If you sent me an important email in the last three weeks, you may want to resend it.
I was trying to build a shell script to automatically get the nightly build of mozilla, and, uh…well, I managed to delete all my mail.
Serves me right for trying a new mailer (mozilla) without keeping my backups current. Back to Kmail for me.
I lose major geek points for this, don’t I?

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  1. Hey, guess what? Wil’s site got a mention on MSNBC in their article about Blogger’s hack attack. I’m terrible about posting links (they all come out garbled) so just go to the site and look under TechScience, Hacks, Viruses & scams.

  2. now, how will you able to get a U.N.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y. Diploma!…all the details were in your e-mail….never mind…they’ll send more.

  3. Yeah, well I just reformatted my computer and forgot to back up outlook – I had an unexpected email from you saved in there. I thought – well hell if he ever makes it on this side of the country – I’ll get him to autograph it instead of a mug shot. Not to mention I have to try to remember all my email addresses I lost. So, uh, I’m feeling your non back up pain.
    p.s. don’t you sleep?! I thought – eh he’s filming they’ll be nothing to read here.

  4. I have intervened on your behalf with the Uber-Geek committee and they have decided that you will be allowed to live…this time. However, you are required to do the following:
    Write 1000 times (with a pencil on paper): Thou shalt remember the backup set and keep it wholly!
    See…real geeks never make mistakes such as this…yeah, that’s it…we never ever screw up….that’s the ticket…just ask my wife, Morgan Fairchild…yeah, that’s it…

  5. mozilla = teh suq
    Wil > all > Monzilla
    you rule dude no matter what! you are so the shyt on Arena! Keep up the great work πŸ˜‰ and.. cya on tonight at 3am heh.
    I r teh d0rk 2!

  6. Wil, dear boy, after going from meeting Isaac Hayes to blitzing all your email, the appropriate word is not “geek” or even “dork”; the word that strikes me as being appropriate is “DOO-FUS!!” That is your just desserts for being too full of yourself. You are now hereby sentenced to a blistering rebuke at the hands of none other than Patrick Stewart, followed by similar rebukes from Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, AND LeVar Burton! You will then be subjected to being publicly slimed on Nickelodeon–not once, but TWICE!! Finally, you will be delivered into the none-too-gentle hands of Steven, the Dell Dude, who will gleefully outfit you with the very latest in PC (that’s right, IBM-compatible, Microsoft Windows-running) hardware, then–of course!–tell you, “Dude, you’re gettin’ a Dell!” After which, you will wake up and realize that it was all just a bad dream caused by eating too many breakfast burritos. You will then give yourself several well-deserved dope slaps in rapid succession, and, upon completion of your current film, you will pack up your wife and children and take a month’s vacation at Walt Disney World in Central Florida.
    All kidding aside, Wil, that sort of thing really does happen to every computer owner or webmaster at one time or another. Just remember the old song line, “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again,” if that’s what it takes. Take care!

  7. Wowsers…Isacc Hayes…that is cool! I use to love to boogie to the remix of the song Shaft back in my club glory days.
    Sounds like the movie is going well for you and that it’s making you very happy.
    I’ll have to look for it when it comes out on Pax.

  8. Hey Wil?
    You’re the greatest! I know, I know you hear these things all the time… I shall now go flog myself for the repetitive nature of this msg. Yet, I couldna help but to tell ya!
    You Rawk!

  9. Nah, don’t worry about losing geek points. I could make a joke and say that you’re still running way ahead of the pack, but it might be taken as an insult so I won’t πŸ˜‰
    Nobody really learns a lesson without messing up. It’s great to read something, but when you do something you get a much better handle on it.
    Loyal Monkey #24601

  10. While you might lose or gain a few geek points, I have to give you high marks for posting the good and the bad online.
    It’s nice to see that the subject of one of my teenage crushes is quite human, after all. πŸ˜‰

  11. Actually Wil I had filled your inbox with rants and raves about the state of evil people in the world, because, naturally, you have all the answers, as well as a 30 page diatribe on how parking meters suck.
    Too bad I didn’t save backups either. πŸ˜›
    WW Psychogroupie

  12. So I was flipping through an issue of Macworld magazine and I see an ad for Mac Mania II. It’s a Geek Cruise. So I jokingly check out the website, review the itinerary and send an IM to a friend with the link saying how I want to go on it. I was totally being sarcastic, until he types back: “Wil Wheaton’s going to be there?” I did a double take and checked the speaker list only to see his name at the very end(it’s Alphabetical).
    So yeah, now I kind of do want to go. I would be so outclassed though I’m sure by powerbook/iPod toting rich geeks. I’d probably still have the hottest girlfriend though…
    So yeah, Wil, Sign my guestbook(you bastard!). πŸ˜‰
    This posting really has nothing to do with your last entry…

  13. There are way too many comments here to read them all. Who has that long of an attention span? oh-vey!

  14. Hi Wil! didnt send an email but it was good to know you are thinking of others? How are things going? Book is coming along I see…cant wait!

  15. Eh, I sure can’t throw any stones, I’ve lost more email over the years than everyone in this comments section put together, probably. Of course, usually when I lose my email it’s nothing crucial – crappy forwards and penis-enlarging cream offers. What’s MORE disturbing is how many times I’ve reformatted and forgotten to back up my address book. Now that’s a full-on pain in the ass.

  16. Thats almost as bad as the christmas when you burnt a hole in dad’s recliner with that dork-ass
    chemistry set!
    Just Playin’ Love You Wil!

  17. Don’t feel too bad. I had a rather scary moment installing Mandrake a few weeks ago. When I rebooted after doing all the installation stuff, it gave me an error that said it didn’t recognize my hard disk. I panicked, thinking I’d really screwed up when creating my partitions. So I reinstalled. Turned out I forgot my floppy in the disk drive.
    The best part? Even though I had to “repair” Windows XP with the boot disk, I didn’t lose any files. I now have a Windows XP/Mandrake dual-boot system working just fine. It’s nice because I can learn Linux at my own pace and not have to give up Windows.

  18. Losing data like that is garunteed to actually increase your geek points! However you then get colored with some ‘doesn’t-know-what-he’s-doing’ points.
    Thats ok, once I
    rm -rf ~
    ed without thinking about it. (Stupid JEdit install didn’t recognize the alias so it created a ~ directory in my home dir. So I deleted it. Sort of.)

  19. Will;
    Sorry you had a Linux “moment”. I am running SuSE 8.0 Pro myself. Just a thought or two. In Mozilla mail you can tell MO to keep your a copy of your e-mail on your server,this is under “mail and newsgroups account settings, then server settings.
    Also you could create a special user account on you Linux box just for fooling around i.e. beta testing.
    That way if things go south just switch to another account.
    John :)

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