It’s one more, isn’t it?

Blatantly stolen from BBSpot, which should be okay because Brian is sort of a friend:

Reasons Steve from Dell Should be Fired
11. Michael Dell tired of hearing “Dude you’re getting a… you!”
10. Addiction to canned air becoming a real problem.
9. Was seen near the HP headquarters wearing a cow costume.
8. Too many girls are buying computers.
7. More “computer savvy” Wil Wheaton close to signing a deal.
6. Consumers feel Steve talks too high tech.
5. Bidding war with The McLaughlin Group quickly reaching stratosphere.
4. Simon Cowell thinks his performance is complete rubbish.
3. His MENSA wrap parties get too out of hand.
2. Keanu Reeves threatened identity theft lawsuit.
1. Market research show dude market completely saturated.

50 thoughts on “It’s one more, isn’t it?”

  1. Just to clarify:
    I don’t hate the Dell Dude like so many people seem to…he’s just an actor, doing a job, and I hope he made BANK on all those commercials.
    It’s going to be really tough for him to shake this image, and I wish him well.

  2. Okay okay. <raises hands up> I give up. I’ve been working for Dell for 5 years now. It’s a great company, and a lot of people *really* hated Steve when the commercials first appeared.
    It was a regular conversation in conference rooms. “Gawd, I hate that farking Steve guy.”
    “Yeah,” someone would reply, “but Michael *loves* him.”
    Now, they’re selling “Dude” t-shirts at the company store. Dude bumper-stickers… Dude buttons… We’re even selling them on our web site. AARRRGGGHHH!! Way to take a marketing campaign and where’s-the-beef the fark out of it.
    We’ve stated publicly that he’s not fired – that he’s on contract for some time, yet. Instead, we’re trying to focus on our new “characters,” Dave and Ellen. If you haven’t noticed them yet, you’re not alone.

  3. Wait a sec… this guy is just an actor doing his job, is very well known, and yet EVERYONE seems to hate the character, and can’t seperate the character from him.
    I smell irony in the air my friends!

  4. That Dell guy is just as bad as that chef boyrdee guy who looked like a rabid dog when he would scream “BEEEEEEFFFFFYYYYY!!!!!”
    I know many people that own a Dell, and their biggest complaint is their customer service. Since 90 percent of the time you get some guy in India who knows nothing about computers, who attempts to answer your question using a computer tutorial program. So it should be “DUDE YOUR GOING TO DELL-HELL!”.

  5. i’ll buy anything Wheaton endorses and that is also, why i have Royal Tenenbaums in my dvd collection besides being a fabulous film!

  6. Ah that was funny.
    Seriously I never had a problem with the dell kid, but it was starting to get repetitive to say the least. 😀
    And, yes, he is going to have a tough time breaking away from that charater in people’s eyes.

  7. *lol* That list is funny. Though I don’t particularly hate Steve. I mean, what would be the point? He’s still less annoying than Carrot Top. *lol* And I kinda feel sorry for him, it’s going to be hard to shake that image.

  8. Our small business is ALL Dell (8 stations and counting), and we continue to buy them because they deliver pretty much when they say they’re going to (hassles with customer service seen to come with the territory though).
    THAT being said, I don’t think that we’re in Dell’s target demo for the Dell Dude ads. Sure he was funny once or twice, but that’s about it. Once the bloom is off the rose, move on to the next promo. Just saw Dell’s new “the interns from Hell at Dell spot” which apparently appear to be targeted at youngsters going to work at big companies? who? What’s the point?
    But yeah, Steve’s an actor doing a job and since everybody seems to hate his character so well, I’d say he did a pretty good job at that character. Now, let him gain a few pounds, ditch the “bedhead” look and step into another character…
    meantime I’ve got a script to finish and a book to write…

  9. My friend Bob and I used to make up silly stories for actual commercials because their reality was pretty dumb. So in the Dell ad where “Steve” is cruising around some computer store parking lot with a girl in his dad’s car and informs the guy coming out of the store about the virtues of Dell, well, we imagined something different.
    “Steve” is actually an undercover FBI agent. That’s his car – since all TV and movie cops have great personal cars and the girl is his partner. He’s cruising all the computer store parking lots to attempt to pick up on internet stalkers who are computer-illiterate and are going to a big name shop to buy a preconfigured computer. The thing is, “Steve” plays dumb as the neighborhood doofus and nobody knows his real occupation.
    Now, here’s the kicker. Even though the guy is doing something as heinous as internet stalking, he is booked foremost on charges of listening to the recommendations of a retail computer store clerk!
    Farewell, Ben Curtis. We hardly knew ye.

  10. 12. He asked for a new 7 figure contract, using the offer to become the new Ivory Soap baby as leverage.

  11. I wrote this list about a month ago and couldn’t think of a use for it.
    Until now.
    Top 7 Little-known Dude-related Stones Songs
    Sympathy for the Dude
    Honky Tonk Dude
    Street Fightin’ Dude
    19th Nervous Dude
    Mother’s Little Dude
    You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Dude
    Hey, Dude, Get Offa My Cloud

  12. Dude Wil, who needs a Dell when they can get a movie instead? Hope it is a fulfilling role and pays the bills, in what ever order is needed most.

