Fun with LEGOs

I submitted this story, which I first saw on Fark, to Slashdot, but since none of my stories ever make it, I’m submitting it here, where I have an “in” with the webmaster:
“A self-proclaimed “dork” has built one of the best models of Enterprise D I have ever seen (and I think I speak with some authority)…entirely out of LEGOs.
I can see my house from here!”

UPDATE: Holy crap! It got accepted! It got accepted! I submitted a story to Slashdot, and it got accepted!!

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  1. This is a first and I’m pretty sure this will be a last. Anyway, my dad, as a ST:TNG fan and lover of all things Lego (he would steal mine and my sisters when we were little) would find this incredibly cool. I’ll have to show him later. Bye, Becky.

  2. Part of me thinks that’s really cool and part of me is terrified that someone has such hobbies.
    Begrudgingly I admit that the former part is also the bigger part.
    That IS impressive, especially when you think about how much work went into it. Wow.
    I’m guessing that the guy who designed it is an engineer or engineer student.
    (when I started typing this there were no comments. 3 people beat me to post #1. It’s because I’m Canadian that I rank 4th place, isn’t it? Who invited the Russian judge?)

  3. I refuse to be the first person to post a link to LEGO porn.
    And Bobble Head Wil looks like Dick Van Dyke.

  4. I refuse to be the first person to post a link to LEGO porn.
    And Bobble Head Wil looks like Dick Van Dyke.

  5. People do the weirdest things with Legos. I have nooooooothing like the patience (or, I admit, the desire) to make fantastic Lego creations, but I’d sort of like to *have* one of the Enterprise. That’s pretty cool. Hee hee.

  6. that was totally cool- I always wanted to be that talented to be able to put stuff togther from scratch….. i usually only know how to alter what I already have…. make my style- like clothes-
    Happy Thanks Giving Ya’ll hope you all got stuffed in a good way!!:P

  7. So I’m flipping through channels in the wee hours, and who do I see in an infomercial?
    Selling X3d glasses!
    They actually look really cool, I think I might want them. What really stood out was how relaxed you were as opposed to your “supermodel” co-host….

  8. Very Cool. The builder must have *alot* of spare time on their hands. wonderful imagination tho. :) Good job.

  9. I think everyone else has said it already…
    That’s either really cool or really sad. What does it say about me that I’m leaning towards thinking it’s really cool?

  10. When I first saw the pictures it brought back alot of good childhood memories. I built relly cool stuff with lego when I was a kid.
    Anyway one day I had lots of time so I dicided to see if I could build something with lego like I used to do as a kid. Suprise Suprise I couldn’t build anything .
    was I smarter as a kid??

  11. Hey Wil,
    If you love Legos, and more importantly, if your kids do, you MUST take them to Legoland California ( in Carlsbad. Talk about everything Lego! Great for kids and Lego fans of all ages.
    Also, if you go, check out “Kevin Johnson & his Fine Feathered Friends” (, the ventriloquist at Legoland. He’s a good friend of mine, and incredibly talented and funny. Tell him I sent you. 😉

  12. This fills me with both kiddie squees and cynical adult quips.
    Which to choose…lets have both.
    Perhaps we should introduce this guy to daylight…really slowly.
    The bobble head…definitely dick van-dyke

  13. Wow, first post. Anywho…
    Really cool Macs made with building blocks. Tom Owad, the guy who built em started with LEGO but switched to Mega Blocks after Lego was mean.
    I remember last year when I made (with a friend) a lego stop motion animation. It was star wars and only about 30 seconds long. Couple of lego car crashes too. Stuff like this takes a long time, but wow, is it worth it!

  14. I’m a huge dork too. I was shopping with my best friend and her sister today (I ended up, inadventently, I swear! at the newest, most crowded mall in Denver on the busiest shopping day of the year) and we saw a model of Hagrid made out of Legos on disply at the Lego store. The Enterprise is awesome beyond belief.

  15. Hey Wil
    /. posted the article.
    so you can no longer say they dont post anything you recommend.
    Plus i think this is really cool. that guy has way too much time on his hands however.

  16. Congrats Wil on your Slashdot story!!! I wonder if you can ask them to fix the hyperlink to your site?
    My husband is quite the Lego geek (and of course a Star Trek fan). He was in awe of this masterpiece.
    Legos RULE!!!

  17. Congrats on your /. deflowering, Wil.
    I don’t think building the Enterprise out of lego is any different than building a model car or plane, and the dude did it from scratch instead of a kit. I think that it’s very cool.
    Random mojo out to Sunidesus.

  18. Man… I bet I’ve submitted 100 stories to slashdot over the years (user #583) and have had not one accepted. Congrats Wil!

  19. I didn’t know there were that many grey legos in the world. And as geeky as that is, it’s probably something I would do if I actually had some motivation. Very cool. Anything with legos automatically transcends geekdom into the world of kitsch cool. It’s like a law or something.

  20. Well done Wil! Being a longtime trekkie fan, I have to admit that this project really took my breath away. It looks good, the scaling is right on (or as good as it can get with Legos, that is) even the nacelles *drools* are dead-on!
    After all this time doing work on ST:TNG I would have thought that you of all people would have gotten sick and tired of it. BUT it looks like ill just have to say CONGRATS! Good Job Wil!

  21. Wow, that model was very, very cool. A lot of effort always pays off. It looks great.
    And C O N G R A T S !

  22. This reminded me of the time my hubby bought one of those new lego sets that actually move around with their own motors….as he was checking out he told the cashier it was a gift for our son…she looked over at our first born who was all of two years old and shook her head and laughed and said sure, okay.
    I could see him doing something like this if he had the time, I didn’t think anyone had that kind of free time on their hands in the world of today.
    Nice to know there are some that still make time for those things.. and Wow that was pretty cool.
    *still snickering about that clever nickname*

  23. Yup, I loved Legos as a kid and you do have to give someone credit for spending about a 100 man hours building the Enterprise with them.
    The 1st post Bobblehead thing is creepy. Maybe even looks a bit like the Greg from the Brady Bunch.

  24. S–ds law isn’t it! Two days ago, I did a blog entry ( ) about just about every other Lego thing I’ve found on the ‘net, and now thanks to Wil, I’ve got to think about doing another one about Star Trek models and Bibles in Legos.
    Still, when I came across it via Slashdot, it was still a “WTF? Who has the time to do _that_” moment!

  25. I hate to admit I didn’t associate CleverNickName with Uncle Willie til I saw his brag on the front page of WWDN. Congrats on a successful /. (SlashDot for the unwashed masses) post, which I read when it was first posted. Just proves that young Ensign Crusher really was ahead of the rest of the crew (writer ducks quickly and slinks off to bed). Hmm, he’ll never invite me over now.
    Congrats, Wil,

  26. anyone else notice that although this guy has evidently too much time on his hands, he still calls the deflector dish a ‘reflector dish’??
    /me braces for the onslaught…

  27. Delphine,
    Why is the guy automatically an engineer or an engineering student? I am an engineering student and I wouldn’t waste my time building that. I would instead build a LEGO Wil Wheaton. In fact, I already have the legs and half the torso finished in my room……:)

  28. *blinks*
    Wow I could NEVER do anything like that!! I lack the creativity. Still, that is damn cool =o)

  29. Acutally, the guy isn’t an engineer. He graduated in interdisciplinary Liberal Arts with a second degree in Radio Television Film. He is, though, a dork. A very lovable Dork, but I assure you, he does have a life. His dog is really cool. (He was my college roommate, and I was VERY surprised to see his LEGO creations become a sensation.)

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