Made some good progress on the book yesterday.
I’d been blocked for several weeks on this one part, and it was driving me crazy. So I heeded some advice from MV: “give yourself permission to suck, and fix it later.”
Strange that I’d need to hear that from someone else, because it’s advice I give to people all the time, but I’m glad I listened to her. I wrote some stuff that sucked, and I still haven’t fixed it, but I was able to get past the block, and write some good stuff. I want to have my first draft finished by the end of the day tomorrow, and it’s looking like I’ll make that deadline.
The plan is to have it finished and available in time for Xmas, so we’ll see. =]

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  1. Wil, I can’t believe I am saying this…but I am really looking forward to buying your book. I was never a huge fan of TNG…I enjoyed it, and liked your character, but was never obsessed. However, since I started reading your blog I have to say I am really impressed. You are incredibly candid and remarkably insightful. It’s not often that I read something on-line and actually find myself laughing out loud. Thank you…and let us know as soon as it’s in print :o)

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