is playing on the TV. :)

  26. finally the air-conditioner gets a rest!…but it will have to wait ’til the weekend…it’s gonna be in the upper 80’s here today!…ya’ll have a great fall!

  27. Real, man, real.
    Born and raised inside the DC Capital beltway, I am moving North once I’m out of school, away from 95 degree summer days and humidity so thick you can swim in it. Give me my sweaters, jeans and my cowboy boots. Give me the soft rustle of the drying leaves in the first dry breeze of the season – afternoons outdoors after the light starts to change from the orange of summer to the brilliant luminescent white of winter – creaky wooden fences and the scent of rolled hay after a harvest…. Oh forget moving North, I just want it to be Fall all year round. =D

  28. One should not underestimate the people in California when it comes to weather. I lived in the Bay Area for two years and every evening, when the temp dropped into the 60’s, these folks would be getting out the wool coats and turing the electric blanket on high. California thins the blood, as my friend Bill says. He grew up on the farms of Monatana and Colorado. He knows cold. Now that he lives in LA, he admits that he no longer can tolerate even the low 60’s.
    Like everyone else here, autumn is great. Cool evenings and mornings, followed by warm -but not humid -days. Chicago sucks in the winter and spring -I don’t remember the last time we had a proper spring. And while this town is great during the summer, when the humidity takes hold like a pit bull protecting its drug lord master, I hate this place. I loved the Bay Area just for the fact it had an even tempature zone.
    DS9 Rules!!

  29. For a sun worshiper from SoCal, you’ve certainly come to understand the joys of autumn quite well. It’s better in the North, though – those palm trees throw off the whole autumnal ambiance.

  30. Michigans autumns are reallllyyy weird. The trees are all starting to change…but its like 85 degrees out… but it feels like it should be cold. It keeps switching; somedays it’s hot, sometimes it’s freezing…then it get’s hot again. Snow doesn’t usually fall unil the middle or end of November, but then it sometimes snows on Halloween…then melts…then snows again in Nov. Mother Nature likes to Feck with us here. ;P
    What I really like is the wind in the fall time because its just the right tempurature. yayyy i got mail.

  31. If you had Autumn/Winter all year ’round i think that would make you think differently :-)
    Ahoy from the UK

  32. But I only ate six seeds!
    I just took part in the planning of a ritual theater presentation of the Persephone myth recently. Great metaphors in the whole story, but it can be rather graphic depending on the interpretation.

  33. Wil,
    Intentionally scorching the soles of your feet? Writing “A&W” on your bathroom mirror?
    Sounds like you’ve been drinking a bit too much of the ole’ “cider”, if you know what I mean.

  34. Reading that post was simply breath-taking, god Wil, you’re too good!
    I love thinking about the upcoming seasons. When it’s summer i daydream about the glory of the Fall. And when i’m freezing my nuts off, I love to think about summer and everything it brings.
    Damn, that was the most vivid post you’ve ever done. Its was sooo enjoyable. It was just like eating a hot baked apple pie. You can’t get enough and every bite is better than the one before.
    Now all i’m wishing for is a beautiful blonde in fannel, so I can cuddle next to her when the weather is nippy. Ha! ha!
    But I live in Florida, so there is no autumn. The palm trees don’t change color and on x-mas eve its 89 degrees. While on New years, it might get as cold as 60 (if you’re lucky).
    But thanks Wil for sharing this post. I would pay a $100 to read it again. But luckily I don’t.

  35. Hey, Persephone and Hades probably snuggle up with hot apple cider and sherry, too. So does Demeter. She’s not the first parent to send her kid off for the school year. :-)
    I know what you mean, too. I’m from Phila originally, and I always get terribly homesick this time of year. September and October are the most WONDERFUL months back there, probably in good part because we have a year to go before enduring August again. :-) I miss the apples and cranberries and the most gorgeous fall weather on Earth a lot this time of year … but even the few changes we get out in soCal are pretty nice.

  36. Autumn on the East coast is nearly the same, though we’re stuck with nearly 90 degree weather still.
    On a side note, I was amazed to see that I was not the only person who knew of the myth of the return of winter… Amazingly still, I was jsut thinking of this the other day.
    Promegranate seeds anyone?

  37. I live on Texas and well it is hot and muggy here…I would love to see some MORE fall and WINTER sooner…but it prob wont get that good til January….ANYWAYS..Wil you must be real busy lately..you havent written much….Whats been up?

  38. Nice post Wil. Autumn is pretty sweet, at least the 2 weeks or so of it we get in Wisconsin. πŸ˜‰
    For those of you wondering why Wil would write A&W on his mirror… Well, his wife’s name is Anne and his name (this should come as no real suprise) is Wil. So A&W = Anne & Wil. Get it? Got it? Good. 😎

  39. KENDOKA!! Are you still around reading these waaaaaaaay down here?
    One of my grandmothers in Arizona had a pomegranate tree in her back yard so I have been eating them from way back. Our usual method was to peel the leathery skin off the outside and then carefully break apart the ruby seeds and then you pop them in your mouth, either one by one or a bunch at a time. You suck the juice off the seeds and spit the pits out. I have heard that you can swallow the pits but I never tried it, and they are kinda bitter and grainy if you chew them. I usually just suck off the juice and spit the pits out.
    I’m craving one bad now! They always remind my of my Grandma, and the summers at her house in her beautiful backyard. I wish I could have moved into that house, but living in Texas and the house being in Arizona, not happening.

  40. I read this so late that now I’m just parroting everything everyone else said!
    Fall has always been my favorite season. It finally cools off and the humidity goes down. (VERY humid summers in the Midwest, 90% is normal) The leaves are just starting to change here (central Wisconsin), the Sumac always goes first turning a deep, bright red. Then everyone else starts, and the red is joined by orange, yellow, more red, and some brown. There’s always a few straglers so you still have the greens. It’s crisp, and cool, and I can wear sweatshirts without roasting!

  41. if its clear and yella’ you’ve got juice there fella’, if its thick and brown you’re in cider town! now there are to two exceptions to this…

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