  13. Actual AIM conversation with DelldudeSteven, an automated program run by Dell.
    Roxy: Have you been fired?
    DellDudeSteven: good question. i really dunno!
    Roxy: That would suck. Your commercials are a hoot.
    DellDudeSteven: uh… yeah. whatever.
    Roxy: I own a Dell already. It’s an awesome computer
    DellDudeSteven: funny…
    Roxy: We bought it 2 years ago. Dells are the best PCs out there.
    DellDudeSteven: yeah??
    Roxy: I think so.
    DellDudeSteven: i think not.
    Roxy: You don’t think Dell is a good brand?
    DellDudeSteven: i’m not sure about that…
    Roxy: Wow. No wonder you’re getting fired.
    DellDudeSteven: wow

  14. Yup, the “Dell guy” character is the anti-christ. Ever look at his expressions in the printed ads? CREEPY!!! I’ve pretty much always hated his commercials. They’re about as bad as McDonald’s “Eddie the Echo” guy.
    You usually want a computer company to show off their technology, reliability , and support. Especially, when if/when your livilihood depends on your computers not failing/breaking down. I own one of their laptops & I like it’s design/I haven’t had any problems. I’ve done tech support on the desktop computers & they’re easy to use/get into to fix with good components. Dunno why they don’t focus more on Dell’s better qualities that differentiates them from the regular “slapped together” cheap o companies instead of resorting to these annoying characters.
    I know when I call tech support I don’t want to imagine the Steven Dude guy saying, “Ah…yea…ah dude your Dell’s broken…what a bummer!!! Help you with the hard drive? Ah dude…what’s a hard drive.” Also…what’s up with those stupid IBM “young geek” commercials too? Is that some lame attempt to make IBM young & hip?
    While we’re on it I’m not even that excited about Apple’s recent commercials with close-ups of ultra ugly people talking about their switch to Apple. Can’t they just highlight the fact that their new Unix based OS should be SUPER reliable & compatible with some old Unix stuff? Plus, their Aqua interface and the way most of their machines look is beautiful.
    What happen to the glory days “Power without the Price” or “See what you think.” Well, of course there’s a reason old school Atari & Amiga went bellie up bankrupt and a lot of it was their crappy advertising campaigns or lack of them.
    Who knows what the solution is. Supposedly the guy did help out some poor woman during the 9-11 attacks so the actor himself can’t be all bad.
    Enough of my long winded ranting…

  15. I don’t mind him. Maybe that’s because I am a Dell chica, and I love my machine, would only trade it for a upgraded model made by Dell. And like Wil said, he’s an actor doing his job. I don’t think we would want people mocking us as we do our jobs, now do we?
    I kinda feel sorry that this guy has picked up so much slack because of the commercials. Leave him be, lest ye be mocked…
    ::shakes head:: I’ve been reading too much Shakespeare.
    Well that’s my two cents. Cheers All.

  16. I don’t mind the Dell dude, but the commercials have probably run their course. Catch phrases can last only so long.
    I think that comparing him to Keanu Reaves is slightly off target. Whenever I see the ads, all I can think of is how he’s stolen Alex Winter’s role.

  17. Gah. I visited the Dell plant in Austin, Texas as part of a college business trip, and the guy who led us around *promised* us they were phasing out those ads. They were afraid of alienating their big business companies and smaller business groups. I’m still waiting for them to deliver on that promise……..

  18. 3. His MENSA wrap parties get too out of hand.
    Okay, this is pretty funny.
    Two weeks ago I was in New York and I actually *did* party with Ben Curtis. And yeah, he does throw a hella party, particularly when he snags Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method to be there, too.
    The guy’s put up with as much grief about being the Dell dude as Wheaton ever has about being Wesley. He actually dyes his hair brown instead of his natural blonde so he won’t look so much like the character. No, he doesn’t say “dude” in person. Yes, he was well-compensated for being the spokesperson for Dell Computer — he’s used his earnings to pay his way through NYU’s Tisch School of Arts. (As an NYU alum myself, I can assure you that it costs a pretty penny.) Yes, he really does own a Dell — they gave it to him, and it’s a pretty fly laptop. And yeah, 4 of the people at his party were MENSA members.
    Few things are as funny as saying to him “dude, yer gettin’ a Dell” and getting the finger in reply. :)

  19. Dude you’re getting a Dell, anyway sorry couldn’t resist. Hey did you know steve was voted hottes male, problem was the only votes were from gay guys, now what does that tell you?

  20. Dude you’re getting a Dell, anyway sorry couldn’t resist. Hey did you know steve was voted hottes male, problem was the only votes were from gay guys, now what does that tell you?

  21. I used to think the Dell Dude was annoying, until I saw the new ads with the group of brainless interns . . .
    Suddenly he doesn’t seem so bad.

  22. 1st off he is just an actor! if you all take this personally than you need help! the response that said the dell dude is the anti-christ i think that individual needs to see a therapist! i sure would like to see all of you who are bitching about steve to get off your butts and do something worthwhile! I mean come on! if you are going to complain about something as stupid as a commercial than quit watching television! give me a break and get over it!

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