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  1. How totally cool! Didn’t read the whole thing yet, but we get the Onion here in Madison, WI. Hubby brings it home for me each week, and we laugh our butts off. :-)

  2. You know you’ve hit it when you’re alongside stories such as “Jesus Surprises 700 Club With Walk-On Appearance” and “Pillsbury Doughboy’s Image Sexed Up”.
    Area Woman Cheers a Silent Cheer.

  3. I have always thought you were way cool, Wil. But you just officially became my hero. That interview was the best interview I’ve read in a long time.

  4. Well congrats indeed. The only annoyance is that when I signed on there were no comments, so instead of writing immediately I went and read the whole thing, and now I’m #8. I’ll never have another chance I bet.

  5. o ok i get it now. I never knew you tryed out for A Christmas Story! i love that movie soo much it’s histerical! “you’ll shoot your eye out!” lol Wil that was a great interview great job! :) it really made me wanna watch A Christmas Story and Stand by me the two best movies ever!

  6. Wow, I was referred to this site by a pal and was not 100% sure it was the real deal – hey, I’m an Aussie, we’re naturally suspicious of you Yanks – but now that I am all I can say is: it’s a pleasure! You were my first celebrity crush and it’s also nice to know you can actually write!

  7. That was spooky… I never thought about the ending of Stand By Me and what happened to the characters but reading your recount was very eerie!
    Anyways, that was a great interview and a pleasure to read. Thanks!

  8. Hey, Wil…
    Loved the interview! It was great and very revealing, as are most things you tend to write. I also managed to catch you last week on the MacRadio interview…wow…I hadn’t heard your voice in many years, but I could definitely hear the inflections on certain words that reminded me of “Wesley Crusher”. (Sorry…that’s all I can relate to)
    Anyway…great stuff, man. Keep it up! Looking forward to the upcoming book!! Glad things are going well for you at this time in your life…
    Take care,

  9. Great article. It sounds like you made the right decision leaving Star Trek.
    I’d say you’re pretty successful – you’re happy, you’re still alive, you don’t have a drug problem, and didn’t make a string of crappy B-movies with the reputation of washed-up child actor hanging over you.

  10. Why do you think it’s so courageous to criticize the president? Contrary to what you might believe, no one cares that you do it and no one but a few nuts thinks it is “unpatriotic”. Honestly, all these people who get so “outraged” about the new Bush/Ashcroft policies should open their eyes and realize if they attended government schools, have a social security number, and believe it’s the government’s job to take care of people, then the government already owns you.

  11. Alright Wil!
    You know, at first “cocksure” looked like a little bit different word…
    The tide is in your favor man, so ride it out, baby.
    Love ya, man. Later.

  12. Wow, the onion, you’ve really hit it big. ^_^
    The local rock station in my area always reads stuff from the onion. It’s pretty cool that they interviewed you.
    I like what you said about the internet–about the people that come to your site, how they are a community of people from different places and cultures. It’s really true. It’s really strange to think that you might become good friends with someone over the net who you’d never think to talk to in real life.
    Anyway, great interview. See ya!

  13. Wil’s Rap:
    “This is Wil Wheaton from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Don’t do drugs, resist the temptation!”

  14. great interview…but don’t those really close up pictures give you the creeps?…even if you know it’s you…i was counting your nose hairs!

  15. you’ve heard about the plane flying around the world with jimi hendrix, jim morrison, howard hughes and elvis…i think that’s the one chunky is on…it’s one big party in the sky.

  16. We love you. We love you. We really love you. ; ) Great article. Once again, I am impressed with your grace and candor!!

  17. I said I would call you a bastard any more, but you said it was okay. Sort of…
    It was a good read. But I have a feeling that you will be thinking it’s better when you have your book published. And if you get asked to do a voice on the Simpsons… well NOTHING could top that. 😉

  18. awesome!!!..
    there was a lot of stuff there i didn’t really know about ya wil….
    the stuff about stand by me, and not really being as tight a group as the media played you out to be..and the getting teased..
    i had no idea…
    funny how we get these idealized visions of what it must be like to be a star, and a household name, and not ever think that maybe you went through exactly the same crap we did.
    you still had to clean your room as a kid too i’ll bet…hahaha…
    i’m uber impressed man…
    an interview in the onion av club…
    that’s something…
    next stop…
    the playboy interview 😉
    cheers, and major major congrats wil

  19. Wil, this is a great site! The article was my source of referral…actually, I was bored and decided to wander in as I’d just read the interview and was curious. That and I required a break from my studying before my head imploded. I read somewhere that a person’s head can indeed implode from concentrating too hard…weird, huh?

  20. When I came to your site it was at the recommendation of a friend who was very impressed with your writing. I have become a big fan myself, not of Wil Wheaton the celebrity, but of Wil Wheaton the person. Hell, I even bought a pair of Chucks. Can’t wait to pick up your book.

  21. That Onion article is actually how I ran across your site. Today’s my first visit, and I’m curious. After seeing your wishlist, was the Onion A/V interview already on there? Or did you sneak it in? I’ve been an avid Onion reader for a few years, and am glad to see you get your wish.

  22. Great article, Wil.
    The number of members is sure to grow again as a result of this (the “slashdot affect” or “slashdotting” is it? – move over, Malda!). Maybe they’ll donate money. :)

  23. Fascinating stuff about the Star Trek cruise. I recently had the honor of interviewing my childhood hero, Walter Koenig, and was saddened to find out what an unhappy man he seemed to be. It didn’t help that our idiot photographer didn’t know who he was, and kept asking him how to spell his name, and whether he was a singer (he was in a theater production in Thousand Oaks.)

  24. Hmmm Leslie Crusher? Interesting.
    And then that would have to be played by a
    Wilma not a Wil.
    Hense the real reason why Wil only spells his name with one “L”.
    Wil is really short for Wilma!
    The truth is out! HA HA HA HA HA HA

  25. Hey, Congrats on the interview man! great stuff! Howz the book going? can’t wait to get my hands on it!! you just have to make sure it’ll make it in the UK, which I personally have no doubt about!
    we love ya,
    “Damn the man, save the empire”!

  26. You misuse the word “enormity” in the interview. It doesn’t just mean “huge”–it means “huge and horrible.” It’s a common mistake.

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